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Roleplay in a cat Clan of warriors. Based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Takes place during the time before the cats in the books existed.
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 Sound the Bugle

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PostSubject: Sound the Bugle   Sun Apr 03, 2016 3:37 pm

Troutstep hadn't eaten anything in awhile and his days were coming to a close. Besides, what did it matter? He had nothing left, just an empty heart. His whole life, all Troutstep felt was bitterness, grief, and now, he was truly alone. First Barrenpaw, then Slushfang, his kits, and Heronwing. Why! He wanted to cry out into the empty air. Why. Why me? He laid next to his mateís resting place, tears streaming down the tomís face. Iím glad youíre at least in a peaceful place. The riverside was so beautiful. Resting his head on his paws, the tom closed his eyes, lying next to the river, listening to the world. The birds chirping, the soft roar of the water, the wonderfully cool breeze. It was all perfect and Heronwing got it all to herself. "Always so selfish, hogging the river." Troutstep meowed bluntly, although he meant no true harm.

The broken soul laid there for who knows how long, not moving an inch. The sky started to grow darker, the sun slowly fell asleep. Stars started to glimmer and the world fell silent. Lifting his head off his paws, he looked to the stars. Are you up there? Can you hear me? Was StarClan even real? Questions raced around Troutstepís head.

For a second, he couldíve sworn he saw Heronwing. There was a soft, transparent glow to her pelt, it was almost... unreal. There was no scent, just her figure. Speechless, all Troutstep could do was lay there. "Sometimes bad things happen for no reason or for reasons we canít begin to imagine." His starry mate said in her usual, soft tone with a graceful smile upon her face. She seemed so much moreÖ wise. Am I dreaming? "It takes the sadness of life to appreciate the beauty of death." She meowed softly, nudging him on the cheek and stepping back. A gentle breeze blew past the two cats and soon, the starry she-catís form soon disappeared into the night air, like hundreds of little fireflies. "HeronwingÖ donít go." He meowed in nothing more than a mere whisper, pawing at the glittering air. Donít leave me again. Troutstep tilted his head to the dark sky once more, imagining his friends and family in StarClan.

Him and Heronwing had so much in common, it baffled him. But now she was gone, and he was alone. Just one more animal breathing on this vast planet, one more beating heart, one more broken soul. A tom who had lost everything important in his life, a tom with nothing left. Many cats only viewed Troutstep a rude, ill-tempered, and unloving cat. But in reality, his only fault was to love too much.

His stomach growled, begging for food and his tongue was dry. No. No more, this was it. Over a short period of time, his bones had grown weak and he lost more and more strength the more he had laid there next to Heronwingís grave. His thoughts turned blank, his eyes now had a dull haze to them. Troutstep had lost the will to live and accepted his fate. As long as he was able to see his mate and friends, he would be happy. Besides, nothing in this world mattered any more. The Clanís could deal with their own problems, they didnít need him dragging them down. Taking a deep breath, he rested his head back on his paws. This life has been so cruel. But it will be over soon. He reassured himself. See you in paradise. With that, Troutstep closed his eyes. The tom was at his emotional breaking point and his body couldnít go on any longer. He felt no pain as his body went numb and his heart beat for the last time.

No cat would ever truly know what the journey to the after life felt like, but it was almost as if the deceased cats were lifting him to the stars with their graceful paws.

Opening his eyes, he sat up. Is this a dream? It was like a world of starry clouds. "Welcome."

Snapping his head around, Troutstep met Heronwingís eyes. Tears streaming down his face, he ran to his mate, licking her cheek with happiness and joy. "I'll never leave your side, never." He cried, burying his head into her fur. Here, in this place of the stars, there were no lies, loss, hate, agony, nothing. Here, he would be able to start anew.

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Sound the Bugle
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