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Roleplay in a cat Clan of warriors. Based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Takes place in an AU before the cats in the books existed.
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 Conflict Resolution Guide

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PostSubject: Conflict Resolution Guide   Conflict Resolution Guide EmptyMon 1 Apr 2024 - 13:47

Staff recognizes that conflict in tight-knit communities is unavoidable. For this reason, we have created a guide to resolving conflicts on Warrior Clan Cats to help promote healthy resolution and discussion on issues as they happen.

When Conflict Happens on WCC

1. Reach out to the user directly to address the issue. There are tips below on how to ensure the resulting conversation is respectful and all parties can have their feelings heard.

2. If you don't feel safe or comfortable speaking to them directly, or if a conversation does not fix the issue, reach out to a Staff Member. A moderated conversation will be had with two Staff Members present. The goal of having Staff Members present is to make sure that the conversation is kept productive and respectful, and facilitate a neutral space to find resolution.

3. If moderated discussion does not fix the issue between users, a evaluation will be made on whether or not the conduct is one that violates our Site Code of Conduct. Even in times of conflict, everyone deserves to be heard and respected. If this is not possible due to whatever conflict has arisen, Staff will consider the Code of Conduct and uphold site rules as necessary.

How to Avoid and Resolve Conflict

Check out this article for a more in depth explanation of each step for resolving conflict. Below is a summary of best practices, adjusted to our site and setting.

1. Always treat people with equality and respect. For the most productive starting point, do your best to remove any personal bias or assumptions about the other person. Everyone you interact with deserves courtesy.

2. Consider and respect other people's viewpoints. Everyone has reasons for their line of thinking, it is important to keep this in mind when you feel challenged by a different line of thought.

3. If you disagree with someone, say so, and explain why. It is good to focus on what the disagreement is about, rather than letting anger and resentment build up. Focus on clearly communicating your point of view in a way that is not harmful to the other person.

4. Take time to make sure you are on the same page. This does not necessarily mean agreement, but it does mean making sure you understand what the other person is trying to say and communicate. It also helps to clarify your own intent, as this can sometimes be lost. In cases where both parties are comfortable with it, a verbal conversation can be incredibly helpful.

5. Pause before you press 'Enter'. There is no issue with taking time to respond to someone. Pausing before you send a message can give you a chance to evaluate whether or not your message is conveying your message in the best and most productive way possible, rather than creating more issues or miscommunications.

6. Apologize when you do something wrong. Everyone makes mistakes. Recognizing that fact and offering a sincere apology can help to strengthen trust and respect between all involved parties.

7. Engage in an honest and nonconfrontational dialogue. Go into a conversation with the purpose of resolution or understanding. Feel free to ask for any clarifications as needed.

8. Know who to turn to for impartial advice. Staff is always open for suggestions on how to best approach a given situation. It can also help to consult a friend--however, if asking for advice, it should always be in regards to seeking what you can change in the circumstance, rather than trying to make another person look bad in a conflict.

9. Know when it is worth fighting for your point of view. Knowing when to step back is an important part of conflict resolution. If you feel a discussion is going in circles, it may be best to step away from it.

10. If the problem cannot be resolved, distance yourself. There is no issue with creating distance between yourself and another person if an issue cannot be resolved. Any communications afterwards should continue to be respectful and lacking in resentment from previous issues.

If you need to get ahold of a staff member please check here for those you need to reach out to!
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Conflict Resolution Guide
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