Warrior Clan Cats

The future's in your paws. Shape it well.

Roleplay in a cat Clan of warriors. Based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Takes place during the time before the cats in the books existed.
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 Livestreaming Event! Please Attend! [Closed, done.]

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PostLivestreaming Event! Please Attend! [Closed, done.]

:writing: ATTENTION ONE AND ALL. :writing:

- - -

Goldfish is hosting a Livestream Drawing Event next Sunday, the 24th of July, at 3:00 PM.
If you attend, you get a shot at me drawing your WCC RP Character, live, with Paint tool SAI. I will only take a few, so, get there early if you can. x3

NOTE; Drawings will be simple, with no background. Just a colored and shaded character. Complain, and your name is out of the reaping ball.
DOUBLE NOTE; If you go, "PLPLZPZLZPLZPLZPLZPLZZZZZ!!!1oneoneone!!1", I shall ignore you. :'3

BUT GUESS WHAT. Thar's a twist.
Newer members will have a larger chance/go first. Just cause. I work that way. Don't like it, don't attend.
My Livestream account & my dA are here.


Only if supplies last.

-the one and only Goldfishy

Yes Ghost c-yang.deviantart.com

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Livestreaming Event! Please Attend! [Closed, done.] :: Comments

I will try,because I am saving DA Points,and I really want some goldie art DX
Aww man...I wish I could come. I'm going swimming...damn you plans...
D: Aww Ice. Maybe next time?
:3 awesome snow. I hope I'll see alot of you thar.
Ya, hopefully. D=
Hey its today!!!:D Tobad I suck at drawin
I am ready :D I hope it starts soon!
yup, 30 minutes!
Yay,come on everyone! Its on
Hey everyone! Look here!

Goldenfish has currently finished drawing all of the pictures requested by Coon, Shadow, Snow, and I. There is currently no one there, so hurry over there to get a genuine Goldy-drawn picture today! (Wow, I sound like some guy on a commercial. :P Seriously, though, get your tails over there right now!)
I am going, definatly!
Beech it's already finished.
NUUUUU! Too bad. :/
Do you check the date on ANYTHING? <E<

Livestreaming Event! Please Attend! [Closed, done.]

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