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Roleplay in a cat Clan of warriors. Based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Takes place in an AU before the cats in the books existed.
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 Cat Creation: Rules and Template

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PostSubject: Cat Creation: Rules and Template   Cat Creation: Rules and Template EmptyTue Jun 03, 2008 3:45 pm

This is where you create your cat that you will be using to roleplay on the site. You need to post your creation in a new thread on this board and have it approved. If you're creating more than one character, please create a new post for each rather than posting all in one. Also keep in mind that creations can only be posted within one month of your new cat's birth, to prevent names from being held and lives never being used.

For your name, you need to use something like 'mist', 'tiger', 'gray', 'ice', or 'fern' as the first half of your name. (You do not have to use these; here is a list of suggested prefixes). Since you will be starting as a kitten still in the nursery, you need to use 'kit' as the second half of your name. There can only be one prefix in each clan, so please check the Allegiances to make sure the name is not taken in the clan you plan to join.

Consider as you create your character on WCC that there is a penalty to battle system stats for physical disabilities, including but not limited to: missing or defective limbs, poor sight or blindness, poor hearing and deafness, etc. Those that are listed are typically allowed on the site and should be noted in a character's creation. If you are considering playing a character with a disability not listed, consult a staff member first to see if it would be allowed on the site. Specific mental illnesses may be allowed but should be discussed with staff first.

Following the above, we take handling conditions seriously on WCC. If you will be playing a character with an affliction that you do not personally deal with, we ask that you research the topic so you can properly play it out. Users mishandling a character's condition in an inappropriate or disrespectful way may be asked to no longer use that character or see consequences after repeated offenses.

In a similar manner, WCC allows for characters to be one of three genders: tom, she-cat, or non-binary. No other gender identifications are allowed (transgender, demi-girl/demi-boy, etc.). The reason we restrict to these genders is to prevent misuse of gender identity in plot and also for the fact that in the world of warrior cats, gender roles have very little impact in this universe.

Over time, staff has noticed that character creations tend to skew heavily in favor of certain things, making several clans heavily unbalanced in terms of the number of cats or the number of she-cats and toms within a clan. In an effort to help balance character creation, we’ve created a list of encouraged and discouraged specifics for character creation. If you are unsure of what to create, you might try creating a character with one of the encouraged guidelines. Things on the discouraged list aren’t necessarily banned and won't be denied, this is just a way for staff to help keep things balanced.

- WindClan cats
- ShadowClan cats
- NPC-born cats

- RiverClan cats
- ThunderClan cats
- SkyClan cats

Last updated: 03/27/23

Please look below for an example of a proper form if you are having trouble. If you have any questions, please feel free to PM a staff member or join our Discord!


[b]Cat Name:[/b]

[b]Tom, She-Cat, or Nonbinary:[/b]





REMINDER: No mixed-blood kits with NPC parents are allowed. All mixed-blood kits must have in-roleplay parents on the site.
If you want to be a rogue/kittypet kit taken in by a Clan you will need to check if that Clan takes outsiders first!

Explanation of Template:

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Cat Creation: Rules and Template
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