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Roleplay in a cat Clan of warriors. Based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Takes place in an AU before the cats in the books existed.
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 smallfawn for skc npc permaqueen

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smallfawn for skc npc permaqueen Empty
PostSubject: smallfawn for skc npc permaqueen   smallfawn for skc npc permaqueen EmptyTue 5 Mar 2024 - 9:28

Cat Name: smallfawn

Clan: skyclan

What would you do with this position: well i'd give skyclan more npc blood of course!! because every clan needs npc blood really badly. everyone in skyclan is related and i love familyclan don't get it twisted but if we dont get npc blood we'll implode. on top of that i think i also want to be a permaqueen because my other cats are actively running away from having children it seems, at least for right now, and i want some babies.

Why do you deserve this position: i'm active and i have literally never had a character be a mom before so this would be a first time but i'm ready for it. also i deserve this position because i'm a skyclan loyalist and nows my chance to prove it.

Important Notes/Backstory: smallfawn is riddled with anxiety and is constantly overthinking about everything. she's just a bundle of nerves tbh. she reads into things way too much and has no idea how to understand tone. she has a huge fear of confrontation and is honestly quite passive. she's not at all shy, but her fears and worries make her think that any social interactions will result in a failure. despite all of this, she wants her clanmates to see her as stronger than she actually is. she's also rather clumsy and found it to be something that kept her behind in battle and hunting training. because of this, she decided to make herself useful in skyclan's nursery as a permaqueen. her prefix is for her size, of course. although fluffy she is on the shorter side. and her suffix was given to her because of her skittish and klutzy yet kind nature.



smallfawn for skc npc permaqueen Download-ezgif-com-resize-2
bubblenose rc t3w 』
thymelight skc t2mc 』
smallfawn skc queen 』
pantherpounce wc t3w 』
cardinalkit sc kit 』
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smallfawn for skc npc permaqueen Empty
PostSubject: Re: smallfawn for skc npc permaqueen   smallfawn for skc npc permaqueen EmptyTue 5 Mar 2024 - 10:08


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smallfawn for skc npc permaqueen
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