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Roleplay in a cat Clan of warriors. Based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Takes place in an AU before the cats in the books existed.
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 Roleplaying and Character Guidelines

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PostSubject: Roleplaying and Character Guidelines   Roleplaying and Character Guidelines EmptyTue 7 Mar 2023 - 18:23

Roleplaying Rules

Role-playing can be confusing at times, especially for those who are new to it. So, these rules and guidelines are here to make role-playing easier to understand for all. All role-playing topics are located under Areas of the Forest; anything out of that is just member chat, essentially.

  1. Role-play in third person. Roleplay this way because you aren't actually the cat, they're just your character.
    Ex: (Incorrect) I walked through the bushes and pounced on the mouse.
    Ex: (Correct) Mistpelt walked through the bushes and pounced on the mouse.
  2. All role-playing topics are in past tense. This reflects the actual Warriors series.
    → Ex: (Incorrect) Mistpelt walks down the Thunderpath, and she sees the intruders a couple of fox lengths away.
    Ex: (Correct) Mistpelt walked down the Thunderpath, and she saw the intruders a couple of fox lengths away.
  3. Please try to write with good grammar and spelling. It can be hard for others to read someone's post if it doesn't have punctuation or if all the words have typos. We understand that some members are young and new to roleplaying, however, so please just try your best!
    Ex: (Incorrect) msitpelt rann threw the bushese ot the noyse whats going on she mewed.
    Ex: (Correct) Mistpelt ran through the bushes to the noise. "What's going on?!" She mewed.
  4. Please don't post in any topics that are over a month old. Check the date on the latest post if you are unsure if it's recent. After a month, it's considered a dead topic.
  5. Do not post in closed topics unless invited to. On WCC, topics are typically marked are “open” or “closed.” Closed topics are topics that have a predefined purpose or meaning, and only certain members should post in them. If you are unsure if you are supposed to post there, ask the original poster. Open topics are open to anyone within reason. For example, an open topic in SkyClan territory would be open to all members of SkyClan, but it would be odd for a ThunderClanner to show up there. Posting in topics that are closed is intrusive and your post may be deleted/moved by a staff member if you were not invited to post there. If a topic is not labeled as open or closed, please PM the original poster before RPing there.
  6. Topics going at the SAME TIME do not relate to each other.
  7. No paradoxes. Only once a topic is finished does a cat have a memory of that topic in other topics created after the first was finished. It may sound confusing, but topics shouldn't last too long.
  8. You must finish a topic with the same rank you started. If a member was, for example, a kit when posting in a topic but had their ceremony and is now an apprentice, they are still a kit in that topic, NOT an apprentice. They need to finish that topic how they started it: as a kit.
  9. Don't control another member's cat in topics. If they're not posting, wait. Give them time; you never know what they may be going through in real life. If necessary, you may remind them of your topic, but only after a significant amount of time has passed without them posting.
  10. Absolutely no godmodding/metagaming. This is when one plays a character that can never be destroyed or harmed, is avoiding impossible amounts of damage, etc. The character, however, can hurt and/or kill the other characters without giving them a fighting chance. It may also occur when a character avoids facing in-character consequences for their actions, or when your cat knows information that they shouldn't. The staff team will intervene as they see fit if this takes place.
  11. No killing someone else's characters without permission. You may only kill another member's character if they have given explicit out-of-character permission to do so, and the murder must first be submitted as a plot for staff approval.
  12. Give members a chance to post. If there are more than two members involved in a topic, give everyone a chance to say something. You never know when someone may have a really good reply. Try to follow a posting order.
  13. Go with the flow of the topic. Whoever started it had something in mind when they made it, so don't just have a fox come out of nowhere to attack you, or interrupt a member when they're addressing another cat.
  14. Act your rank. Kits should not know as much as warriors; they must learn as they go!
  15. All cats hoping to move/join a Clan must ask the leader of that Clan for permission before joining, regardless of age. Even if a warrior hopes to adopt a Rogue/Loner/Kittypet kit, they must have the permission of a Clan leader. Whether this is RPed or dealt with through PMs is up to you.
  16. You may not make any prophecies without an administrator's permission. Moderators may not approve prophecies on their own.
  17. StarClan reveals warnings and prophecies to leaders and medicine cats, though mostly medicine cats. Prophecies may only be shown to cats of lower rank with the permission of an administrator.
  18. Absolutely no mating scenes. This includes implying that your cats mated.
  19. All cats must wait until they are warriors to have kits. Kits and apprentices who leave a Clan must either join another Clan or utilize the rank requirements to become an official rogue before they are allowed to "age" and have kits.
  20. Roleplayers may not mentor their own character. This is to encourage members to interact with each other; it especially benefits newer players who could use an active, experienced roleplayer to help them learn.
  21. Keep in mind the in-character consequences for code-breaking. Your leader is perfectly capable of exiling or punishing the character as they see fit, so keep these potential consequences in mind when plotting.
  22. NPC characters, unless plot NPCs permitted by staff, are only to be vaguely mentioned in roleplay. NPC characters are not to have speaking roles or major involvement in topics, but may be mentioned and alluded to. Should one wish to roleplay interactions with NPCs, the only place it would be permitted is in Meta Musings.
  23. If a character hasn’t participated in a topic for three consecutive months without an activity notice, the character will be deemed inactive and will be removed from the allegiances. This will be effective even if you have been posting in activity checks. This is to prevent anyone from claiming names and keeping other users from using them.
  24. Using AI of any kind is not permitted on this website, in RP or otherwise. This includes AI art, AI face-claiming, and AI writing.

If you need to get ahold of a staff member please check here for those you need to reach out to!

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Staff Team

Staff Team

Number of posts : 53
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Roleplaying and Character Guidelines Empty
PostSubject: Re: Roleplaying and Character Guidelines   Roleplaying and Character Guidelines EmptyTue 7 Mar 2023 - 18:23

Character Rules:
  1. You may start out with three “base” characters. Preferably, each character should be in a different Clan, but they don't have to be. There are opportunities to roleplay more characters in special slots, but those must be earned through special circumstances. Only one additional slot can be earned through ranking, regardless of how many of your characters are fully ranked. You can also retire one tier 5 warrior or tier 4 medicine cat to be an elder or perma-queen to grant an additional slot. For more information about the ranking, look at our Rank System. There are also Perma-NPCs, which first-come, first-serve signups for a free character of NPC origin. Keep an eye on announcements for openings (Note: When a Perma-NPC dies, their slot is lost)! This means that, all circumstances combined, a user can have a maximum of 6 characters.
  2. You must post a Deceased Cat Reporting to replace a cat on your roster. In order to release a character slot for use by another character beyond the limit, you must post the original character's deceased cat reporting in the appropriate Clan topic. No new topics with that character can be made, although ongoing topics may be completed (in a timely manner).
  3. Permaqueens and elders count towards your three main characters. The exception is if they were a Tier 5 Warrior or Tier 4 Medicine Cat at the time of their retirement. Elders are not allowed to reproduce in any manner. Only one free elder/permaqueen slot is permitted per roleplayer. More information can be found here.
  4. There are no Missing Cats allowed. If you want to make a new cat and decide to have one of your existing cats go "missing", they are automatically considered dead. They are never allowed to return and may not be roleplayed in canon WCC in any capacity.
  5. All kits with a forbidden heritage must have parents that exist on WCC. We do not allow NPC Parents with complex backstories such as being a former deputy, being in a cross-clan relationship, or having run away from the clan. If you wish for parents with complex backstories, you must arrange for this with a fellow roleplayer.
  6. Once a character has retired to Permaqueen or Elder, they can not go back. Once the ceremony is complete, you must live out the rest of your days as an Elder or Permaqueen.
  7.  Each character may only have up to 10 biological kits total, and 3 adopted kits total. If you wish to exceed these number of kits, they must be applied for using the Extra Litter Applications form.

If you need to get ahold of a staff member please check here for those you need to reach out to!
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Roleplaying and Character Guidelines
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