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Roleplay in a cat Clan of warriors. Based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Takes place in an AU before the cats in the books existed.
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 lament of the angel [C]

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PostSubject: lament of the angel [C]   lament of the angel [C] EmptyFri 29 Mar 2024 - 8:32

"The weak never have their wings unfurl."
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Thin tendrils of mist wrapped around the bases of hunched, half-grown trees. The nighttime air was still crisp, chilled despite the changing seasons. It'd been a few days without rain and the ground was, thankfully, as dry as it could be in ShadowClan. Silverhawk wouldn't expend the energy--mentally and physically--to lead this venture if the weather was poor. No; he needed it to be nice. He needed this to be nice. There was a dull ache in the back of his head, threatening his mood and the sanctity of their excursion. Silverhawk ignored the pulse. The remnants of his childhood grief were not going to ruin this night, and he was not going to make a fool of himself in front of his siblings by expressing it.

Silverhawk's whiskers twitched and he looked ahead. Against the drab grays, browns, and blacks that made up the marshland's palette, there stood little pops of color: flowerheads. Pawfuls of them, bobbing gently in the breeze, beautiful and stark where they stood in the dreary world. The earth from which the flowers grew was smooth now; no longer churned, freshly undug. Silverhawk slowed to a halt, clenching his teeth until his jaw began to creak.

When the tightness in the muscles grew too much, he expelled the pressure from his mouth with a sigh. Silverhawk stared after the waving flowers for a few moments longer before turning around to face his siblings. He was grateful none of them were busy tonight so they actually could accompany him; and equally grateful that his request to walk together hadn't been denied. "Alright," he said quietly, tone sober. "I asked you all to come with me because I have something to show you. ...to tell you about." He looked between his siblings again, meeting each pair of eyes in turn. "Is everyone ready?"
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PostSubject: Re: lament of the angel [C]   lament of the angel [C] EmptyFri 29 Mar 2024 - 19:23

Hedgepaw had seen her older brother in many moods; she'd seen him happy, angry, worried, frustrated, exhausted. Never before had she seen him look so sorrowful and pensive as he did while he led her, Fernpaw, and Wolfpaw to some place of the territory. He hadn't exactly been straightforward about where they were going. But not only would Hedgepaw follow Silverhawk anywhere, there was no way she could refuse when he looked at her like that--obviously, whatever this was, it was important. It meant something to him. So she followed dutifully behind, plastered to her brothers' sides, letting the warrior lead them out. Cool night air caused her dark pelt to fluff up, but she hardly noticed it. Where were they headed, anyway? What did this all mean?

There. Finally... flowers. Hedgepaw's wide, glowing eyes locked onto the tiny blossoms of color, so vibrant in the foggy marshland. Newleaf really was here, then. She'd wanted to see flowers so badly and now here they were. It felt like a gift. This area was so pretty... and so quiet. She didn't want to move. But when Silverhawk spoke, she tore her gaze away to look at him instead. Why did he sound so... somber? Her ear twitched. Obviously he had some reason. Once she learned what it was, then she could help him not feel sad, she hoped. So the small brown-furred apprentice nodded. "I'm ready."

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PostSubject: Re: lament of the angel [C]   lament of the angel [C] EmptySat 30 Mar 2024 - 16:51

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"You don't believe me? You will. You will become a true believer."

Wolfpaw had initially thought he was being dragged out of his nest for more sparring, or something. And then that notion had been wiped away by the presence of his siblings, and Silverhawk seemed so... Out of it. He had made it his business to take up the rear, as always. Sometimes, he would step more forward to reassure Hedgepaw if she turned with that face she had, or if a bush rustled weirdly.

He did not recall a place in the territory with all these flowers that he visited frequently. They were... Nice. He watched them bob back and forth for a moment in the night air, and there was a stillness in his mind. Not quite heavy, and punctured clear again as his brother spoke. Important? His tail tip twitched nigh imperceptibly, and he bowed his head in between a gap in his siblings. He did not speak, but rather kept his eyes fixed on his brother. Less scorching, as his amber gaze usually was. Embers, a flick of warmth.  

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PostSubject: Re: lament of the angel [C]   lament of the angel [C] Empty

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lament of the angel [C]
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