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Roleplay in a cat Clan of warriors. Based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Takes place in an AU before the cats in the books existed.
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 Information on Rule Breaking

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PostSubject: Information on Rule Breaking   Information on Rule Breaking EmptyTue 28 Feb 2023 - 17:00

Below covers a couple of different topics, breaking rules, reporting the breaking of rules, and ban appeals.

Please note that these are general guidelines and are not set in stone for every single situation. The staff team takes into account situational factors when making decisions on disciplinary action.

Tier 1 Infractions

- Openly mocking or harassing any person or groups of people, which includes but is not limited to: derogatory slurs of any nature; obvious ill-will/malicious intent towards another user.
- Sharing inappropriate materials or adult content, which includes but is not limited to: inappropriate imagery, text portraying adult content, or anything obviously inappropriate in nature.

These types of offenses will result in instantly being banned. Staff is a rather lenient group of people, but when something is blatantly inappropriate, we will put our foot down and draw the line. To incur this type of consequence, the content has to be serious and require immediate action. Instant bans are reserved for rare cases. This type of infraction incurs an instant ban and only one instance of violation to incur consequences. Should someone receive this type of ban, staff will reach out to discuss the reasoning and communicate with those affected.

Tier 2 Infractions

- Violating site content rules, includes but is not limited to: any form of sexual content; mentions of drug use or abuse; unapproved mentions of or illusions of mental illness issues; explicit mentions of any form of self-harm.

- Violating site rules on the treatment of others, includes but is not limited to: blatant harassment or bullying of others; patterns of ill-intentioned treatment towards other users.

Both of these types of offenses are taken pretty seriously. Everyone cannot be expected to get along at all times, but the baseline is respect, regardless of differences of opinion. Miscommunications and mistakes can also happen. It is for this reason that those breaking these particular rules will receive a warning on the first offense. A warning will also come with a discussion with staff to make sure everyone is on the same page. The second violation will result in more severe consequences. A repeated violation of these rules can result in temporary bans. Users who receive a temporary ban and return to violate these types of rules once again are subject to a permanent ban.

Tier 3 Infractions

- Violating system regulations, includes but is not limited to: intentionally skipping requirements when ranking characters; repeated or intentional improper use of hunting, battle, and healing systems; creating more characters than slots allowed; trying to subvert the roleplaying systems

Those failing to uphold these rules or any other under this category are subject to losing character ranks, or in severe cases, temporary bans. Staff will never punish those who are learning the systems or need assistance in understanding how things work. This is specifically for cases where users are intentionally trying to work around the rules in place. Two warnings will be given before serious consequences are enacted.

Reporting a Violation

Moderators (and Admins) are expected to be active and observant members of the community and have their eyes on many places to keep the site clean IC and OOC. Though we do catch a lot of issues as they arise, there may be times when you find a rule broken before staff notices it. Before reporting a potential problem, please ask yourself if the situation is dangerous, urgent, or disruptive to the site.

How to report a violation of the rules:

1. Capture relevant information on the infraction
2. Gather the information on the rule that is broken [it must be citable on one of the rule pages on our site]
3. Send both of the above to any of our staff members listed here, either on site or on Discord.

Note that with rule violations, there must be a clear example of the rule being broken. We encourage users that have issues to speak with each other before bringing it to Staff if there is no resolution; if there is no breakage of site rules, there is little we can do in way of assisting in corrections. Users are more than welcome to bring forward any concerns, but in cases without a citable rule being broken, there is no guarantee of action.

Ban Appeals

These appeals are only offered to users who have a long-standing ban from either the site, the discord server, or both. Temporary bans are not eligible for appeal. Given bans handed out are far and few between, regulations for appeals are rather stringent.

1. A user may submit a ban appeal at any point in time, but the standard for a long-term ban is three months (differs based on infraction) and will not be considered before that point without just cause. Staff members are under no obligation to approve a ban appeal, and will act as they see fit.
2. Users with an indefinite ban on the Discord server may ask to rejoin after three months of on-site activity and engagement, plus a discussion with all of staff. They may or may not be allowed to rejoin.
3. Users with an indefinite ban on the site and discord are subject to a five month waiting period before an appeal. In these cases, the user must have a discussion with all of staff. This is not optional.
4. Bans are rarely given, so the appeal approval will vary per user since all situational factors are considered and discussed by staff in these cases.
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Information on Rule Breaking
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