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Roleplay in a cat Clan of warriors. Based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Takes place in an AU before the cats in the books existed.
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The Clans, having faced their various opponents and challenges, fight to maintain the normal lives they have built. What struggles await them as the creeping fingers of leaf-bare grip the forest?
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Leaf-bare has set in, the days bitterly cold. The prey of the territory have taken shelter for the season, making hunting difficult. Herbs are dying in the crisp, cold air. How will the clans fare?
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 The Worst in Me [closed]

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PostSubject: The Worst in Me [closed]   The Worst in Me [closed] Icon_minitimeWed Jan 08, 2020 8:16 am

Having new duties helped to keep his paws busy but underneath it all his mind was burdened with the circumstances of Beartooth's death. Houndheart kept trying to reassure himself that keeping it a secret was necessary. No cat could know. Duskpaw would be at risk. It would only hurt the clan further. Every time he watched the she-cat chat with another clanmate, worry seized him. She wouldn't tell anyone, would she? No they had agree on what had happened. Between his new duties and her nearing warriorhood, both of them had their paws busy and hardly had a time to talk. There was a moment now. Both of them were in camp. Even if she was ignorant to the feeling, the air hung heavy around him.

"Duskpaw. Let's go on a hunting patrol. There's not enough prey." He had padded over and didn't give her a chance to deny it before turning and leaving through the gorse tunnel. His paws buzzed and he hurried along. Once they were far enough away from camp, far enough away from where patrols would be lurking, the tom whipped around and in an urgent, low meow asked her for an answer to his burning question, "[color=#9999cc] Have you told anyone? About Beartooth?" Houndheart felt like his chest was pounded as he remembered. Out here, in the quiet of the snow-ladden forest, they could speak of their sins. As he waited for her answer, his ears rang and he glanced around before meeting her eyes once more. He had to know. This had to stay with them.

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PostSubject: Re: The Worst in Me [closed]   The Worst in Me [closed] Icon_minitimeWed Jan 08, 2020 8:30 pm

"Okay Houndheart." Duskpaw spoke simply, rolling a snowball in a paw as she listened to the birds caw above. Her dusty gray fur was fluffed up in the cold, and the apprentice found herself missing Dacedream and her fluffy pelt. She knew why Houndheart liked Dacedream as well. "Houndheart? Can Dacedream come? I'm cold." The apprentice allowed herself to drift by the tom's fur, but it wasn't nearly as warm. She frowned and gazed at him with wide green eyes, missing the sincerity in his voice each time. They padded in the chill for a while, the hollow forest whispering around them with each gust of breeze. Duskpaw thought it beautiful. Her whimsy was cut off suddenly as her friend whipped around, large eared frame facing hers. He seemed scared, like a beast that had lost too much blood. But Houndheart was not hurt.

"No Houndheart." Duskpaw stated offhandedly, padding away to scratch at a tree, stretching out her spine.


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PostSubject: Re: The Worst in Me [closed]   The Worst in Me [closed] Icon_minitimeTue Jan 14, 2020 7:19 am

Beartooth was gone. If any cat had told Hailpaw in her younger days that she would be the longest-lived of her siblings, she would have scoffed in that cat's face. Moons and moons had passed since those innocent kithood times, however, and Hailpaw now had to face the bitter truth. One after another, her family members had left her side, slipping into the realms beyond mortal sight. Who had beckoned to them, that their paws had padded so swiftly and so surely into the afterlife? It was a little too late, a little too wishful, to be considering such questions now. The white molly was truly alone now. Old flames had died; the ashes had not born new ones. With the death of her adopted sibling, Hailpaw had lost the last piece of her identity. She was no longer the spunky, confident apprentice who had dived so readily into battle for the simple thrill of adrenaline. Those days were gone, along with Beartooth, Pricklebush, and everyone else. That afternoon, as the trembling forest canopy cast its flickering shadows down to the snow-strewn ground below, what it found at the base was a lone, weary warrior.

The clarity of her mind surprised Hailpaw herself. Her old ambitions gone, only one objective was fueling her now. The end was close―closer than any cat realized. Several things had bothered her incessantly, ever since she had first seen the deputy's corpse. Beartooth, dying of overwork? The notion was as foreign to her as rabbits flying through the sky. It was almost odd how none of his other clanmates had noticed what she had. Had they simply been blinded by grief? Contrary to what he himself might have believed about himself, her brother was not a cat who would have died so easily. The piece of evidence that had confirmed her suspicions, however, had been the neat, almost imperceptible bite marks on his throat, mostly covered by his thick tabby pelt. Hailpaw had never been the brightest star in the sky, but she did not have to be in this case. The circumstances surrounding her brother's death reeked stronger than a pile of rotting fish left on the bank. Grief gave way to anger; anger blazed into hatred. Hailpaw stalked as a hunter that had set its eye on its prey and would not give it up, even to heaven or The Dark Forest.

It would not be long before that prey slipped up; and when it did, the hunter that was hiding upwind of it would strike. She would be the gaping maw, the merciless fangs that would crush both flesh and bone in an instant.

ThunderClan would be reminded once again of the terrible fury that had maimed a defenseless RiverClan apprentice so brutally that he had been thrown into a coma.

Ever since her return from roaming no-cat land, Hailpaw had been unable to fall into a deep sleep. Remnants of her life as a rogue haunted her, stirring her awake at the slightest movement of her denmates. Whenever it happened, she would leave the den for a short while, only returning when the adrenaline had worn off. For better or for worse, such a habit meant that she seldom missed anything that happened under the cover of the night... such as when a fellow apprentice had quietly left the camp before sunrise a couple days ago.

"Have you told anyone? About Beartooth?" Through the buffering winds, an apprehensive voice reached her ears.

Hailpaw drew a sharp intake of breath. She held it―waiting, listening. Never had her white fur come in such convenience before.

"No Houndheart."

Claws slipped involuntarily from their sheaths. An indescribable emotion surged up Hailpaw's spine at that moment. Her fur bristled; her whiskers trembled with the sheer force of it. The vessel filled to its very brim, and then it overflowed.

In a couple of steps, the large warrior had crushed frost and vegetation underpaw and emerged from the undergrowth. She stood directly before Houndheart and Duskpaw. "Was it you?" She whispered hoarsely. "Was it one of you? Did you kill Beartooth?"

As in old times, those yellow eyes shone brilliantly―this time, with the smolder of nothing but pure hatred.

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PostSubject: Re: The Worst in Me [closed]   The Worst in Me [closed] Icon_minitime

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The Worst in Me [closed]
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