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Roleplay in a cat Clan of warriors. Based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Takes place in an AU before the cats in the books existed.
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 map on a wall [C]

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It was good to know the rest of the cats in his Clan. Twilightkit had a feeling his mother didn't care for many of them-- few were good enough for her, or for her kits --but knowing them, at the very least, seemed important. But there were so many of them, and it would be dishonest to say he wasn't intimidated by all the warriors with their big paws. He and his littermates could explore outside the nursery now though, and Twilightkit didn't want to waste that privilege. He didn't want Weepingwillow to think he was too clingy, either.

Sighing quietly, Twilightkit tried--unsuccessfully--to shake the fuzziness from his head. He was quick to give up and just accept the fog layered over his thoughts. Grabbing the ball of moss between his paws, he rose unsteadily to his feet, padded over to briefly press his cheek against his mother's in farewell, then turned to pad out of the den.

Once outside, he hesitated. Camp was busy, as he was learning it often was. He didn't know who to approach first. What if he said something wrong to them? Twilightkit shook his head. It'll be okay, he told himself, closing his eyes through a shaky little breath. When he looked around again, he spotted a dark-furred cat close by and decided that was the one. He made his way over and called out, "Hey," mew muffled by his already-full mouth. "Oh-" he blinked, set the mossball down by his paws, then looked up again. "Sorry... I'm not 'pposed to talk with my mouth full." Twilightkit sat down and blinked up at the warrior, eyes round despite the scowl he earned for being an interruption. "Uhm... are you busy? I'm 'pposed to meet new cats. I want to meet you."
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Kits never got along with Larkspring. Even when he was a kit, it was like he was a burr that other kits would poke themselves on if he got too close, and that attitude continued into his adulthood. Larkspring did try to be better around kits. He still did not entirely agree with the sentiment that he was in the wrong in biting Pigeonkit many moons ago, but he would accept that he should have taken other actions. He should….care for his clanmates as best he can. That proved to be difficult when almost any cat always felt like such an annoyance.

He looked at the new kit that approached him. This was one of the Weepingwillow kits if he recalled correctly. He had no idea why this little thing would choose to approach him first if he had to meet cats, but Larkspring bit back any sour retort.

“Hello,” he replied, his voice flat but not exactly hostile as he could sometimes sound. “I’m Larkspring. Now you’ve met me.” Larkspring’s tail twitched along the sand. He knew he shouldn’t just leave it there. He had to know his clanmates as well. Reluctantly he added, “So which one are you?”
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map on a wall [C]
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