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The future's in your paws. Shape it well.

Roleplay in a cat Clan of warriors. Based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Takes place in an AU before the cats in the books existed.
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PostSubject: living in the light [C]   living in the light [C] EmptyThu 28 Mar 2024 - 19:18

"The weak never have their wings unfurl."
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Highpine was almost becoming more familiar to him than the rest of his territory. Silverhawk was disgusted by the fact, but so it remained. At least he looked like a good warrior, so keen to patrol the borders; and at least, tonight, he wasn't alone. He walked alongside a proper patrol, though at some point, he'd let them get ahead of him. His paws slowed as they passed the Highpine, marking the border while they went. But Silverhawk's stupid, traitorous paws lingered. He waved his tail to signal his patrolmates onward, calling that he'd catch up in a moment, and turned to the side.

His eyes raked the undergrowth, searching habitually for that familiar gray pelt. He hated the way his heart sank into his paws when he spotted--and heard--nothing. Silverhawk was about to turn away and jog ahead to rejoin his patrol when branches clattered, alerting him to another's presence. So someone was here, indeed. He craned his neck up, catching flashes of white and brown between the budding leaves of the few deciduous trees growing along the border, though he couldn't make out a cat in full. Either way, it wasn't Bubblebeam; so, a disappointment. "Hellllo there," he trilled out; light, playfully teasing. "Not very stealthy now, are we? And here I thought SkyClan was good at moving through the trees."
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PostSubject: Re: living in the light [C]   living in the light [C] EmptySun 14 Apr 2024 - 1:33

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Yewshade had been investigating after the recent clan meeting. Honeydew and Wolfstar truly had nothing to worry about, right? He quickly spotted a ShadowClan patrol, however, and was interested... Until a ShadowClan warrior separated from the group and spotted him. Great. He sighed, jumping down into the clearing gracefully to look the tom in the eye. He was just grateful the cat wasn't RiverClan or ThunderClan scum. To be honest, he'd rather speak to this cat than some of his own clanmates.

"Greetings," Yewshade mewed, his tone guarded yet not openly hostile. "What business does a ShadowClan warrior have so close to SkyClan territory?" He pried. "Come to admire our borders, or have you come seeking something else? I imagine I'm not what you're looking for."

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living in the light [C]
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