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Roleplay in a cat Clan of warriors. Based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Takes place in an AU before the cats in the books existed.
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Welcome to WCC! Here are our latest announcements:
The Clans are being greeted by silence from their ancestors, unless StarClan is voicing their fury. With the anger of the stars against them, how will the cats of the clans fare as newleaf reclaims the area?
Activity checks take place on the 1st of the month. This month's activity check is currently ongoing. Please submit a completed form for each of your characters, and remember to include an explanation for each character over the three base allowed!
Newleaf is steadily returning to the forest, the flowers, grasses, and trees blooming with life once more. After the flood of last Newleaf, the heavy rains seem more threatening to the clans older members, but as prey and herbs slowly return there seems to be a fragile sense of peace. What challenges will Newleaf hold for the clan cats?
Gatherings take place on the 1st of the month; keep your eyes out for a staff member's post!
Make sure to check your Clan's Key Events under the Clan Information boards to see what's happening in your Clan!
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 Hollyleaf's Dash Into The Tunnels

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PostSubject: Hollyleaf's Dash Into The Tunnels   Hollyleaf's Dash Into The Tunnels Icon_minitimeThu Aug 13, 2009 10:28 am

The Escape (chapter 1)

kept going onward ignoring Jayfeather's cries to stop. Ahead of her was
the entrance to the tunnels. As she sped through; memories of her,
Lionblaze, Jayfeather, Heathertail, Breezepaw, and the kits flashed
through her mind. Behind her the entrance
trapping her inside. Waving through the darkness she soon arrived in
the cave and saw the river. She was preparing to jump in when a voice
behind her sounded. "Hollyleaf" the voice said. Did Jayfeather follow
me in? she thought inside her head. As she turned to look to see she
was throughly spooked to find a almost hairless white cat, with buldgy
eyes standing behind her.
"Hollyleaf, you have chosen a path few
have taken and it is hard for Starclan to judge him. I only hope that
Starclan is wise. They have made mistakes before they will make
mistakes in the future." the cat said.
"Are you Rock?" asked Hollyleaf her voice shaking.
"I am Rock" said the cat. Hollyleaf felt as if she was relaxing. "The
warrior code is destroyed, I need to escape I can not stand it.......
If I would of stayed I would have been blamed for my birth. And now
Ashfurs killing. I will never go to the clans again" she said with a
"Hollyleaf, you would have never been doubted for your
loyalty. But you may of had a couple hardships if you continued living
with the clans. But now you have chosen your fate." Hollyleaf stared at
the old cat and before she could ask anything else, black waves came
crashing over her.
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PostSubject: Re: Hollyleaf's Dash Into The Tunnels   Hollyleaf's Dash Into The Tunnels Icon_minitimeThu Aug 13, 2009 12:14 pm

The Judgment (chapter 2)

Hollyleaf woke up feeling cold. She looked up to see a cat standing over her. "Are you okay?" asked the strange cat. Hollyleaf started to struggle to sit up. The cat helped her up.
"Who are you? Am I dead?" she asked.
"No" said the cat. "You were on the edge of the lake when I found you. You have been out for quite some time. I dragged you here...... welcome." The cat said awkardly.
"Thanks. What is your name?" Hollyleaf asked the cat.
"Er, its Zoro."
" That is an odd name. I am Hollyleaf, warrior of Thunderclan." Or I use to be she thought.
"A pleasure to meet you. You mat stay as long as you want in my home." Zoro said. For the first time Hollyleaf looked around. She was in this very small area, it had a roof and two side walls, then a other wall size leading outside.
"What is this thing? a small twoleg den? Hollyleaf wondered.
"What is a Twoleg?" Zoro asked. He doesn't know what a twoleg is? Hollyleaf snorted.
"A twoleg are those creatures that walk on there hindlegs and the hindlegs are pink. They sometimes go on boats that ride across the lake." Hollyleaf explained.
"I have never seen a twoleg before but I have seen these "boats" that you speak of. Anyways what is Thuderclan? Why are you here?" Hollyleaf let out a long sigh and began.

soon to come........ The box life (chapter 3)
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PostSubject: h   Hollyleaf's Dash Into The Tunnels Icon_minitimeSat Aug 15, 2009 8:57 pm

The Box Life (chapter 3)

Hollyleaf was padding beside Zoro. They were heading back to the box. Zoro had explained to Hollyleaf what the twoleg thing was. Hollyleaf was disgusted by it. When Zoro offered her a sleeping place inside Hollyleaf refused. "I never planned on being a kittypet when I decided not to live with the clans I don't start planning now" she thought. Even though Hollyleaf was glad that she felt like she had escaped everything, she still missed her littermates. Hollyleaf let out I sigh. "Everything alright Hollyleaf?" Zoro asked. Hollyleaf always thought that it was funny that Zoro always seemed to know when she was down. "Just like Jayfeather" she thought.
"I just miss my littermates. Even Jayfeather's grouchy mew." Hollyleaf replied.
"Tell me about them" he promted. He is trying to make me feel better.
"Well Jayfeather is Thunderclan's medcine cat, he knows all the herbs very well. He is grumpy all the time and Jayfeather is blind. Lionblaze is one of the best fighters in the clan, he is a golden looking cat" she said.
"Well you must be thankful that you have such littermates" Zoro replied.
"Yes. Did you ever have any littermates?" Hollyleaf asked.
"Yes." Said Zoro quietly.
"Well what happened to them?" Hollyleaf questioned. When Zoro didn't reply Hollyleaf knew something was up.
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PostSubject: Holl   Hollyleaf's Dash Into The Tunnels Icon_minitimeWed Aug 19, 2009 10:27 am

Zoro's Secret (chapter 4)

Hollyleaf lay wide awake. She couldn't get over her talk with Zoro. She felt as if he was hiding something; but that wasn't the only thing that was bothering her. She had a hard time sleeping. Every time she tried, Hollyleaf seemed to think that Jayfeather was trying to reach her. Hollyleaf felt guilty and sick inside every time she would think of her littermates. Hollyleaf got up tired of laying down and decided to take a walk. As she got up she heard a noise. It was coming from the box. Hollyleaf saw Zoro sneaking out of it. He was using extreme caution she saw. He looked both ways before silently padding off. Hollyleaf wondered where he was going and why so late? As Hollyleaf got up to follow she made sure her paws did not make a sound. As Hollyleaf was padding along she noticed it was a full moon tonight. Why did he pick a night were everybody could see him pass by? Hollyleaf noticed that Zoro had started to slow down. As she sniffed the air she noticed that there was another cat scent in the air and the cat was a female. As Hollyleaf looked up ahead she saw Zoro rubbing his muzzle against a beautiful, mottled tabby, with green eyes. She looked as if she were to expect kits any time soon. As Hollyleaf watched them, she had a feeling that this was Zoro's mate. But why would he keep it a secret??

soon to come: Lies (chapter 5)
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PostSubject: Re: Hollyleaf's Dash Into The Tunnels   Hollyleaf's Dash Into The Tunnels Icon_minitimeMon Aug 24, 2009 7:19 pm

A Farm (chapter 5)

Hollyleaf was running beside Jayfeather, and Lionblaze. They were going through the forest back to the Thunderclan camp. Hollyleaf felt very happy. It was all a dream. The killing of Ashfur, Leafpool and Crowfeather being her parents, it was all going to be the way things were suppose to be! As Hollyleaf raced in everything disappeared. She was back in her camping spot. It was all a dream, all of that happened. As she got up she remembered Zoro. She knew that, that was his mate and that she could never go back. She would find herself a spot were no one would be able to find her and she would be far away from everything. Her haunting dreams, Zoro, the clans.......... Hollyleaf felt sad inside. Hollyleaf started to pad into more unknown terrain. She wanted to find somewhere to live soon.

Hollyleaf soon after sunset found a barn. It looked like nobody used it and it was all worn out. As Hollyleaf started to approach it thinking it may be her answer she thought "what am I doing?! Only kittypets live in these twoleg dens of a kind!" But as she went inside there was no scent of twolegs. Only the scent of animals that were long gone by now. She then there on that spot decided that she was to stay there. This was her home now and her life and she would be fine.

More to come soon!
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Hollyleaf's Dash Into The Tunnels
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