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Roleplay in a cat Clan of warriors. Based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Takes place in an AU before the cats in the books existed.
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 A Family Together... [C]

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A Family Together... [C] Empty
PostSubject: A Family Together... [C]   A Family Together... [C] EmptyFri 29 Mar 2024 - 7:55

Coyotegrin sat on the crest of the hill, the New Leaf air buffeting her fur gently. With her face gazing to the sky, with her eyes half opened to block out the sun, she looked peaceful. On the inside, she was anything but. The open sky only reminded her of the loss she had felt her whole life. Each strang of silvery-grey fur speckling her muzzle symbolized each loss she had suffered in her long life. When she was an apprentice, she was destined for leadership, only for Shrikestorm to selfishly keep it from her in favor of 'Tunnel Captain', for what good that was. It felt like a punishment, having to lose her sister Goldenpaw to the tunnels and then to lose her destiny as leader of this clan. Hmph. Tigerstar was her apprentice, at least, so there's that for her legacy. The tunnels certainly were not. Natural circumstances have collapsed them every time she tried. So much for the StarClan guidance she received. And death... So much death of loved ones. Her parents were to be expected, but all of her children? Her true soul mate? Was Hawkheart watching her from above, ashamed of the loss she allowed to happen?

A gentle voice disturbed her from her thoughts. "Hello, mother." The soft voice of Kestrelchirp followed with a soft nuzzle to her shoulder. A gentle purr from the both of them was greeting in itself. Kestrelchirp had burdened so much of her hardships, and it wasn't fair. Immediately switching her mood, Coyotegrin acted as a mother.

"Kestrelchirp, the season is about to be beautiful on the moors." She said softly. "Did you invite the rest of your siblings? It had been so long since the depressed mother had her family gathered around her for a walk to just relax.

The auburn tom nodded with a warm look. "Yes, they should be following behind me soon. The tom had pushed himself to the limit hunting recently to refill the stomachs of his clanmates hungry from a harsh period in life. He had little time to focus on anything else nowadays, keeping to himself except for his round of encouragement to family and clanmates. The lanky tom still pined after Nectarflower, but deep down he knew it would not be more than that.

Astra inclinant...

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A Family Together... [C]
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