Warrior Clan Cats

The future's in your paws. Shape it well.

Roleplay in a cat Clan of warriors. Based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Takes place during the time before the cats in the books existed.
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Welcome to WCC! The latest announcements are below.
The forest is flooded, and the Clans are split: half have been swept, and half have made it to Highstones. Check announcements for details!
New-leaf has arrived and promises to be dismal and wet - will the flood waters ever recede?
This month's activity check is completed and allegiances updated; please PM a staff member if something's amiss!
If it's the full moon and the Gathering hasn't been made yet, please tell a Staff member. Thank you!
Please feel free to hit up any staff member if you have any questions!



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PostSubject: Allegiances   Allegiances Icon_minitimeSun Jun 15, 2008 10:34 pm

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Leader:Jaystar Allegiances Icon_gender_male
Leopardstar Allegiances Icon_gender_male
Finchstar Allegiances Icon_gender_male
Scorchstar Allegiances Icon_gender_male
Tinystar Allegiances Icon_gender_male
Deputy:Scorchclaw Allegiances Icon_gender_male
Marshstorm Allegiances Icon_gender_male
Swiftstep Allegiances Icon_gender_male
Wildstrike Allegiances Icon_gender_male
Mistyrain Allegiances Icon_gender_female
Medicine Cat:Mistlekit Allegiances Icon_gender_female
Pricklebush Allegiances Icon_gender_male
Aspenpaw Allegiances Icon_gender_male
Mothpaw Allegiances Icon_gender_female
Mintwhisker Allegiances Icon_gender_female
Amberdawn Allegiances Icon_gender_female
Warriors:Berrycloud Allegiances Icon_gender_male
Blizzardshell Allegiances Icon_gender_male
Fallowlight Allegiances Icon_gender_female
Hailsong Allegiances Icon_gender_female
Heronflight Allegiances Icon_gender_male
Larkfeather Allegiances Icon_gender_male
Lavenderlily Allegiances Icon_gender_female
Lilytail Allegiances Icon_gender_female
Orchidpool Allegiances Icon_gender_female
Robinpatch Allegiances Icon_gender_male
Sandfrost Allegiances Icon_gender_female
Sparkfrost Allegiances Icon_gender_male
Beartooth Allegiances Icon_gender_male
Birdflight Allegiances Icon_gender_female
Bushfang Allegiances Icon_gender_female
Cloverleaf Allegiances Icon_gender_female
Copperheart Allegiances Icon_gender_male
Dustcloud Allegiances Icon_gender_female
Echofrost Allegiances Icon_gender_male
Emberheart Allegiances Icon_gender_female
Falconwing Allegiances Icon_gender_female
Flamerose Allegiances Icon_gender_female
Flintfang Allegiances Icon_gender_male
Harefoot Allegiances Icon_gender_male
Lynxtail Allegiances Icon_gender_male
Nighthawk Allegiances Icon_gender_female
Ravenstripe Allegiances Icon_gender_female
Ridgelight Allegiances Icon_gender_female
Swoopnose Allegiances Icon_gender_male
Barleytuft Allegiances Icon_gender_male
Brookclover Allegiances Icon_gender_female
Elmskip Allegiances Icon_gender_male
Falconbreeze Allegiances Icon_gender_female
Foxspirit Allegiances Icon_gender_female
Graybriar Allegiances Icon_gender_female
Hickorysmoke Allegiances Icon_gender_male
Icewhisker Allegiances Icon_gender_male
Silverstreak Allegiances Icon_gender_male
Squirreltail Allegiances Icon_gender_female
Asterspark Allegiances Icon_gender_male
Burntstag Allegiances Icon_gender_male
Coldgaze Allegiances Icon_gender_female
Crowfur Allegiances Icon_gender_male
Daisyflame Allegiances Icon_gender_male
Firestone Allegiances Icon_gender_male
Laurellight Allegiances Icon_gender_female
Liontail Allegiances Icon_gender_male
Littlesun Allegiances Icon_gender_female
Poppyheart Allegiances Icon_gender_male
Ravenmist Allegiances Icon_gender_female
Redwing Allegiances Icon_gender_female
Russetfang Allegiances Icon_gender_female
Tansyheart Allegiances Icon_gender_female
Thornbriar Allegiances Icon_gender_female
Acornfall Allegiances Icon_gender_female
Blazingfire Allegiances Icon_gender_male
Condorshade Allegiances Icon_gender_male
Daylily Allegiances Icon_gender_female
Firflower Allegiances Icon_gender_female
Mallowbrook Allegiances Icon_gender_female
Spottedleap Allegiances Icon_gender_male
Sunflower Allegiances Icon_gender_male
Apprentices:Creampaw Allegiances Icon_gender_male
Dapplepaw Allegiances Icon_gender_female
Egretpaw Allegiances Icon_gender_female
Hawkpaw Allegiances Icon_gender_male
Ivypaw Allegiances Icon_gender_female
Magpiepaw Allegiances Icon_gender_male
Minkpaw Allegiances Icon_gender_male
Myrtlepaw Allegiances Icon_gender_female
Otterpaw Allegiances Icon_gender_female
Palepaw Allegiances Icon_gender_female
Pantherpaw Allegiances Icon_gender_male
Raggedpaw Allegiances Icon_gender_male
Sprucepaw Allegiances Icon_gender_male
Wasppaw Allegiances Icon_gender_female
Yarrowpaw Allegiances Icon_gender_female
Batpaw Allegiances Icon_gender_female
Briarpaw Allegiances Icon_gender_female
Dawnpaw Allegiances Icon_gender_female
Dewpaw Allegiances Icon_gender_male
Ferretpaw Allegiances Icon_gender_female
Hailpaw Allegiances Icon_gender_female
Lilypaw Allegiances Icon_gender_female
Mosspaw Allegiances Icon_gender_female
Poppypaw Allegiances Icon_gender_male
Sandpaw Allegiances Icon_gender_female
Wasppaw Allegiances Icon_gender_male
Briarpaw Allegiances Icon_gender_male
Echopaw Allegiances Icon_gender_female
Fawnpaw Allegiances Icon_gender_female
Gingerpaw Allegiances Icon_gender_female
Grousepaw Allegiances Icon_gender_male
Jaypaw Allegiances Icon_gender_male
Maplepaw Allegiances Icon_gender_female
Ravenpaw Allegiances Icon_gender_male
Thistlepaw Allegiances Icon_gender_male
Cedarpaw Allegiances Icon_gender_female
Foxpaw Allegiances Icon_gender_female
Morningpaw Allegiances Icon_gender_female
Ospreypaw Allegiances Icon_gender_male
Silentpaw Allegiances Icon_gender_female
Clearpaw Allegiances Icon_gender_male
Foxpaw Allegiances Icon_gender_male
Leafpaw Allegiances Icon_gender_female
Sagepaw Allegiances Icon_gender_male
Snowpaw Allegiances Icon_gender_female
Swanpaw Allegiances Icon_gender_female
Kits:Cinderkit Allegiances Icon_gender_female
Finchkit Allegiances Icon_gender_female
Mistkit Allegiances Icon_gender_female
Ospreykit Allegiances Icon_gender_male
Rowankit Allegiances Icon_gender_male
Swiftkit Allegiances Icon_gender_female
Waterkit Allegiances Icon_gender_male
Bramblekit Allegiances Icon_gender_male
Rowankit Allegiances Icon_gender_male
Whitekit Allegiances Icon_gender_female
Wolfkit Allegiances Icon_gender_male
Goldenkit Allegiances Icon_gender_male
Molekit Allegiances Icon_gender_male
Quailkit Allegiances Icon_gender_male
Thrushkit Allegiances Icon_gender_male
Birdkit Allegiances Icon_gender_female
Blackkit Allegiances Icon_gender_male
Maplekit Allegiances Icon_gender_female
Elders:Goldeneye Allegiances Icon_gender_female
Arcayus Allegiances Icon_gender_male
Cloud Allegiances Icon_gender_female
Hex Allegiances Icon_gender_female
Mao Allegiances Icon_gender_female
Mosspaw Allegiances Icon_gender_male
Nightstorm Allegiances Icon_gender_male
Rift Allegiances Icon_gender_female
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