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Roleplay in a cat Clan of warriors. Based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Takes place in an AU before the cats in the books existed.
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Newleaf is steadily returning to the forest, the flowers, grasses, and trees blooming with life once more. After the flood of last Newleaf, the heavy rains seem more threatening to the clans older members, but as prey and herbs slowly return there seems to be a fragile sense of peace. What challenges will Newleaf hold for the clan cats?
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 A snow’s eye [Character Plot]

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A snow’s eye [Character Plot] Empty
PostSubject: A snow’s eye [Character Plot]   A snow’s eye [Character Plot] Icon_minitimeMon Jan 20, 2020 10:05 am

Plot Name: A Snow’s eye
Clans involved: WindClan
Characters Directly Involved: Hitsjui, others idk

Will there be code-breaking?: leaving camp as a kit

Explain your Plot: Snow was found abandoned in the (Depends on clan) and brought back to the clan. When she was around 3 moons old no one knew why but snow went back out and to the area she was found. There she was attacked, losing her eye, and her friends. Her friends all bullied her and called her names for being blind in a eye. One cat stayed by her side protecting her from others.

How will this impact the characters/clans involved?: She becomes half blind and gets bullied. A cat comes and helps her though.

Provide links to relevant topics: It was in chat

Why should this plot be approved?: I based Snow around her being half blind and seeing how hard life really is, this plot is major in her development as a clan cat.

(This is a future plot. Once deer’s plot is over and Fire is a little half way through app I’m killing off fire and hit is killing off deerfrost). A snow’s eye [Character Plot] 07de4b10 This is snow

A snow’s eye [Character Plot] D440e710
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A snow’s eye [Character Plot] 5470dd10

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A snow’s eye [Character Plot]
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