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Roleplay in a cat Clan of warriors. Based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Takes place in an AU before the cats in the books existed.
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Welcome to WCC! Here are our latest announcements:
Activity checks take place on the 1st of the month. PM a staff member with the completed form if you missed it.
Newleaf is finally here, and the Clans hope to find reprieve from the tough Leaf-bare.
Gatherings take place on the 1st of the month; keep your eyes out for a staff member's post!
Please feel free to hit up any staff member if you have any questions!


 WCC Newsletter April 2024

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PostWCC Newsletter April 2024

Official WCC Newsletter | April 2024

Monthly Reminders

April 2024 Activity Check [Active until 4/8]
Note: As a reminder, there is a new section on the Monthly Activity check! To help staff uphold our rule of using a character a minimum of once every three months, we are now asking users to link their latest topic with a character.

April Gathering 2024
Everyone seems to once more be settling into the forest. Perhaps that means a continuing peace?

Please help Night update the family tree!

Please help Xaan and kjSage update the WCC Wiki!

With new leaders, don't forget to check the Clan Acceptance Policies!

Site Allegiances

updates and announcements

1. In order to maintain transparency and accountability, the staff team has released a spreadsheet detailing the duties split between the team. This list is not exhaustive, but it is meant to give an idea of how responsibilities are handled by each member.
2. Staff is currently undergoing a massive internal restructuring of systems and processes! You can follow the recent announcement to learn more about the current status of this restructure.
3. The Sitewide is officially over and all plots are allowed to resume!
4. As a result of misuse of anonymous feedback, Staff has changed how feedback is now being handled on-site. Please check out the new procedures!

quote of the month (submissions)

The quote of the month is designed to display the fun, inspiring, or impactful dialogue that our userbase comes up with. Quotes can be submitted at any time but staff will only select eligible quotes from the month prior to the release of the newsletter. Our goal is to feature different characters from all different clans and various users. Quotes will be selected by staff from the submitted pool and will be shared alongside their origin topic, along with the character name, roleplayer, and context for the quote.

Quotes can be submitted in the form linked. Please feel free to submit multiple quotes during every monthly time period. All submissions are anonymous, so of course you may submit your own as well. If you have a quote you'd like to see included in the quote of the month competition, you can fill out the form!

current site happenings

Below you can find some brief notes of major things happening on the site. Please note this section will only cover events impacting multiple clans or the whole forest. Please visit your local clan pages for information on in-clan details.

It is now Newleaf! With the season, there seems to be peace. Or is there?
  • Shadowclan continues to work with the strange travelers that followed them home!
  • It seems that Skyclan may have some trouble brewing... How will the new leadership handle it?
  • The once great alliance between Riverclan and Thunderclan is no more! How will this impact their futures?

Forest Forecast

  • Daily Temperature: Newleaf is here! Rain comes in frequent doses, but the grasses are once more green, and trees blossom with the promise of leaves. The forest grows warmer, and the sun is often shining.

  • Weather Possibilities:
    Rain and downpours, sunny weather, warm evenings, wind

Quote of the Month & Sitewide Updates

    Quote of the Month:

Kitty's Corner & Behind the Scenes
Welcome to the newest newsletter section, Kitty's Corner! Here, Kitty will share a monthly tip or some food for thought, and will share a small peek into the ongoing staff projects! Currently, staff is aiming to give their full attention on three large projects at a time.

Kitty's Corner: It's okay to take a break! I know first hand there are about to be a lot of finals upcoming, so it's okay to put WCC to the side if you need to for a couple of weeks! If you're a High Rank, let your fellow HRs know and I know they're more than happy to help where necessary. Don't forget to take a deep breath--you got this!

Behind the Scenes: It's been a busy month for the staff team! Here is a preview of what we have been working on.
  1. Staff Internal Restructure: We've said it hundreds of times, but this is perhaps our biggest, most time-consuming project at the moment. We are working on a system that would be an internal code of conduct for all members of the staff team to provide a more consistent level of responses, fairness, and approaches to everything we do on the site.
  2. Class System: Teased back in December, we are currently working on a Class System to add some flares to our ranks! This rework has been placed on hold until further notice, as Staff is halting major reworks until after our internal system is straightened out.
  3. Name System Overhaul: Name lovers, rejoice! We are re-evaluating what names are accepted, FINALLY adding our desired suffix list, and changing how we will handle name submissions. Currently, this system is in final review, and should be released very soon!
  4. Staff Applications: With Grey retiring from the staff team, we have an open spot to fill! Staff applications closed March 30th. With 3 applicants, we will be hosting interviews soon! Keep an eye out for your next staff member!
  5. Update to FR Limits: Ooooh, romance is in the air! We have changed how Forbidden Romances work and are limited on-site. Now, each user may be part of one forbidden romance at a time. Phase 1 FR's are subject to be revealed/teased by "Plotting" rolls for medicine cats, and updates must be posted to the plotting page!
  6. Feedback Updates: As posted in a very recent announcement, we have discontinued anonymous surveys. As a replacement, we are now promoting the use of our Comments & Suggestions form, Incident Reports, and following a Conflict Resolution Guide. We encourage you to check out the announcement!
  7. Rule Tweaks: While major reworks have been put on pause, we are always looking to continue refining our rules! We will be continuing to notify the site about any small edits we make to the site's rules, but our hard-hats are always on!


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WCC Newsletter April 2024 :: Comments

Re: WCC Newsletter April 2024
Post Tue 2 Apr 2024 - 10:38 by Lapis
thank you Kitty's Corner! :catluv:

WCC Newsletter April 2024

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