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Roleplay in a cat Clan of warriors. Based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Takes place in an AU before the cats in the books existed.
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Newleaf is steadily returning to the forest, the flowers, grasses, and trees blooming with life once more. After the flood of last Newleaf, the heavy rains seem more threatening to the clans older members, but as prey and herbs slowly return there seems to be a fragile sense of peace. What challenges will Newleaf hold for the clan cats?
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 What happens when personal feelings get in the way. (Better announcement upcoming)

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What happens when personal feelings get in the way. (Better announcement upcoming) Empty
PostWhat happens when personal feelings get in the way. (Better announcement upcoming)

“Don't remove this, you cowards.”

Well, that’s a civil way to start a conversation, now isn’t it?

Normally, I write what I am going to say a couple times before I post it, however, this requires an immediate addressing of the situation at hand. The complete, and disgusting violation of users privacy. The utter disregard and unwillingness to accept that people do change over time… both of these are so against what we stand for now that I don’t even know where to begin.

I personally don't think it's a coincidence that they have their own forum now and chose to write this.(That is just my thoughts however.) To send this information to drag current and former members through the dust. I was completely prepared to come home and write a post supporting their new forum! I’m happy they have their own place that they can run as they wish! However... this PM troubles me too much to do so.

All I have to ask, is who are the people who sent the PM, to say this? They are people who may have stepped down at one point or another. Who may have contributed to the site in the past and handed down the reins and in turn, those reins were passed again and again. Over the many years this site has been around, things have changed both for the better and the worse. Over the past year, staff has worked hard and diligently to become more friendly and open, and our community as well has become friendly in turn!  

You are all amazing people, and it doesn’t matter what these ex-members choose to say. If they wish to rejoin the community in a non-aggressive and friendly way, I’m willing to oblige. Warriors is a fandom for all, not just for the young. That doesn’t mean we have to act like children.

Now; Some of you might be wondering what consequences will be faced.

Part of me, wants to straight up ban certain suspected members and be done with it. The adult part of me, says that if you don’t know who sent it… then you shouldn’t do it. The nice part of me says ‘don’t ban anyone’.

Warrior Clan Cats is a forum for the community, and I personally feel that asking you all to vote would be a tremendous disservice that would only begin to breed hate and antagonism. So instead, this, is my consequence.

Delete any PM’s you might find sent by these people. For they are doing nothing but spreading shame, slander and past transgressions from years past in the faces of a community that has become far better and risen above these worthless and nasty comments. If you see a post by them that is vicious and unsightly, report it for deletion. Do not respond to this obvious cry for attention, because that is what they want.

Warrior Clan Cats, is better now. Their time has passed.

Love you all.

~ Cays.

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What happens when personal feelings get in the way. (Better announcement upcoming) Siggycats

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What happens when personal feelings get in the way. (Better announcement upcoming) :: Comments

I know people are going to point fingers at me right away because I have problems with people here, but I would like to request not getting wrongfully banned again after spending hours making my final resolution with this site a few days ago. I made my peace. Don't put the new warriors RP site on blast as a whole for the actions of someone that might not even be affiliated with us, please and thank you. That's slander in of itself, we don't know who it is either, you can raze our entire Discord if you want to. The whole reason the new site exists is to be a totally separate entity from this one and to move on from the drama that happened here, not start more drama. Don't you dare start banning people willy-nilly.
As my last paragraph says, I am promoting the deletion and ignoring of any further rude PM's that people may find in their inboxes. I'm not going to ban anyone without concrete evidence since that would be unfair. No matter how great our differences. If you consider the timing however, it's decent proof enough that the PM's and site were connected. With members being asked to join, and then about 2 hours later that PM is sent. How each member of the community chooses to view it is their own decision to make.

If people want to join the other forum, I will not dissuade or discourage them from doing so. I think it's great they have their own new space to do as they wish. It's just unfortunate how some of them chose to spend their time writing that PM, instead of focusing on more productive things. As I mentioned, I was fully planning a nice speech to promote it... now I won't. It's as simple as that.
I think I speak for a lot of the members of our new forum when I say this: The site was created so we could move on from the drama here, not to stir up more. We were just as surprised as you guys were when we were sent the same PM. We genuinely have no idea who sent it. You can comb every inch of our site and our Discord server, nobody ever talked about mass PMing this site. I, and I'm sure some others, are upset by the fact you're jumping to conclusions and instantly pointing at us without any solid evidence whatsoever. Punishing innocent people on a whim, with just "decent" evidence, is plain petty and slander. Judges don't fine or send people to jail over "decent" evidence. I am the exact opposite of an angry or confrontational person, but I can't keep this in. It irritates me. It irritates me to the fullest extent that not even 1 hour after the PM was sent you're going to punish and defame a whole group of people because a small portion of them were at the wrong place at the wrong time. None of us wrote the PM. We're mad you're instantly blaming us. "It's as simple as that."

Cays, your inability to handle things maturely and properly was what started this feud. I'm glad to see leopards don't change their spots.

Throwing out accusations without proof blindly is what got us into this mess. Literally the whole stupid feud between our groups started because Staff made accusations and banned without due process. You can't ask our members to pipe down and let sleeping dogs lie while flinging accusations at us. We have every right to be mad.

How are you not 'dissuading' people from joining when you're publicly proclaiming our goal is to 'ruin' wcc? Stop playing the innocent victim, you're making this a feud, not us.

You're an admin. Be an admin. Do you think I blasted random accusations at everyone every time there was an "issue" on the site? You wanted this job, so do it right. Get to the bottom of this, or if you can't, tighten up security. The admin panel has all the resources you need.

From Pikachu,
A former admin of several years

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And if it was somebody from the new site, so what? That doesn't give you the right to lay blame on the entire site and make it look bad. We've been promoting it to some retired RPers who don't use this site anymore because we want to rekindle old friendships and RP with people somewhere that is bereft of drama thus far. We'e been doing that for days now already, it didn't just start today. We don't care about the goings-on here on WCC anymore because the offshoot site is a separate entity that was created to deter drama from happening here or on Discord anymore, and this is just inflating it even more. Offshoots of WCC have existed since Old Canon, this is not the first one. You could have just banned the 'truth seeker' user and addressed the contents of the PM here instead of blame-hurling right away - or better yet, talked to us about it first like adults and realized we don't have any quarrel with WCC anymore? Slapdash accusations are exactly what started the huge feud between the Beata folks and the current WCC folks in the first place.

peace out lol.
"Warrior Clan Cats is better now. Their time has passed." is the most insane sentence I have ever read in my life. Stop demonizing old members who have done nothing to you. You're the ones who have created a community in which people are afraid to speak up because of c e n s o rship.
PSA: I speak for myself. Staff as a group is working through issues as people... well, wake up to it. But the opinions expressed in this post are mine only. I hope that the rest of my team understands why I made this post.

This announcement shouldn't exist. This announcement probably should have been made in the morning, and it probably should have been edited by the rest of staff. Unfortunately, I didn't even know this was happening until I woke up at 6 am and it was too late to do anything about it. That in itself makes me feel embarrassed. I feel awful that I wasn't around to help extinguish the fire. If you feel like you've been blamed for this, I don't blame you for your anger. If you feel slighted by staff, I don't blame you for your anger. And if you feel like you've been unceremoniously ousted from the site, I don't blame you. What happened in October made us all very skittish and frustrated and, yeah, we got pretty accusatory.

That was a mistake. We dropped the ball. I personally dropped the ball. Admitting that I screwed up makes me feel sick to my stomach, but I know it's all I can do right now.

Everything that has been expressed by former members in this thread is a sentiment that is worth sharing and worth hearing out. Instead of dismissing it as trolling or bullying, I am choosing to take it incredibly seriously. Fish just made a post explaining her side of the situation in October, and we already proved her point. That's not okay. WCC, how can we flaunt how wholesome and friendly we are when we can't even let people exist on the site without assuming they haven't changed at all? By assuming the worst we undermine what we believe is our identity as a forum.

And you know what? That makes us just as bad as the person who sent the PM. The person who blindly assumed people don't change for the better.

Staff is working on fixing this. From what I can gather, there were only two people awake and dealing with this matter. On a team of five, everybody should be working on something like this.

With all of my heart, I am sorry. That's all I've got. I promise this will be fixed, whether you want to stick around to see it or not. My PMs are open if you have questions. Allow me to help us bridge the gap. This has gone on far enough. - <3

edit: I figured I would also touch on the PM itself. If you sent it, that's incredibly embarrassing and you have my pity. I am not going to make one single assumption about who it was. Whoever it is clearly did their research, but they forgot that nobody is the same as they were when they were 13/14/15. People grow and change and get better internet etiquette. I first joined this site when I was 13, 3 years ago, so I would know. We will not continue to entertain their antics.
I don't think any other than the person who sent the messages are at fault... I genuinely hope everyone who used to RP here and no longer does finds enjoyment on the site you've created and I appreciate those who mentioned using it as an outlet to not end up expressing frustrations here. Thanks guys. I'm just disappointed in the person who started all this stirring things up between people again. I don't want to see contention between anyonw. My PMs are open in anyone would like to chat with me about any of this. Even you anonymous user. It seems like you have things to say and I'm willing to listen.
I'd like to add my two cents to this issue. I know staff is working to transparency between them and the ordinary member. I respect this to an extent, although in the case of the announcement, this level of transparency is unprofessional.

As admin, one needs to exude a sense of propriety and dignity. They set an example for all other members however close they are to them personally. In my experiences, I still respected Pikachu and Sleepy's opinions, and if they posted something like this I would believe it to be fact, since I put my trust into them to tell us the truth about members, rather than just biased opinion.

I had a conversation with Cays last night. It was late, and I can respect that she was tired. Yet, I did my best to remain civil and asked politely for a discussion. She could have easily asked me to wait until the morning, but at the time, she told me to drop the subject. I had asked her to revise/take down the announcement until the morning where things could be discussed between both staff groups to figure out 1. who the person was, or 2. how to handle the issue and the miscommunications that came with it. Unfortunately, I was denied.

This isn't meant to be a bash on Cays, or their ability. I haven't been a part of the site while she's been admin, but I do want to make it known to the members how it went down as it painted your admin in a very bad light in my own view. It was handled by one member, so I hope it doesn't reflect on the rest of staff as they've been very considerate in explaining, trying to find a middle ground, and resolve the issues at hand.

While Cays has apologized since then, I do believe it is very unreasonable that Cays refused to at least put up an unbiased opinion or take down the biased one until things could be discussed with all parties involved. It was clear she fully believes/believed it was the FoTW staff, or members, but stated such without proof, just coincidence, and bad timing. I will admit it was very bad timing on our part, although I will explain more clearly that our intention of this site was not to create our own group/ostracize WCC.

When the layout changed, many of us nostalgic oldies felt heartbroken. The site meant so much to us in the past. It still holds a very special place in all our hearts, as I'm sure it does for you all as well. For many new members, they probably can't replicate this sentiment, but for us who have been here since the early 2010s, the layout has a special feeling to us. It feels like a part of the site's identity has been taken away. I'm all for change, and as we leave, of course, you all have the right to make the site your own. That's why we made our own off-shoot site. WCC feels too different now. It doesn't feel like the site we all depended on for comfort and friendship. It's awkward and uncomfortable coming back to a site that doesn't feel like the home it once was. And there's nothing wrong with that, things change. That's why we're all being nostalgic. And that's why we're inviting old members to join us as our main target when initially creating the site. Having all those old friends feels great, especially when we can see how excited they are to be back to something that once was their life outside of school and friends. A lot of us were great friends but lost contact. They left the site due to activity issues, or like us, didn't feel like it was their home anymore, or any variety of things.

It also remains a tribute to the old layout. That way, regardless of how successful the site becomes, if it fails miserably, we can at least have the layout to come back to when we feel like being nostalgic.

Staff has reached out to the FotW staff, and actions are being taken to amend any hurt feelings or miscommunications. A more thorough announcement is being made on WCC's behalf discussing the topic in a more mature manner, and FotW is fully prepared and ready to disregard any bad blood between the two sites.

I really do hope this announcement doesn't lead anyone to have negative opinions towards Cays or our site. The only one to blame for this kerfuffle is the member who sent the PM. I just want people to know how it was handled at the time, the reason behind the creation of this other site, and how we're trying to figure everything out together.

None of us want bad blood, we just want there to be a resolution, and a level of thought process in the future in regards to these issues. It was handled poorly, but we're all working to fixing this mess.

I appreciate all the effort put into fixing this new relationship.


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I am very aware that I have no right to be posting on this announcement. I am not one of the "older members", nor am I a current one, so to speak. But there was a time that WCC was my home. It was a place I felt comfortable with, and confided in. And then, for some reason, things changed, and not in a good way. People began to argue, and tensions rose. That safe place I was in no longer felt safe. So I did what I always do, I ran. And no, I am not proud of this decision. I am very much so aware that I could have done things to help, even if I never was staff. But I was a coward. I decided to check up on the site I had left behind, and then I see this? This site is supposed to be a safe haven, somewhere to go just to be around other people who have the same love of Warrior Cats as you. A love that, speaking from experience, you would be outcasted if you admitted to such in the real world. To see people getting harsh treatment here is the exact reason why I left in the first place. What happened to the WCC that supports each other? The one that forgives mistakes that might have been made? The place that became a home for so many people? Does that mean nothing anymore?

What happens when personal feelings get in the way. (Better announcement upcoming)

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