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Roleplay in a cat Clan of warriors. Based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Takes place during the time before the cats in the books existed.
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 Darkness Rises [Sitewide Plot - Phase One] CLOSED

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PostDarkness Rises [Sitewide Plot - Phase One] CLOSED

Tensions escalate. SkyClan still lives with RiverClan, RiverClan want Sunningrocks back, ThunderClan allies itself with WindClan, and ShadowClan leans towards it's traditional allies. All while Leafbare is getting into full swing. The clans risk death and much worse if they continue this way, and StarClan aren't interfering, continuing to remain neutral on this issue.

But what is dead doesn't always stay dead.

Cats of the Dark Forest see StarClan's inaction as an opportunity to take over the five clans. They offer something StarClan doesn't, strength and power beyond what an ordinary warrior could conceive. Strength that could turn tides in battle, crush your enemy to dust, leave them humiliated. All you need to do is accept them into your life, agree to train in their dark ways.

What will your cat choose?

Yes, it's finally up! Our first sitewide plot of the New Year. For people new to Sitewide plots, basically the more you participate, the more fun you'll get to have. Your first opportunity to participate will be to sign up any of your current cats into joining the Dark Forest. Now the reasons why your kitty may choose to go down this path can vary. Dark Forest offers real powers*, pride, acceptance (regardless of past history), protection, and love (yes, we can provide DF mates if you want to go down that path, limited spots for that, be warned). Once you've signed up, Staff will make a converting topic for your kitty. Dark Forest will walk your dreams and woo you to the dark side of the force.

All cats who join the Dark Forest will have learn our ways and be loyal to their new clan. Also any cat that joins Dark Forest will not be able to tell anyone about the Dark Forest. You'll find yourself unconscious if you even try, the Dark Forest has it's own ways of keeping their secrets. Keep this in mind before you sign your cat away to us. It won't be easy to leave us ;)

To Join this Plot, sign up by filling the form below:

[b]Name :[/b]
[b]Gender :[/b]
[b]Clan :[/b]
[b]Rank :[/b]
[b]Reason for wanting to join DF :[/b] (Be clear so Staff knows what to bribe your cat with)

The Dark forest cats who are converting are played by Staff.

* Dark forest converts will get to have a HP boost of +5 for Apprentices, and +15 for Warriors. SP boost is +20 for Apprentices and +40 for warriors. You will also learn new moves:

Blinding Strike - Rake your opponent across the eyes to blind them - Extra +5 damage for next move
Twisting Bite -  Bite down on your opponent's pelt and twist your head to tear at their fur

Blinding Strike10111314151718
Twisting Bite20242528303135
Blinding Strike -20 SP
Twisting Bite -25 SP

The rules for these moves are the same as Clan Moves, they cannot be used twice in a row.


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Darkness Rises [Sitewide Plot - Phase One] CLOSED :: Comments

Name : Amberkit/paw (ceremony has just started)
Gender :Male
Clan :Shadowclan
Rank : Apprentice
Reason for wanting to join DF : (Be clear so Staff knows what to bribe your cat with)
His mother is a rouge cat and father a clan cat, they rushed to get pregnant before being fixed. Although deep down he feels what he is doing maybe wrong he is sick of not being treated like everyone else and want to show that he is just as powerful as any full clan cat and also to prove that his family is strong and make sure no one hated his father for breaking the warrior code.
Name : Heronwing
Gender : Female
Clan : Riverclan
Rank : Young Warrior
Reason for wanting to join DF : There are simply four things she wants: Blood from Thunderclan, vengeance on Windclan for a past lover, strength to overpower her enemies, and maybe a little company.

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Name : Sandfeather
Gender : Female
Clan : Skyclan
Rank : Young Warrior
Reason for wanting to join DF : Sandfeather wants to be able to protect her clan, her mate and her kits. She cannot do that with the power she has at the moment. Bribe her with protecting her mate and kits hehehe.

I feel so evil for doing this. Hehehehe
Name : Webpaw
Gender : Male
Clan : Shadowclan
Rank : Apprentice
Reason for wanting to join DF : His desire to learn more, earning his place in his clan as well as proving himself to Shadowclan. If the cats he loves are put in danger, he will do anything to protect them.

Goodbye innocent kit..

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Re: Darkness Rises [Sitewide Plot - Phase One] CLOSED
Post on Tue Feb 02, 2016 8:50 pm by Ash (Online)
Name : Nettletail
Gender : She-cat
Clan : SkyClan
Rank: Newly Appointed Warrior
Reason for wanting to join DF : She hates ThunderClan and WindClan with a burning passion. She once wanted to be medicine cat, and still has strange dreams occassionally, making her doubt her own sanity. She is very passionate about her beliefs and has no qualms about joining the Dark Forest. Plus her crush Sedgepaw (now Sedgeclaw) is joining, so there's that.

Oh my gosh, almost all of SkyClan is joining the Dark Forest! LOL
Name: Icepaw
Gender: She-Cat
Clan: ShadowClan
Rank: Apprentice
Reason for wanting to join DF: She's very lonely and has got no friends. She wants someone to love too and she wants to be noticed as the most powerful cat in her Clan.
Name : Sunpelt
Gender : Male
Clan : TC
Rank : Warrior
Reason for wanting to join DF : He feels completely unloved and wants revenge on anyone he thinks might have anything to do with his feelings. He wants to protect Cloverpool from Frozenflame (he doesn't trust him) and wants to be the most loyal to his Clan that he can be. If he was in his right mind, he would know the Dark Forest was tricking him, but he is currently desperate and depressed, so his mind is slightly mangled and wharped.
Ashwing wrote:
Oh my gosh, almost all of SkyClan is joining the Dark Forest! LOL

This is your final chance to join this plot. Sign up will close within a few days.
Name : Beanfoot
Gender : Tom
Clan : TC
Rank : Warrior
Reason for wanting to join DF : Beanfoot is still haunted by his mothers death, despite always being screeched at. With his sister becoming deputy he starts feeling envious of others and a little jealous of hi sister, his wounded sister no less. He wants to grow strong, for himself and his clan in hopes of getting a bit of positive attention.
Name : Echostrike
Gender : Female
Clan : Thunderclan
Rank : Warrior
Reason for wanting to join DF : She wants to be strong for all of her clanmates, and with the death of her mentor still haunting her, she wants to protect her own kits and Specklefur's. She wants no more harm to come to her clanmates, and wants to fight to protect everyone.
Name : Mothkit/paw (apprentice ceremony in progress)
Gender : Tom
Clan : WindClan
Rank : Kit (apprentice ceremony in progress)
Reason for wanting to join DF : Simply he is arrogant and power hungry. Wants to be remembered (because he feels forgotten/feels like no one notices him)
Adding one more cause why not

Name : Tallpaw
Gender :She cat
Clan :Windclan
Rank :apprentice
Reason for wanting to join DF : To be the best she can be and to protect her clanmates
Going to add another cat :)
Name : Treekit (apprentice ceremony pending
Gender : She-cat
Clan : Skyclan
Rank : Kit but soon to be apprentice
Reason for wanting to join DF : (Be clear so Staff knows what to bribe your cat with) Treekit is really laid back but she has a short temper so when she understood the crisis her clan was going through she could take no more. The clan looks so said and she can't keep seeing it like this, she needs to protect her family and clan and make everything better but most of all get revenge on Windclan.
((Can I reserve a spot for a little kitty? ;-; I'd have to make a new one))

Darkness Rises [Sitewide Plot - Phase One] CLOSED

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