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Roleplay in a cat Clan of warriors. Based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Takes place in an AU before the cats in the books existed.
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 Quarter Moon Meeting [March 2024]

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Quarter Moon Meeting [March 2024] - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Quarter Moon Meeting [March 2024]   Quarter Moon Meeting [March 2024] - Page 2 EmptyWed 27 Mar 2024 - 22:11

Warrior | ShadowClan | she/her

"If we did what was easy, then there wouldn't be anything to live for."

Lilyvalley was silent for a moment, trying to process what Leopardstar was saying. WindClan had taken the outcropping? That land had always been ShadowClan's, as far back as even she could remember. Her tail lashed at the thought of their scent marring their territory, because as far as she was concerned, it was their territory. But she liked the thought of their blood staining the land even less.

She listened to what Rookfire and Silverhawk had to say, taking their ideas into account. And then she spoke up.

"I agree with what Silverhawk is saying. They've already proven uncapable of diplomacy. But I do worry about what they are planning. They wouldn't take that land and not be prepared for a fight. They may even be counting on one, knowing as things are, they would win. I can't say for sure that I know what Tigerstar is like, but I do know that he would have not been the first leader looking for a fight."

She narrowed her eyes, further in thought, as she tried to figure out a way she could circumvent a possible war. They couldn't just let the action slide, they may as well give away the rest of their territory if they were to do that.

"It may do us well to observe for a bit. It is possible that WindClan may be going through hardship that drove them to expand their territory, a hardship we may be able to exploit, or it may be that Tigerstar is simply foolish enough to think his Clan is above the others. And in the latter case, it may be possible to drive a wedge between WindClan and the other Clans. In that case, we might be able to reclaim the outcropping while Tigerstar has to deal with the other leaders. We might not even have to risk our own cats."

Maybe it was hopeful, it was definitely a long shot, but Lilyvalley couldn't imagine them to be the only cats WindClan had slighted. It never seemed to work that way, not with those types of leaders. If they can take from one Clan, they believe they can take from them all.

And that would be their downfall.

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Quarter Moon Meeting [March 2024] - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Quarter Moon Meeting [March 2024]   Quarter Moon Meeting [March 2024] - Page 2 EmptyWed 27 Mar 2024 - 23:58

Sagefeather listened to Leopardstar then to the other warriors in turn. His eyes dropped to his paws, troubled, as he thought about how he felt. Going to war wasn't smart, that was obvious already. Their clan was too small. But that wasn't the biggest deterrent for him. I don't want to hurt other cats. He thought to himself, wondering if that made him a coward. His tail tip twitched ever so slightly as he thought about what to say and how to say it. Finally, he found a gap in the silence and spoke up. It was also in that moment he realized that he most certainly didn't like the idea of all eyes on him.

"I don't think a direct confrontation is wise right now, echoing what the others have already said. I think negotiating should at least be attempted though, because we won't know what will work until it's tried. What they did wasn't right, but if we show them the courtesy of having a civil conversation about the matter, maybe they will do the same for us in the future and we can avoid problems like these altogether?" He was a very young warrior still, and the way he spoke and what was said made that obvious. However, he spoke from his heart and meant the best for everyone, Windclan and Shadowclan.


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PostSubject: Re: Quarter Moon Meeting [March 2024]   Quarter Moon Meeting [March 2024] - Page 2 EmptyThu 28 Mar 2024 - 9:08

Everything I say is a lie, but they’re the only things keeping me alive

Quillsplash did not usually find himself paying attentions at camp meetings; words that did not apply to him were spewed out from a cat he knew nothing about save for her name. And that applied to most of the cats around him that spoke up. Rookfire. Sagefeather. Lilyvalley. Had he ever spoken with them before, even once? The tortoiseshell was content with staying where he was and letting the Clan decide-- after all, his words were likely not going to be thought about twice, and unlike others he did not speak for the love of hearing his own voice. Most of his clanmates likely have never heard his voice before.

But Stars, their words made his blood burn. They spoke as if they knew WindClan's leader. They spoke as if they knew everything. They spoke as if they were victims, trapped and tortured by this 'WindClan'. He heard the stories, the rumors, and even the tales that Copper used to tell him. This had to be a big joke. The tom found it harder to remain silent as the voices carried on, each echoing with self-rightiousness that made his claws dig into the ground below him. It was odd, to feel rage so often felt in battle. In death.

"And why is it that the Hidden Outcropping is so important that lifes can be thrown away for the sake of pride? Why is this even an option, Leopardstar?" It felt odd, saying the leader's name for the first time, "There is no point in reclaiming land when we know from history that the other Clan, believing they own a right to it, will fight to take it back. How many lifes will be ended before this cycle could end? There are plenty of other land around; if lack of land was such a problem, we've all seen how far the lands can go. What's stopping us other than the rules of cats long dead that we claimed as tradition?"

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Quarter Moon Meeting [March 2024] - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Quarter Moon Meeting [March 2024]   Quarter Moon Meeting [March 2024] - Page 2 EmptyThu 28 Mar 2024 - 9:41

“Honor is stopping us,” Sunflare sneered, standing up and glaring at Quillsplash. “Pardon me, young tom, but you will find few cats to stand with you in your position. ShadowClan have always had honor, and if we allow WindClan to walk over us we lose it forever. We show ourselves to be pitiful kittypets, nothing but toys of WindClan and Tigerstar.
I agree that now is not a time for claws, however. Lilyvalley, I am intrigued by your suggestion. I support the idea of nudging WindClan towards the other clans, allowing us an honorable take-back with no bloodshed.”
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Quarter Moon Meeting [March 2024] - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Quarter Moon Meeting [March 2024]   Quarter Moon Meeting [March 2024] - Page 2 EmptyThu 28 Mar 2024 - 13:26

"If that is how you speak of ShadowClan to their face, I would hate to hear what you have to say of your own clan behind our backs, Sunflare." Heatherberry was next to step forward, dipping her head respectfully to Leopardstar before continuing. Her one-eyed gaze turned away from the warrior that mocked his own clan so openly. Perhaps he wouldn't be her problem now, but there was always the gut feeling that perhaps Sunflare truly was a tom not to be trusted. He always did make her uneasy. "I vote against the idea to take back the Hidden Outcropping as well as being so underhanded that we try to push other clans to fight amongst themselves just to take back a measly piece of land that has yet to harm us as a whole. WindClan is not known to stand down just because their paws are full with other things. It will end in bloodshed regardless of how we obtain it. It's too early for this. We are still in the process of growing stronger. Let us nurture that before talks of reclaimed territory or war begin... Especially with the uptick in predators from our time away from the marshland's."

Briefly, her memories flickered back to Batswarm and Moondancer. While it hurt less these days - especially after her heart to heart with Pineblossom - it still didn't change the fact that a repeat of that night could happen while they were still weak. A sigh escaped her at the signs of a returning headache that came from even the tiniest of things these days. "WindClan won't be able to keep the stolen land for long. I just feel we need more time to think and train before entertaining it again. Whatever we end up choosing to do about it."

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PostSubject: Re: Quarter Moon Meeting [March 2024]   Quarter Moon Meeting [March 2024] - Page 2 EmptySat 30 Mar 2024 - 8:10

i've given up on counting blessings
Leopardstar nodded once to each of the warriors that spoke, the majority in clear agreement.

"First, to answer your questions... We have tried diplomacy. I tried to appeal to reason when I met with Tigerstar, and he and his deputy were both arrogant and defensive. As for why I am allowing you all to vote on this in the first place: I told them both during that meeting that I would not risk the lives of my Clan for a strip of territory; but making that decision for the entire Clan without allowing you a say felt unfair. As I see it, whether or not to fight for ShadowClan land is a choice left to ShadowClan cats, not only their leader."

She hummed, considering; nodding again to Heatherberry as she did so. "My own opinion is similar to the majority. I don't want a war, and I certainly don't want us to fight now. While active subterfuge is perhaps a step too far... Let them think us defeated. A crucial element to stealth is patience. So I suggest we hunt, we train, and we wait. We need not drive them toward other Clans, that has the potential to go very wrong very quickly--besides, we have no quarrel with the rest of them, and I personally would prefer we maintain our neutrality. No, let us focus instead on ourselves; and later on, when we have gained in strength, we will raise the matter to voting again. Is this outcome agreeable to the majority?"

She stood once more, surveying the crowd.

"Next, a reminder of the rules to the Rite of Passage; wherein ShadowClan cats prove their skill and strength by taking down a predator alone and earn the right to wear their pelt." This clarification was done for ShadowClan's guests, in case any of the nomads happened to be in attendance. "Any cat who has earned their full name and is currently in good standing may undertake a Rite at any time, provided they obtain the requisite supervision; a team of cats willing and able to interfere if the warrior in immediate danger. Any cat attempting to conduct a Rite without supervision will forfeit their pelt, and be subject to further punishment--these rules are in place for safety. To process the pelts properly, bring them to myself or Sablestrike."
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PostSubject: Re: Quarter Moon Meeting [March 2024]   Quarter Moon Meeting [March 2024] - Page 2 Empty

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Quarter Moon Meeting [March 2024]
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