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Roleplay in a cat Clan of warriors. Based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Takes place in an AU before the cats in the books existed.
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 Revelations and Omens

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PostSubject: Revelations and Omens   Revelations and Omens EmptySun 26 Mar 2023 - 13:48

StarClan will be providing Medicine Cats with information regarding major happenings on the site. Once your Medicine Cat touches their nose to the Moonstone, they will be contacted by a StarClan Cat (who must be roleplayed by the MC unless approved by an administrator) who will tell them information on one plot point or a prophecy if you so wish. Then it will be up to your cat to choose their own destiny and decide whether to share this information or not. You must receive a revelation within 14 days of the meeting's posted date or else forego a prophecy for the month's meeting. [In the case of a delayed MC Meeting, the cutoff date will be the end of the month.]

Medicine Cat Apprentices do not receive revelations and will just have a chat with StarClan and can learn from former MCs if they wish. Fully Named MCAs or MCAs who are the sole medicine cat of their Clan may receive revelations alongside the regular Medicine Cats.

  1. Attend the meeting at Highstones and roll the "StarClan Revelation" along with an "Effect" die to learn what topic your cat will get information on, along with the method of the prophecy. You must do this within 14 days of the meeting's posted date.
  2. Staff will choose a relevant plot point for your character to receive information on from the Plotting Board and send it to you.
  3. Roleplay out your cat meeting with whatever StarClan member you've chosen (you should be roleplaying both cats) and be sure to include the prompts provided to you by Staff. The revelation will only have a vision if the Effect dice rolled a 5 or 6, and it will be included in your message from Staff.
  4. Only Medicine Cats + Medicine Cat Apprentices with their full name can receive revelations. If you're a Medicine Cat Apprentice whose name ends in -paw, you are unable to receive hints from StarClan (unless you are the sole MC in your Clan).

An omen is a strictly natural occurrence that can be interpreted by a medicine cat, whether for good or for bad. They are an opportunity for medicine cats to try and predict blessings and warnings through nature. Medicine cats are given more creative freedom with omens as they won’t be assigned by Staff. They can happen as often or as rarely as the MC chooses, but we encourage them to be used at least once per tier. Additionally, omens don’t always have to be interpreted correctly. A MC could make an incorrect guess at what an omen means, or believe something is an omen when it is really nothing at all. It is important to note that while omens can prove insight into what may happen, they are not a foolproof way to predict the future. Medicine cats will be allowed to interpret omens related to plotting pages events so long as they coordinate with those involved and the omen remains vague.

If you need to get ahold of a staff member please check here for those you need to reach out to!
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Revelations and Omens
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