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Roleplay in a cat Clan of warriors. Based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Takes place in an AU before the cats in the books existed.
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 Plotting Rules and Forms

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PostSubject: Plotting Rules and Forms   Plotting Rules and Forms EmptySun 26 Mar 2023 - 14:49

All plots regardless of whether they are regarding Forbidden Romances/Murder/Clan Events/Maiming will henceforth require an application on Plotting Boards for approval if they will have a significant impact on the site.

Unlike previously with masterlists of ongoing plots/murders/forbidden romances being updated by staff, the approved topics here will serve as the masterlist.

Some basic rules regarding plotting.
  1. Any plots involving a prophecy from StarClan must be approved by an admin. If they aren't, and are continued anyway, the creator of the plot runs the risk of cancellation.
  2. Admins have the power to stop a plot at any point if required. This power will be reserved only for preventing clashing with potential sitewide plots and prevent unforeseen issues.
  3. Any and all members can suggest plots. This includes creating plots only for clans, for the kits, for the deputies, or even just for your own cat.
  4. Staff will be creating the main storyline for the site. Plots created by users can still be sitewide, but can only be tangentially created to the main story arcs.
  5. While admins can approve the idea of a plot, no character can be really forced to do something they don't want to do. If you need the cooperation of other roleplayers, you need to win them over as well.
  6. Plots should serve a purpose. Not all plots need to end with a christ-like revelation at the end, but do try avoid forbidden romances and murder plots for the sake of having them. Try have an end goal, that would further your characters beyond simply making them suffer.
  7. Plots should be plausible. A MC shouldn't be able to overpower warriors and murder them while also having an affair with a clan cat that lives on the other side of the forest. Please take into consideration your character's ability and their position.
  8. Any approved plot that includes code breaking may be punishable by clan leaders as they see fit. Any unreasonable punishments will be moderated by staff if the situation arises.
  9. Plots where characters leave their first clan to take up life in another clan will not be allowed to rank up to T5 Warrior or T4 Medicine cat.
  10. All plots run the risk of discovery by MCs. Though staff will ensure that there is a level of protection so that plots don't just fall to pieces, StarClan/Staff will and can make prophecies.
  11. If approved, please update your topic with relevant topics pertaining to the plot as they happen. This will help people follow the plot if they so wish, and help staff keep track of everything.
  12. Plots must be posted by the person with the character who is initiating the plot. Whether it's murder, a Forbidden romance, etc.
    (This means the one who makes the plot is the murderer, or is the one who makes the final step towards the forbidden relationship, etc.

Forbidden Relationship plotting
  1. All forbidden romances must follow a two step approval:
    Step 1: An idea for any potential forbidden romance is submitted. This is to be done before any in character romance building can be done, if applicable. If you see a situation arise where a romance would blossom, same thing, approve here before proceeding. Plots must always be tagged with [Forbidden Relationship], and must include the usernames of all parties directly involved in the romance.
    Step 2: After relationship building has gone through in character, the plotting page should be update with relevant topics. At this phase, intended or possible endgames of the relationship should be added as well. Staff will review again and provide a second approval for the relationship to become official in character and proceed.
  2. Any user may be a part of only one forbidden romance at a time. After the relationship ends for any reason, they must wait three months before applying for another forbidden romance plot. Relationships that die can still be discovered but will count as inactive. You must inform staff when a relationship dies so a slot can be reopened.
  3. All forbidden romances are discoverable.
  4. If your forbidden romance is discovered in character, player characters may react in character as they would, and leaders are allowed to give any punishment they see fit. Any unreasonable punishments will be moderated by staff.

Sign Up Forms.
To aid with MC's choosing which revelations to hold, please indicate in your topic description key issues your plot has.
e.g. Description: [Murder] [Forbidden Romance] [Clan Wide] [Betrayal of Clan]

[b]Plot Name:[/b]
[b]Clans involved:[/b]
[b]Characters Directly Involved:[/b]  (Include the rpers)

[b]Will there be code-breaking?:[/b] (If yes, please elaborate)

[b]Explain your Plot:[/b]

[b]How will this impact the characters/clans involved?:[/b]

[b]Provide links to relevant topics*:[/b] e.g. Proof of relationship building, Plotting page discussion topic/Sign Up topics
- For Forbidden Romances, this will be updated during the second part of the approval process.

[b]Why should this plot be approved?:[/b] For this section, make sure you elaborate. Staff prefers plots to be well-thought out before approving them, especially in the case of something with severe in universe consequences.

*Please note that if you are submitting a form for a murder plot or a forbidden relationship plot, we are asking that you provide information regarding that the character has the thought process and capability of murdering another cat (in the case of murder) or that they would somehow participate in betraying their clan for romance.

If you need to get ahold of a staff member please check here for those you need to reach out to!
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Plotting Rules and Forms
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