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Roleplay in a cat Clan of warriors. Based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Takes place in an AU before the cats in the books existed.
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 Invasion Clause Guide

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PostSubject: Invasion Clause Guide   Invasion Clause Guide EmptySun Mar 26, 2023 4:46 pm

To add more spontaneous interactions to our site, as well as add some levels of realism to cross-clan friendships, relationships, etc., WCC utilizes what we call an Invasion Clause.

Invasion Clause

When posting in a territory that is not claimed by your character's clan, or when at any borders of held territories, you must make a roll to see if your interaction is discovered or interrupted. This excludes planned battles at borders and posting on any board that is a neutral territory. Any sort of territory invasion or camp attack requires a roll underneath the Invasion Clause. For loners and rogues, this is any clan territory or border, or a territory claimed by another rogue group (unless it is neutral territory)*. For clan cats, this is any territory beyond what your character's clan possesses, again, excluding neutral territories. Please keep in mind the distance being traveled and what would be realistic for your character if visiting another territory for any reason. Ex: for Skyclan, the Moonstone is a day’s journey away!

Fourtrees is considered Clan territory during a Gathering. If you are not considered part of a clan (ie: a cat that is outside the code such as a kittypet, outsider, or rogue) you will need to roll the Camp Invasion Dice.

- On success, you may peacefully enjoy the gathering but be aware you are still subject to consequences by Clan cats should you engage in any physical or verbal arguments.
- On failure, you are either caught or may flee .

How (and When) to Use the Invasion Dice:

- When posting a topic in another clan's territory or borders, you must roll the Invasion Dice to see if your character is stealthy enough to avoid the watchful eye of unwanted attention. This does not include unclaimed/neutral territories as there is no hostile party.
- Post a topic starter post, and roll the invasion dice to see if you are discovered.
- Successful Attempts: Your planned interaction is not interrupted. If your character is wanting to hunt or explore, no one catches them. If your character was going to meet with another character, their interaction can continue on as planned without any interruptions.
- Failed Attempts: Upon a failed roll, your topic is interrupted by a character who was not supposed to be in the topic. You can reach out to other users via the Discord channels or on the site. The fastest method is to ping a clan role on the Discord site. If for any reason you do not get a response, reach out to staff and we will assist in making sure the interruption is fulfilled and the topic can carry on. A topic cannot be interrupted by another character your play, or the character of anyone else who was planned to be in the topic. Note: only one character interruption is required for a failed attempt - you do not have to have multiple people post. You also do not have to turn it into an open topic entirely, unless you want to.

How (and When) to Use the Camp Invasion Dice:

- If at any point in time, when entering a territory that is not yours, the goal is to locate the camp of an enemy (for any reason), you must roll the Camp Invasion dice instead of the Invasion Dice. Because it is harder to sneak through a territory to find a camp, and camps are heavily guarded, the success rate is much lower on the Camp Invasion Dice.
- Successful Attempts: Your attempt to locate the camp before being detected is successful. In cases of it being an invading attack, you get the jump on your oblivious enemies. Otherwise, you’re simply successful in achieving the goal you set out to accomplish by finding the camp.
- Failed Attempts: Upon a failed roll, you are discovered before reaching the camp. This is the more likely of the scenarios given that the chances of success are slim. You cannot be found by another character your play, or the character of anyone else who was planned to be in the topic. In this scenario, the group that owns the territory finds you before you find them. How they proceed is up to them - this is their territory after all!
- The Camp Invasion Dice also serves another function: for characters trying to sneak out of their own camp undetected. Whether this is for something innocent, or with ill-intent, characters trying to sneak out in the middle of the night or under any other scenario forbidden by clan leadership, will have to roll the dice. Failure means you are caught by at least one clanmate, success means you slip away to go about your business. Note: If your character is leaving the camp to visit another owned board, dice must be rolled both for sneaking out, and for invading another territory.

A list of the current ownership of territory (and borders) can be found here.

Note: This mechanic has a low success rate, given that the clans fiercely protect their borders and it should not be easy for characters to roam easy on heavily guarded lands. It also gives the opportunity for fun, unplanned interactions to arise. It should also be noted that planned plots are included as well, meaning occasionally, things might take an unexpected turn.

If you need to get ahold of a staff member please check here for those you need to reach out to!
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Invasion Clause Guide
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