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Roleplay in a cat Clan of warriors. Based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Takes place in an AU before the cats in the books existed.
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 A Note on Plotting

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PostSubject: A Note on Plotting   A Note on Plotting EmptyFri 27 Dec 2019 - 8:04

Hey everyone! Ripped here,

As a member of staff, one of my duties (and greatest joys) is to assist with all things plot related on WCC. For this reason, I always want to do my best to make sure that all role players are on the same page as much as they can be, things run smoothly, and most importantly, people have fun! Below are a couple points on plotting that can help make your experience more enjoyable and to keep things running well:

Asking Other Members for Help

As I always say, the more the merrier! If you're stuck on something, reach out to other members and get them involved to bounce ideas around. Roleplaying on a communal site like this is for the fun of working with other people and I can say personally the most enjoyable things I've done here have been with the assistance and thoughts of other members. Don't be discouraged if you're stuck with an idea or if it's not getting much interest, just ask a friend!

Enlist the Help of Staff

I have to say, Staff absolutely loves to help members, it is the very reason we are staff. Getting us involved also benefits you on a whole other level too - often, we know things that regular members don't about timing of upcoming plots and also holding secrets on how to make things work. We know our stuff! So, similar to above, reach out to staff members if you need any help. Or, even if you don't. Keeping us in the loop just helps us better helps you regardless of the situation.

Using the Official Plotting Boards

This is the perhaps the most helpful thing on this note. Plotting boards do lots of things for assisting in plots, including: letting other members know what is going on, helping users keep track of their plots, informing staff of what is going on, and more. The best? When your fellow roleplayers know generally what will be going on. For example, if one of your characters is going missing, having it stated in the plotting boards can let people know so their characters will be upset while they're gone. Keeping people informed promotes the best kinds of interaction on a roleplay site and prevents road blocks from popping up.

Plotting Board can be found here

One last little thing to consider as you go into plotting is what should and should not require approval... typically, you want to think of this from a clan level. What would be considered bad in the eyes of Starclan? Check out the Warrior Code for a bit of a guide, and keep in mind that clan cats are meant to be very clan-centric. Typically, if it also affects more than a couple characters in a drastic way, it likely needs approval.

A few examples:

If Sparrowpaw has her heartbroken by mean old Wormpaw and is super sad about it? Probably doesn't need approval, as it only really impacts the feelings of the characters directly involved in the actions of the roleplay.

Sparrowpaw decides murder is the best option and steps on Wormpaw to kill him? Definitely going to need some approval for that codebreaking. Tsk, tsk, Sparrowpaw.

Sparrowpaw runs away to become a kittypet because she can't stand to be around Wormpaw anymore? Or flees to another clan? Well that likely could benefit from approval as well. Her clanmates would note her presence, and the clans are supposed to reject the life of a kittypet and stay with their clans. Clan-hopping is also an offense that would be considered quite noteworthy.

I'll let you in on a little secret too: most plots are approved unless they just simply won't work, in a canonical and world-building sense, or in the grand-scheme of plots, or if it would be too out of character too. This just helps us help you, and help everyone. Additionally, if there are elements of a plot that you want to be kept a secret, all you have to do is let your friendly neighborhood staff know! It does *not* have to be noted in the plotting board as long as you have well informed the staff on whatever that little secret it prior to the plotting board being approved.

Hopefully you have found some benefit from the above and it assists you in your plotting endeavors! My PMs are always open and ready for plotting help as well.

Happy Plotting WCC ~ Ripped


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A Note on Plotting
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