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The future's in your paws. Shape it well.

Roleplay in a cat Clan of warriors. Based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Takes place in an AU before the cats in the books existed.
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 Basskit of RiverClan

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Characters : Basskit / Fuzzybelly
Clan/Rank : ShadowClan T3 Medicine Cat / ShadowClan Kit / T1 Loner / WindClan Elder
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Basskit of RiverClan Empty
PostSubject: Basskit of RiverClan   Basskit of RiverClan EmptyWed 27 Dec 2023 - 23:55

Cat Name: Basskit --> Basspaw --> ???

Tom, She-Cat, or Nonbinary: Tom

Appearance: Very large longfurred brown tabby with black tipped ears and amber eyes.

Basskit of RiverClan Maine-10

Personality: The epitome of gentle giant, Basskit enjoys the water and has the patience of a saint. He lets kits crawl all over him and is generally a very doting and caring cat, though he does keep to himself.

A bit of a goofball who enjoys drumming to his own beat, he may be a weird cat to most, but to those who can put up with (or even enjoy) his antics, they'll find a friend with a heart of gold.

Clan: RiverClan

Origins: NPC x NPC
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Former Staff
Former Staff

Characters : Living: Bubblebeam [B], Dovetail [D], Hedgepaw [H], Larchbreeze [L]. Deceased/Missing: Tansyfoot, Turtlepelt, Morning, Longwhisker, Ryestep, Poolmist, Nettletail, Halfmoon, Freckleface, Lionfur, Shimmerheart, Breezewhisker, Honeydrop, Ashstar, Snowpaw, Brushgaze (NPC), Shellwater, Snowblossom, Quailfeather, Gingerstripe, Carat, Redwing, Graybriar, Pricklebush, Appledapple, Flutterpetal, Felix, Perchstar.
Clan/Rank : [B]: SkyClan T3 Warrior. [D]: RiverClan T4 Warrior. [H]: ShadowClan Apprentice. [L]: WindClan T2 Warrior.
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Basskit of RiverClan Empty
PostSubject: Re: Basskit of RiverClan   Basskit of RiverClan EmptyThu 28 Dec 2023 - 0:03

Approved! Welcome to RC and welcome back to WCC <3 <3

Basskit of RiverClan 833dIG1

⸙ Larchbreeze ⸙ ~ ♡ Hedgepaw ♡ ~ ◈ Dovetail ◈ ~ ○ Bubblebeam ○
⸙ WindClan ⸙ ~ ♡ ShadowClan ♡ ~ ◈ RiverClan ◈ ~ ○ SkyClan ○
⸙ Tier 2 Warrior ⸙ ~ ♡ Apprentice ♡ ~ ◈ Tier 4 Warrior ◈ ~ ○ Tier 3 Warrior ○

~~PM me here or on Discord if you want a topic with any of my cats!~~
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Basskit of RiverClan
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