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Roleplay in a cat Clan of warriors. Based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Takes place in an AU before the cats in the books existed.
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 Disputed Territories Rules and Claim Reference

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Disputed Territories Rules and Claim Reference Empty
PostSubject: Disputed Territories Rules and Claim Reference   Disputed Territories Rules and Claim Reference EmptySun Mar 26, 2023 4:44 pm

Disputed Territories

On WCC we used a Disputed Territories mechanic that encourages the clans to fight over territories as they would in the books. Each Clan has small chunks of territory between or around its borders. Clans that hold one of these boards maintain their standard Health Point [HP] and Stamina Point [SP] stats, as well as the normal hunting rolls. If your clan does not have a disputed territory in their name, all ranks above kit suffer a stat penalty to be used for the duration of their lack of territory. This is due to having less land to hunt on and consequently less prey.

Penalties for Not Holding a Disputed Territory - Disadvantaged penalties apply regardless of the territory/board your character is in if their Clan does not hold a disputed territory.

Disadvantaged Penalty: -5 HP / -30 SP reduction to current stats, the SP loss stacks differently with disability stats, the HP loss does not. (Total stat reduction for disabled and disadvantaged characters: -5 HP / -40 SP)
Hunting Penalty: -1 chance to catch something [reduces your chances of catching the determined prey by 1 on any hunt, stacks with the hunting penalty for disabled characters]

How to Avoid a Penalty: Hold at least one of your clan's disputed territories. Holding more than one does not increase stats, as site stats max out at the standard. Inversely, if your clan holds neither disputed territory, they only experience the standard penalty, versus having it twice over.

How to Secure a Disputed Territory: If a territory is not already claimed and is listed as open on the disputed territory reference, your character can claim it for their clan by posting that they are marking the territory. If a territory is already claimed by another clan, this claim must be challenged via a border skirmish. Winning a territory challenge topic against the enemy clan under that board on the forum will earn your clan the disputed territory. The patrols may consist of 3-5 warriors and apprentices. Standard battle rules apply to and should be followed in these topics in order to secure disputed territory, which can be found here. Once a battle patrol has finished (whether played out, or due to characters timing out on either side), staff should be notified so the Disputed Territories reference may be updated.

List of Disputed Territories
Sunningrocks [Riverclan vs Thunderclan]
The Gorge [Riverclan vs Windclan] - Warning: Highly Treacherous Terrain!
Fallen Oak [Skyclan vs Thunderclan]
Highpine [Shadowclan vs Skyclan]
Hidden Outcropping [Shadowclan vs Windclan]
Old Twolegplace [Open to Rogue Group Disputes]
Abandoned Barn [Open to Rogue Group Disputes]
Old Rogue Camp [Open to Rogue Group Disputes]

Additional Notes:
- If your clan does not hold a disputed territory, you may not freely post there. If you post a topic at a disputed border that is not held by your clan, whether closed or open, you must utilize the Invasion Clause. Information about that can be found here.
- If a board is open it may be claimed at any time as long as a patrol topic is listed with the character marking and claiming the territory. If the board is already claimed, it must be challenged. Please note the distinction and have this mentioned in the topic title.
- There may only be one active challenge of a disputed territory at a time. Any previous challenge to a board must be completed (with a clear winner) before a new challenge may be posted for that board.
- After a challenge is completed for disputed territory, there is a cool-down period of 14 days from when combat ends. Another challenge cannot be issued until this time has passed.
- Any challenge of a disputed area must be clearly marked and properly reported as defined above. Fill out the form below to post at the beginning of a dispute topic for easy reference.
- Official challenges on the border must have a predetermined number of characters who will participate in the challenge, vs being open for any of the clan's characters to join. The opposing clan must be informed and should match the challengers to the best of their ability on numbers and ranks. Leaders, while allowed to participate in challenges, do not need to be present for every challenge made. Realistically, they would have a hard time being present for all of them, and this is to help even out the ranks.
- The clan being challenged has 48 hours to match the numbers for the offending patrol. If these numbers cannot be met, the clan being challenged may decide to forfeit, or fight with lower numbers.
- Per updated battle system rules, users may not have a character fight on both sides of a dispute.
- If it is found that users are abusing this system in favor of any specific clan, there will be appropriate consequences given out by staff. This is made to be a fun mechanic to promote competitions between clans and we hope to keep it as such.
- Rogue disputes follow the same rules listed above for all other disputed territories. At any time, a rogue or group of rogues may claim an open board. If another group or character wishes to challenge for possession, they must meet the number of their opponents and vice versa.

If you need to get ahold of a staff member please check here for those you need to reach out to!

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Staff Team

Staff Team

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Disputed Territories Rules and Claim Reference Empty
PostSubject: Re: Disputed Territories Rules and Claim Reference   Disputed Territories Rules and Claim Reference EmptySun Mar 26, 2023 4:45 pm

For information on how Disputed Territories work, read the reference page underneath the site rules here.

Below will serve as a reference as to the status of each playable board on the site [subboards excluded]. The name of the board will be listed, along with the status, whether it is disputable, and who is eligible to dispute the territory.

Neutral territories are not possessed by any group or clan and cannot be claimed, as they are neutral for cats of any origin. Indisputable boards are not eligible for claim. Any board listed as open, can be claimed by eligible groups [as listed next to the boards status]. If a board is held, whoever holds the board will be listed underneath the status.

Clan Status
Riverclan Disputed Territories Held: 0.5 [No Disadvantaged Penalty]
Shadowclan Disputed Territories Held: 0 [No Disadvantaged Penalty]
Thunderclan Disputed Territories Held: 0.5 [No Disadvantaged Penalty]
Skyclan Disputed Territories Held: 2 [No Disadvantaged Penalty]
Windclan Disputed Territories Held: 2 [No Disadvantaged Penalty]

Neutral and Indisputable Territories
Fourtrees, Highstones, The River, The Thunderpath, Twolegplace

Indisputable Territories, Owned by Clan
Thunderclan Territory, Thunderclan Camp, Riverclan Territory, Riverclan Camp, Windclan Territory, Windclan Camp, Shadowclan Territory, Shadowclan Camp, Skyclan Territory, Skyclan Camp

Disputable Territories
Sunningrocks [Status: Held by Riverclan and ThunderClan; Disputable [02/14/24] - riverclan vs thunderclan

The Gorge [Status: Held by WindClan; Disputable after [02/14/24] - riverclan vs windclan

Hidden Outcropping [Status: Held by WindClan; Disputable after [02/14/24] - shadowclan vs windclan

Fallen Oak [Status: Held by SkyClan; Disputable after [02/14/24] - skyclan vs thunderclan

Highpine [Status: Held by Skyclan; Disputable after [02/14/24] - shadowclan vs skyclan

Old Rogue Camp [Status: Held by Grub; Disputable after [08/04/23] - any rogue or rogue groups

Twolegplace - Old Twolegplace [Status: Unclaimed; Disputable] - any rogue or rogue groups

Abandoned Barn [Status: Held by Brackenwing and Whisperear; Disputable [09/22/23] - any rogue or rogue groups

Fill out the form here to report a successful claim on a disputed territory:
[b]Territory Claimed:[/b] Board name here
[b]Successful Clan:[/b] Who won the dispute here
[b]Link to Dispute:[/b]
[b]Last date of combat:[/b] Submit last day of combat here for cool down period reference

If you need to get ahold of a staff member please check here for those you need to reach out to!
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Disputed Territories Rules and Claim Reference
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