Warrior Clan Cats

The future's in your paws. Shape it well.

Roleplay in a cat Clan of warriors. Based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Takes place in an AU before the cats in the books existed.
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Areas of the Forest

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FourtreesEvery full moon, a Gathering of all five Clans is held here in peace. They share stories, grievances, and announcements. The four Great Oaks surround the clearing, with the Great Rock in the center.

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51915401Today at 11:21
xaandiir July Gathering 2024
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ThunderClan Territory

ThunderClan TerritoryThunderClan's woods. Gaps in the leafy canopy allow light to hit the forest floor, which is thick with dense undergrowth. Trespassing cats will find a hard time here, as it's difficult for any outsider to move silently.

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168217141Mon 24 Jun 2024 - 12:48
Midnee my whole heart, deemed and delivered a crime [c]
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ThunderClan Camp

ThunderClan CampDeep within the forest in a ravine that used to be a stream bed. It's a sandy clearing that's surrounded by brambles.

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244624464Today at 10:43
Honey Badger Minkkit's Apprentice Ceremony
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The River

The RiverA huge coursing river with reeds jutting out from the bank. It protects RiverClan from their enemies and provides them with fish, but can also pose a danger when it floods. It separates RiverClan from ThunderClan, and also SkyClan farther downstream when it turns away. Currently, the river is at normal levels.
4514151Tue 2 Jul 2024 - 20:09
Mamenchisaurus A Stormy River (closed)
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SunningrocksA pile of rocks on ThunderClan and RiverClan's border, on the right side of the river. The smooth stones here are ideal for relaxing in the sun, but are also a frequent site of battles. It currently belongs to RiverClan.

Passive Bonus: +2 success range to all Hunting Rolls.

3324006Thu 27 Jun 2024 - 8:09
Midnee If I Drown Will They Make Me a Star? [c]
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RiverClan Territory

RiverClan TerritoryRiverClan's wet open plains. It is a sea of tall grass and reeds. Many streams and creeks cut through to join up with the river.

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131512773Today at 7:54
Kitty told them that they were the same command (c)
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RiverClan Camp

RiverClan CampOn a well-drained island near the river. Because it can only be reached by swimming, enemy Clans rarely try to attack this island fortress. Sometimes when it floods, the Clan is forced to move elsewhere until the water recedes.

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240121817Yesterday at 19:59
downfive ill and diseased [c]
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The Gorge

The GorgeA steep gorge separating RiverClan and WindClan territory. At the bottom are only rocks and river rapids. If you fall in, you'll surely die.

Quick Nav: [The Cavern]
2111893Wed 10 Jul 2024 - 4:39
moonazyne Dusk Border Patrol (June 2024)
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WindClan Territory

WindClan TerritoryWindClan's rugged rolling moors. The grassland is completely open and exposed to the sky. It's a harsh place, with fast prey and no protection from the elements.

Quick Nav: [Flower Fields] | [The Lone Stump] | [The Tunnels]
148814297Today at 16:27
Ash i like your confidence (c)
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WindClan Camp

WindClan CampIn a hidden sandy dip in the ground, surrounded by gorse. The kits and elders sleep under the gorse wall, but the rest of the Clan sleep under the open sky.

Quick Nav: [Medicine Den] | [Tallrock] | [WindClan Ceremony Requests]
219418714Today at 16:39
Ash Walking Around [Larchbreeze]
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Hidden Outcropping

Hidden OutcroppingHidden between the corn fields and foliage between WindClan and ShadowClan territories, it is a ring of large stones that sits between a patch of bushes.
32314Yesterday at 11:29
GravisCordis A Chance Encounter [C]
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The Thunderpath

The ThunderpathA hard gray path that Monsters use for travel; it is extremely dangerous and has taken many lives and limbs. It separates WindClan from ShadowClan, and ShadowClan from ThunderClan and SkyClan.
4093675Today at 8:12
downfive Moonloot Stroll (SC Border Patrol)
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ShadowClan Territory

ShadowClan TerritoryShadowClan's marsh. It's grassy, with water going up past your paws almost everywhere, and the ground is slicked with mud.

Quick Nav: [Carrion Place] | [Deep Marshes] | [Pine Grove] | [The Tunnel]
161715748Today at 8:40
Mistpelt killing time [O]
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ShadowClan Camp

ShadowClan CampA muddy hollow deep in the marsh. It's concealed by brambles and can only be entered through a thorn tunnel.

Quick Nav: [Medicine Den] | [Jaggedrock] | [ShadowClan Ceremony Requests]
238021448Today at 8:35
downfive a small boy and his infantry [C]
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Fallen Oak

Fallen OakAn ancient fallen oak that marks the border between SkyClan and ThunderClan.
1951641Fri 7 Jun 2024 - 13:26
kjSage Chance Encounter [Hopepaw]
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HighpineA tall pine tree that marks the border between ShadowClan and SkyClan. Territorial skirmishes and disputes are often fought here, and the boundaries set by each patrol often overlap.
1551616Wed 10 Jul 2024 - 9:14
kjSage Honey-Berry Brew[C]
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SkyClan Territory

SkyClan TerritoryA rocky forested territory with cold hard earth and tall thin trees, with wide gaps in the overreaching canopy. The land is marked with gullies, stony ridges, cold streams, and jagged rocks and boulders.

Quick Nav: [Great Ridge] | [Halfstone] | [Moonlit Creek]
132211674Yesterday at 20:33
downfive the adults are talking [C]
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SkyClan Camp

SkyClan CampHidden within a grove of tall thin trees, the camp is an overgrown clearing ringed in foliage and jagged stone that juts out from the hard-packed earth.

Quick Nav: [Medicine Den] | [Tallbranch] | [SkyClan Ceremony Requests]
180514667Yesterday at 20:39
downfive The Lies They Tell [O]
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HighstonesA sacred mountain range that contains the Moonstone, separated from ShadowClan and WindClan by two Thunderpaths. Leaders receive their nine lives here and medicine cats come here every half-moon to share tongues with StarClan.
9608411Thu 11 Jul 2024 - 22:25
GravisCordis Cricketpaw's Moonstone Journey
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Old Rogue Camp

Old Rogue CampA strip of land on the outskirts of clan territory, near Highstones. This overgrown and barren clearing was once the home of a violent rogue gang. Danger may still make its home here, and all clan cats are warned to stay away.

Quick Nav: [Deserted Nest] | [Crumbling Overhang] | [Gnarled Tree]
135928Tue 25 Jun 2024 - 10:59
Mistpelt pest control [o]
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TwolegplaceA dangerous place where no Clan cat is welcome. You can find pampered kittypets lazing the day away in gardens while loners and rogues fight for scraps and shelter in the alleyways two foxlengths away. Small Thunderpaths run through here and Twolegs walk in great numbers. It is separated from SkyClan territory by nothing but a long wooden fence.

Quick Nav: [Dark Alleys] | [Great Garden] | [Forbidden Nest] | [Old Twolegplace]
6345847Tue 2 Jul 2024 - 20:00
sprout shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist (c)
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Abandoned Barn

Abandoned BarnLocated past WindClan's territory on the way to Highstones. It is full of plump mice and straw for nests, making it an ideal rest stop... or a secret hideaway.
2863127Sun 7 Jul 2024 - 8:28
Holly you’ve got to act your age, darling [c]
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Distant Farm

Distant FarmA large farm away from the one's nearer to Clan territory. Many large animals live here, with their heavy movements and loud, strange noises. There are plenty of mice to catch and strange birds to bother, and the twolegs here pay you little mind. The dogs, however, certainly notice you.
25146Wed 12 Jun 2024 - 11:15
Midnee burke and hare's emporium [c]
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Starfall Territory

Starfall TerritoryLocated beyond Highstones, these are undiscovered territories that no clan cat has ever walked before. There are more twolegplaces, mountain ranges, and a great forest in the distance.

Quick Nav: [Cave of Endless Skies] | [Tall Peaks]
2091482Tue 2 Apr 2024 - 0:29
Mistpelt walk you home [c]
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Southern Lake

Southern LakeThis great lake is located several days' journey south of the forest territories. Many of the Clan cats were swept here in the Great Flood, managing to emerge on the West Shore - a narrow shore beside a sheer cliff face - or the East Shore - an evacuated lake-fishing town.

Quick Nav: [West Shore] | [East Shore]
3482540Sat 2 Mar 2024 - 1:10
Flybot The Return Voyage (closed)
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Dream Territory

Dream TerritoryThe land that all cats visit during their sleep, where cats can be free of consequence. Dreams can take unexpected turns, you know.

Quick Nav: [StarClan Territory] | [Starlit Plains] | [Star Oak] | [Wishing Pond] | [The Mist] | [The Dark Forest]
2992457Wed 29 May 2024 - 12:37
kjSage amen (reprise) [C]
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