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Roleplay in a cat Clan of warriors. Based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Takes place in an AU before the cats in the books existed.
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The Clans are being greeted by silence from their ancestors, unless StarClan is voicing their fury. With the anger of the stars against them, how will the cats of the clans fare as newleaf reclaims the area?
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Newleaf is steadily returning to the forest, the flowers, grasses, and trees blooming with life once more. After the flood of last Newleaf, the heavy rains seem more threatening to the clans older members, but as prey and herbs slowly return there seems to be a fragile sense of peace. What challenges will Newleaf hold for the clan cats?
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 My Father Before Me [Murder] [Betrayal of Clan]

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PostSubject: My Father Before Me [Murder] [Betrayal of Clan]   My Father Before Me [Murder] [Betrayal of Clan] Icon_minitimeWed Sep 04, 2019 3:33 pm

Plot Name: My Father Before Me
Clans involved: ThunderClan
Characters Directly Involved: Dawngaze (Myself)
Duskkit (warrior-aged; lemongrass)
Oakstar (Cays)

Will there be code-breaking?: Yes, there will be attempted murder (twice)

Explain your Plot: Dawngaze is not okay. She has suffered all her life with the weight of her father, Lichenmask, and his evil deeds on her shoulders but finds hope in the love of her adopted father, Oakstar. She feels conflict between who she was born to be and who she wants to be. During the flood, she suffered significant damage and was accidentally left behind by the stragglers on one of the shores while she was looking for Duskpaw. After finally realizing that Duskpaw was dead and she would never see him again, she returned to clan territory only to witness the martyring of her last living brother, Burntstag. Her only other living sibling, Littlesun, abandoned the clans with Flintfang. All of this adds up to Dawngaze's severe fear of abandonment and she is driven to find a new family in Oakstar and Dustcloud.

There's only one problem. Personally witnessing the violent ends of one's littermates and the constant fear of being left behind by family tends to wear down a warrior's mental health, especially when that warrior hates vulnerability and refuses to address emotional problems that could make her seem weak to her peers. Dawngaze can no longer handle reminders of her family and begins to smell, hear, and eventually see them (although they are not real; StarClan/the Dark Forest are not involved) in moments of extreme stress and fear. Unwilling to tell anyone for fear of their judgement, Dawngaze keeps the incidents secret until she becomes so desperate for relief that she incorrectly concludes that her only freedom from her family is to cut all blood ties to her family - for good. Duskkit, a warrior when everything snaps, is Dawngaze's niece, born to Flintfang and Littlesun. Hazelkit was from that litter as well, and if Duskkit were to be killed successfully, would have been the next target. Dawngaze fails to kill Duskkit - another warrior intervenes, Dawngaze is simply too desperate to fight efficiently, Duskkit successfully flees and is able to lead Dawngaze back to camp - whatever the case, the murder attempt is immediately revealed to ThunderClan.

Dawngaze is put on trial by Oakstar and ThunderClan. She doesn't try to hide what she did or deny accusations. She accepts that she has done what she hates the most - broken the code - and places blame on Oakstar and leaders like him who don't enforce the code and allow half-bloods like herself to populate the forest unchecked. She is sentenced to death for her lack of remorse and she challenges him to fight her if he wants her dead. Either he succeeds in doing so, or she manages to take one of his lives in a last-ditch fight for her life. Oakstar may resurrect and kill her or a warrior may step in while he is dead.

How will this impact the characters/clans involved?: ThunderClan will lose a warrior. Oakstar will be emotionally crushed (and possibly lose a life). Dawngaze will die.

Provide links to relevant topics: There's no sign-up because I contacted Cays and Lemon on discord. This topic demonstrates what Dawn's "interactions" with her family will be like. They will not be straightforward and she will not converse with them at any point, nor will she have any actual interaction with them.

Why should this plot be approved?: It completes Dawngaze's arc very well and ends her life in the same style I had planned when I first created her. It brings excitement to ThunderClan through the trial, and all clan members have a chance to interact with Dawngaze and grow personally from her experiences both leading up to her snapping and after.


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PostSubject: Re: My Father Before Me [Murder] [Betrayal of Clan]   My Father Before Me [Murder] [Betrayal of Clan] Icon_minitimeTue Sep 17, 2019 5:06 pm

Very sorry for the delay, your plot is approved! <3


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PostSubject: Re: My Father Before Me [Murder] [Betrayal of Clan]   My Father Before Me [Murder] [Betrayal of Clan] Icon_minitimeMon Sep 23, 2019 8:14 am

This plot has been discovered by Mossbloom of ThunderClan here. However, she has no idea the true meaning behind the prophecy.
Dawn’s light grows cold as it gazes upon the fading dusk. Seasons change with bright colors and a dismantling of comfort. Are you ready for what the light of day may bring?

My Father Before Me [Murder] [Betrayal of Clan] PkGnMta

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PostSubject: Re: My Father Before Me [Murder] [Betrayal of Clan]   My Father Before Me [Murder] [Betrayal of Clan] Icon_minitimeSun Sep 29, 2019 3:50 pm

Pricklebush of ThunderClan has also discovered the plot in the same topic, here. He is also clueless as to what it means.
He was shown the battle where Lichenmask died and his kits discovered their parents' dead bodies, then watched as Dawnkit turned into Lichenmask and attacked him, accompanied by the ominous phrase "WATCH OUT".

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PostSubject: Re: My Father Before Me [Murder] [Betrayal of Clan]   My Father Before Me [Murder] [Betrayal of Clan] Icon_minitime

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My Father Before Me [Murder] [Betrayal of Clan]
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