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Roleplay in a cat Clan of warriors. Based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Takes place in an AU before the cats in the books existed.
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 Dawn of the Sky

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PostSubject: Dawn of the Sky   Dawn of the Sky EmptyFri Jul 17, 2020 10:43 pm

Base Name: Dawn
Gender: Male
Base Coat Color: Silvery-white
Markings: Silver Fawn ticking (also known as cream) throughout his coat and woven elegantly through his fluffy tail.
Eye Color: Fiery, Azure Blue
Breed: Domestic Medium Hair
Body Type: Mesomorph
Height: 12" at the shoulder at max adult height
Weight: 10 lbs
Build: Lean
Voice: Deep in tone but honey-smooth, almost seductive without any effort. His voice is soft, with no coarseness or growl to it. Could soothe frightened fawns.
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Theme Song: Don't Stop, InnerPartySystem

Mentor: None Assigned
Apprentices: None

Father: Bloodstrike
Mother: Smokefeather
Siblings: Dust(f), Beech(f), Primrose(f)


Formal. Polite. Diplomatic. Approachable. Charming... All of these describe Dawn perfectly as an adult, at least if you only meet him for the first time. He gives off a vibe of unwavering confidence and even the nastiest verbal insults are met with a shrug, genuinely seeming to bounce right off of an impenetrable armor that is unseen. Even as a kit, he has an almost unnatural level of self-control and razor sharp focus when given a task. He prides himself on his accomplishments, and like his father, absolutely pushes himself to overcome his weaknesses. He seems like he would be a natural leader that everyone would follow in a television show... except for one thing:

He is absolutely (and secretly) evil to the very core. He is ambitious, jealous, prideful and violent. He cares absolutely nothing for the life of another and has a hard time sympathizing with other cats' problems. In secret, he pulls the legs off of grasshoppers and plucks fur and feathers from mice and birds, mocks Starclan and their illogical, ridiculous warrior code. He hides his true nature well, and only the most intuitive of cats will ever have a hint that he is not what he seems.

Dawn is a difficult cat to truly get close to, as he does not form attachments easily and tends to only keep around those who benefit him in some way. Although he is capable of putting out a warm vibe, he is cold and calculating. He isn't even truly sure about what he wants, whether it is to be the best in his clan or to destroy the achievements of others from the inside out. Being intelligent, he is very quick to become bored and his wanderlust is even worse than his father's. He keeps himself so restrained to the point that when he finally does get an opportunity to release some of his tense energy, Dawn practically explodes. His heart beats harder, his legs extend further, his voice becomes so loud and rough that he gets hoarse, his fangs plunge deeper and his claws gouge harder. It is not an energy that most are expecting from such a calm, cold individual, and he uses it to his advantage.

Dawn has an uncanny talent for lying as well. He's a phenomenal actor, and while he doesn't feel things very much, his imitation of said emotions is borderline flawless. He is not above manipulation or intimidation to get whatever he wants. When it comes down to it, Dawn is not above murdering either and will readily do it if it benefits him in the meantime, or the long run. His personality disorder is very close to the high Machiavellian type. This makes him a dangerous individual to work with, even for his family and allies of the moment.

Of all of the horrible things one could say about Dawn, he does have one trait that could potentially be his saving grace: An absolute adoration for beautiful sounds and singing. Dawn himself loves singing. He loves words! He loves weaving them together for poetry, for songs, for anything they could be potentially used for if used skillfully. His wanderlust may be worse than his father's but his purpose for wandering so much is more about obtaining word knowledge so that he can use them in his next project. If anyone ever wants to at least get Dawn's attention, all they need is a bit of skill in singing or poetry, and he will be enraptured. It is probably the one thing in his cold world that truly makes him happy and makes him feel. The more intelligently someone speaks or the more complicated words they use, the more he tends to want to listen.


Kit Life

Blood. Smoke. Signs of A Dragon? ~ First thread as a kit.

Apprentice Life

Warrior Life

Deputy Life

Leader Life


Physical Reference

Dawn of the Sky P3VC7ce
Dawn of the Sky PHXryR1

Hunting/Battle Theme

Singing Voice
Apprentice Voice --> Notre Dame Bells --> Adult Voice --> Apprentice Voice again :)

"Stand among the ashes of a trillion dead souls and ask the ghosts if honor ever mattered. Their silence is your answer."

"Honor, Sacrifice and even love are only as valuable as you believe they are. Nothing more, nothing less."

"War is when the young and stupid are tricked by the old and bitter into killing each other."

"You crunch a roach under your heel, you don't worry about what it's feeling, you just grind it into the pavement."

What I have shown you is reality. What you remember, that is the illusion.


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Dawn of the Sky
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