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Roleplay in a cat Clan of warriors. Based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Takes place in an AU before the cats in the books existed.
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 Sink Away (solo)

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Characters : Lighttail (SkC), Sunflare (SC), Sageroot (TC), Bianca (Rogue), Mistykit (SkC), Minkkit (TC)
Clan/Rank : Lighttail: SkyClan T3 warrior. Sunflare: ShadowClan T5 warrior. Sageroot: ThunderClan T4 Deputy. Bianca: Tier 1 Rogue. Mistykit: Unborn SkyClan Kit. Minkkit: Unborn ThunderClan Kit.
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Sink Away (solo) Empty
PostSubject: Sink Away (solo)   Sink Away (solo) EmptyThu 21 Sep 2023 - 10:18

TW: Blazefang is in a lot of pain and nearly does something very bad. Do not read this if you’re not in a good mental state. Stay safe.


Blazefang was no fool. Copperlark and Cloudychase hadn’t just “disappeared”. One or both was dead. There’d long been bad blood between them, and now somebody had spilled that blood.

Now, she’d really lost it all. Of her eight kits, only one remained. And then there was Copperlark’s litter. Her grandchildren she’d never meet.

Now she stood at Sunningrocks, not entirely sure how she’d gotten there. All she knew was that she was in excruciating pain, and it had to stop. She waded out into the river, not stopping as the water rose past her shoulders. She took one last deep breath…

And just as she was about to let the water claim her, a motion on the shore caught her eye. A single golden fern waved in the breeze, almost as if beckoning her.

She couldn’t do it. She couldn’t leave her mate, daughter, and grandchildren to suffer. They’d lost enough. She’d keep going, for them. Blazefang got out of the water. It was time to go home.
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Sink Away (solo)
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