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Roleplay in a cat Clan of warriors. Based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Takes place in an AU before the cats in the books existed.
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 Pipitpaw's Moonstone Journey

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PostSubject: Pipitpaw's Moonstone Journey   Pipitpaw's Moonstone Journey EmptySun 31 Mar 2024 - 18:27

Rank: T2 Medicine Cat 

Hemlockfox groaned as he sat up in his nest, his fur ruffled from a short nap he'd managed to find the time for. With a yawn, the tom shuffled to the meager stores in the back of the den and shuffled through a few leaves before settling on a few to bring to the young cat who was the focus of today's trip - Pipitpaw. Back in SkyClan, where there had been two other medicine cats, he'd hardly ever been required to help out with escorting apprentices to the Moonstone. Now that he was alone in WindClan, though, things were a little different. 

Grumbling complaints under his breath, Hemlockfox gathered the small bundle of travelling herbs and nosed his way out of the grasses surrounding his run-down corner of the camp. He'd have to find the time to fix it up at some point...maybe tomorrow? Yeah, that would be nice. If he wasn't swamped with work, that is. Sighing, the tom scanned the clearing, his blue eyes flitting from one side to the other as he tried to pinpoint the apprentice's den...er...whatever it was called. It wasn't a proper den by any meaning of the word - he wasn't sure why these rabbit-lovers insisted on sleeping out in the open anyway. Weren't they worried being so exposed?

Eventually, though, Hemlockfox located the cluster of nests the apprentices slept in and padded across the camp, not really concerned about being quiet or waking anyone up. He was more focused on trying to figure out which one was Pipitpaw. The off white she-cat, right? Probably. With a rough nudge, he jostled the apprentice and dropped the herbs in front of her once she seemed awake. "Eat these. I'm taking you to the Moonstone." He meowed gruffly. Then, once she was done, he gestured for her to follow him and led the way out of the camp.


It was a little odd treading across the open moor, but the trip was uneventful this time as Hemlockfox guided Pipitpaw up the sloped mountain to Mothermouth. The walk had been quiet, but he didn't particularly mind the lack of chatter. He hardly knew the she-cat. They weren't even from the same clan. Why should he bother trying to get close to her? Finally, they came to the dark tunnel that led to the Moonstone and Hemlockfox glanced back at the pale apprentice. "Yes, it's dark. You'll be fine. It's really not that difficult to navigate, so don't bump into me." He meowed impatiently before disappearing into the stoney tunnel.

It was bad enough dealing with regular apprentices, but these WindClanners frequently got on his last nerve. So, without bothering to help Pipitpaw down the sloped tunnel, Hemlockfox padded deeper into the mountain, making quick work of the walk. Within a few minutes, the inky blackness faded into a soft, blueish light. Almost there. Whiskers twitching, Hemlockfox stepped out into an open cavern, the Moonstone glittering brightly in the center. "Yeah, very pretty. Go ahead and lie down, okay? Touch your nose to it and close your eyes - StarClan will come to you."

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PostSubject: Re: Pipitpaw's Moonstone Journey   Pipitpaw's Moonstone Journey EmptyMon 1 Apr 2024 - 14:57

She hadn't had anything against the most-recent arrival into Windclan. After all, he was a medicine cat-he had a job to do. However, what she did have a problem with had been his demeanor as he had woken her up, sharply rousing her. The jab had her leaping up to all four paws, panic clear in her face as she winced the moment he spoke to her. It served as nothing but a reminder of just how her mother had treated her, and it was a disgusting feeling that roiled in her stomach. But she followed his command, just as she'd always followed what her mother had told her to do, and followed the tom to the moonstone.

She didn't complain one step of the journey. Didn't make so much of a sound, just simply followed the medicine cat in dutiful quiet. His particularly cranky attitude didn't seem to alleviate itself as they got to the moonstone, but she didn't utter a peep. He wouldn't be worth her breath if he didn't want to listen. She trusted her instincts enough to guide her as she made it into the tunnel, her whiskers brushing against the cool stone when she went too far towards one side. It was easy enough... just like he'd said.

In all honesty, she hadn't even been that impressed by the moonstone. Yes, it was some holy, Ancestral stone that connected them to Starclan, but... It just didn't hold as much beauty to her as she thought it would. Something akin to disappointment flickered in her eyes, but she didn't even so much as glance towards Hemlockfox before curling herself to the stone, and pressing her nose against its surface.

Please don't make me see her. Please don't make me see her. Please don't make me see her.

The mantra filled her mind as she drifted to sleep, awaiting the starlit plains that she would then face her ancestors upon.

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PostSubject: Re: Pipitpaw's Moonstone Journey   Pipitpaw's Moonstone Journey EmptyTue 2 Apr 2024 - 20:11

One would have thought being dead would mean he wouldn't be forced to do anything. Yet here he was, in his favorite space peering down at his own starlit reflection. "What do you want?" His tone held only slight annoyance, the beautiful emeralds he had for eyes blinking once at the rippling water at his paws. StarClan could force him to interact with the living, but they couldn't make him pay attention.

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PostSubject: Re: Pipitpaw's Moonstone Journey   Pipitpaw's Moonstone Journey Empty

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Pipitpaw's Moonstone Journey
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