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 Litigations (Aura's post and mine)

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PostLitigations (Aura's post and mine)


Reception date :23 Aug 2010

.Label :Taken Too Far

.Description :The entire story of the site comprised of mainly kids around the ages of 11 to 13 (huge average) minimized (and note, if I mention a "Kyle", I'm talking about "Featherheart") :

When I joined back in December, it was virtually a new community for me. Everything was peaceful, everyone was nice, until I got into a trivial fight with an 11-year old (goes by Blazekit) who thought I was ignoring him when I was doing homework for High school. The webmaster (Mistpelt) who rarely comes on anymore told him to quit it and mentioned to me that he gets into those types of arguments all the time. After this, he went to a few of his friends (Moonpaw, Featherheart, maybe more) and formed an alliance against me simply because he continued to believe I ignored him.

The real problem started when everyone including me figured out that over 8 girls on the site had minor crushes on me because I would always politely hug them and welcome them and tell them I missed them whenever they came on, but others of the alliance saw this as "Aurastorm (that was my username) being a player and pedophile (because at the time I'm sending this message, I'm 15)". Eventually, I found out how to kill the situation and all was well for a few more months.

In another semi-related issue, an enemy site spammed ours but the administrator apologized and took full responsibility in helping us clean up, and it was at that time that I proposed to our temp webmaster, Moonmist, who was given power by Mistpelt's co-admin Graystream, to promote a couple of people as temp. mods to keep track of spam and new accounts (I was included), but eventually things got too far when she started promoting people without thought of how this would affect the site. Eventually, over 10 people had some kind of moderation power when only really three or four MAX were needed. (Plays big role of the main problem).

Now before I continue with the timeline, note that I had been sexually and racially harassed on multiple occasions (and not just me) by Moonpaw and Featherheart and occasionally Bloodpaw (will be mentioning him in the next paragraph) and I continually mentioned this to staff, but they took no notice or action.

Eventually a close friend of mine, Rainfall, began e-dating Bloodpaw and as I went with it, on Thursday August 19th of 2010, I noticed that my moderation powers were gone and I got a PM from Moonmist saying "You're being convicted of being a stalker to members in Washington." Now mind you, other fights like this came up and always by the same people, but never as serious as this.

As we held the trial, I found out that Bloodpaw, the accuser, had gotten information from Featherheart about my possible visit to Washington (I live in California). Now I told some members via PMs or Facebook that I might be able to visit a few of them in Washington with parental permission and obviously accounting for my father's business trip and obvious parental-safety issues with children, I knew that all if not a majority would decline, so I told them it was simply an idea and it would be less than a 5% chance of anything even happening, so I told them not to get their hopes up.

Bloodpaw had taken this and accused me of stalking members. Now PHSYICALLY it would impossible to take a car or plane ride from Southern California to Washington and BACK in 24 hours and I could support my location because WCC (abbreviation of the site) would use my IP address, despite my computer or laptop, to show that I'm still on California, and since I'm usually on every minute of every day, it'd show I'm in CA. This alone, even without my morale of not liking to leave this close to school time because of my straight A-record and hard work, is enough to prove that they can't convict me due to lack of evidence, as this was just paranoia.

However, they would say that "True, we don't have any evidence, but this mere trial proves you're a threat." This can be countered by the fact that ANYONE could be a stalker online, not just the possibility of me being one. They would also try to bring up files and archives of me being nice to many of its members (mainly the females) and claim that that's proof enough.

I was falsely found guilty and deleted from the site, yet here's what troubles me-- the staff hears about sexual harassment and racial jokes everyday because committed by the same people and they do nothing, but when they hear about those same harassers convicting a well-known member of SUSPECTED stalking, they go straight to deletion.

Now I heard that Bloodpaw, the accuser's motive was that he thought I would "steal Rainfall from him", seeing as I have a close relationship with her. But the entire site is composed of members that assume the first thing they think and are too naive to believe in the fifth amendment, that they can ban or delete a member without proof.

They are completely closed to negotiation by ANYONE and I highly recommend that the site be shut down for its history of fights and deletion under false pretenses AND its true webmaster for allowing the promotion of all these members AND for it still allowing the harassers to remain active.

If any more information is needed, please do not feel hesitated to ask.

Proof (screenshot)
Sent by Nathan Xylar Baseem

Cloudypaw, ShadowClan Apprentice.

Frostpaw, WindClan Apprentice.

Sleekkit, RiverClan Kit.

Oakkit, ThunderClan Kit. TO BE BORN

Specklekit, SkyClan Kit. TO BE BORN

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Litigations (Aura's post and mine) :: Comments

Re: Litigations (Aura's post and mine)
Post on Thu Aug 26, 2010 7:55 am by *Bluekit
omg just stop aruing
Re: Litigations (Aura's post and mine)
Post on Thu Aug 26, 2010 7:56 am by Blazestorm
Would you just shut up and stop defending Aura? Now you're fighting with me.
Re: Litigations (Aura's post and mine)
Post on Thu Aug 26, 2010 7:59 am by *Bluekit
I dont feel comfortable with Aura to come back on the site
Re: Litigations (Aura's post and mine)
Post on Thu Aug 26, 2010 8:00 am by Blazestorm
Neither do I but I cant sit here and lie and say there's no possibility of him hacking because if the guy knows how to stalk people than he probably may know how to hack. Now its unlikely but this is a predator we're dealing with. its could happen.
Re: Litigations (Aura's post and mine)
Post on Thu Aug 26, 2010 8:01 am by Jay
I can't think of Aura hacking a site that helped him,like forumotion. And I don't think he was much of a predator. Like Tall said,he was a perve. He would have stalked way more people.

And you are also making it sound like hacking is a walk in the park. I have no idea where you got the idea.
Re: Litigations (Aura's post and mine)
Post on Thu Aug 26, 2010 8:02 am by *Bluekit
just think what you think we all get what your saying
Re: Litigations (Aura's post and mine)
Post on Thu Aug 26, 2010 8:05 am by Blazestorm
Yeah he would have stalked more people if he didnt get caught. Plus a perve is simply a subatagory of a predator to tell the truth. They're both bad to tell the truth and Thanks Tall.

Hmm maybe you should wtach the news, Jay. Sites gte hacked all the time.
Re: Litigations (Aura's post and mine)
Post on Thu Aug 26, 2010 8:06 am by Jay
Yeah,but forumotion. Where'd you here about that ever getting hacked? The news?
Re: Litigations (Aura's post and mine)
Post on Thu Aug 26, 2010 8:09 am by Blazestorm
Well forumotion could get hacked. ANy site could get hacke.d The only reason forumotion wont get hacked because its usually kids sites that are protected.
Re: Litigations (Aura's post and mine)
Post on Thu Aug 26, 2010 8:43 am by Tart/Corpse
I looked on Forumotion and hacking isn't all that hard, guys. I suggest the Admins change their passwords often to protect from that, since they need the Admin's username and password to to it.
Re: Litigations (Aura's post and mine)
Post on Thu Aug 26, 2010 9:56 am by BlossomClaw
are you peaple seriously thinking about letting him back on?! he is a friken stalker he was coming to washington to meet a bunch of peaple that didn't want to meet him! he specificaly said to me(((((( Blossompaw:are you really coming to washington aurastrom: yesh i will ♥ meeting you))))))
Re: Litigations (Aura's post and mine)
Post on Thu Aug 26, 2010 12:28 pm by Blazestorm
I agree with Blossom.
Re: Litigations (Aura's post and mine)
Post on Thu Aug 26, 2010 5:13 pm by Twistedheart
I say we kick him off. For good. If he hates the site enough to report us, then he's not gonna wanna get back on.
Re: Litigations (Aura's post and mine)
Post on Thu Aug 26, 2010 5:31 pm by Leo
Yeah. And when he does.......
Aura, if you are reading this, f*** you. *flips off*
Re: Litigations (Aura's post and mine)
Post on Thu Aug 26, 2010 8:06 pm by Jay
Guys,he can't read it. I blocked off anouncements from anyone but members. ><

Litigations (Aura's post and mine)

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