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Roleplay in a cat Clan of warriors. Based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Takes place in an AU before the cats in the books existed.
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It was strange, waking up the next morning with the knowledge he had an apprentice to train. There was little time– or Rowansong allowed himself little time –to lay in his nest just waking up. Light was already filtering through the den when he opened his eyes, so he only gave himself a shake to clear away as much sleep as he could and got hurriedly to his paws despite the clinging grogginess. He had an apprentice… that he had no idea what to do with, but that he had to train somehow. He would figure it out while waiting for her to come outside.

Poking his head into the apprentice den, Rowansong blinked to adjust to the dimmer light and searched until he spotted Egretpaw’s pelt. When he did, he slipped further into the den to give her a gentle nudge. “As promised, your training will commence now, Egretpaw.” Rowansong whispered before ducking back outside to pad over to camp’s entrance. What to do when she joined him… the first thing Stormdance had done with him was (attempt) to just show him the territory. He would do that, then– and Rowansong knew instantly where he would take her. Straightening up to wait, he quietly hoped she would not be as much of a terror as he’d been.

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PostSubject: Re: a bird in hand [C]   a bird in hand [C] EmptyFri 5 May 2023 - 7:57

“is it really so wrong to dream?”

Egretpaw stirred instantly at the nose that brushed her side, shifting her entire frame in an attempt to get her to rise. A cat could breathe on her and she would wake, it was just the type of sleeper the apprentice was. It made for rather awful nights, truth be told. But she somehow managed enough sleep to function throughout the day without too much trouble. Rising to her paws with an instantly-too-alert face, she followed her apprentice through the entrance of her new den. It was a bit more crowded than she expected, all things considered, but perhaps that was just what happened when you put cats of almost every size within the same spot.

Distant bird calls filled her ears, as did the sound of the calm, smooth stream that protected their camp. Her ears were on a near-constant swivel as she took in all of the sounds, the familiar smells having finally become muted enough that she wasn't perpetually breathing through her mouth in an attempt to dilute them. "I will follow your lead." She stated gently, and after an awkward moment of silence, dipped her head in respect.

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