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 The Pyre part 1 [Murder]

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Characters : [B] Burningwolf : [S] Sandshrew : [P] Pumakit
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PostSubject: The Pyre part 1 [Murder]   The Pyre part 1 [Murder] Icon_minitimeWed Dec 04, 2019 12:56 pm

Plot Name: The Pyre (this is part 1, since it is a long plot and things change.)
Clans involved: ShadowClan, WindClan
Characters Directly Involved:  Mothglow (Holly), Thornstar (Kari), Frecklekit/paw (Maple), Cardinalcry (Kade), Finchstar (lemongrass), Aspenheart (Grizzly), Timberpaw [Unborn] (Kari), Rookpaw [Unborn] (Aspen)

Will there be code-breaking?: Yes, attempted murder and murder

Explain your Plot:
I would like to begin by stressing an important part that I want to make clear, as I realize it may get confusing. Puma will have Progressive Schizophrenia. Therefore, any interactions (including dreams, visuals, and auditory) with “Lynxscar” is not actually Lynxscar the character (formerly played by Jay). However, Puma wholeheartedly believes it is, due to the nature of the mental illness as well as the fact she is a medicine cat and it is “normal” for her to talk and dream with StarClan. Lynxscar is purely in her head and not real nor the dead version of the character. (I do have permission from Jay to use his likeness for this plot.)

All parts of this plot has been approved by the role players of the character’s involved.

Since this happens over numerous months, I will update this plot as needed to go with the flow. Things may be added or changed. (I’ll seek approval if necessary.)

KIT HOOD - The Beginnings

> From the beginning, Pumakit will have vivid dreams of a shadowy land and shadowy figure. These dreams will be overwhelming and nightmare-ish, and very disturbing.
> During this time too, her intense connection to Cardinalcry will start to form.
> Thornstar will view her distant and moody behavior similar to Flintshard’s, and take her under her wing so to speak.
> Pumakit will visit the medicine den and her obsession with blood, bone, and healing will form.
> Her relationship with Frecklekit will be strained but not problematic.
> Although stand-offish and weird, Pumakit is a relatively normal kit.
> Knowledge of her father is slowly introduced to her.
> Mothglow will realize that Pumakit would be best to be an MCA, or however Mothglow decides it but either way, she will be named the next MCA.
> Right before her ceremony, Cardinalcry finally describes what Lynxscar looks like in detail.

> During her ceremony, Pumapaw will dream her normal dream. However, she will have a second dream before waking up. In her dream, the shadowy figure will take on the form of the cat described by Cardinalcry and will introduce himself as Lynxscar and mentions that they can talk now that she is a medicine cat.
> A few weeks later, some sort of incident will happen in the ShadowClan camp regarding Thornstar aggressively speaking about Lynxscar. Calling him a murderer, a liar, a traitor, ect. Pumapaw’s stress levels will begin to rise. Suddenly, she will hear the voice of Lynxscar, telling her to run away. That Thornstar is dangerous. She will run and leave camp and calm down somewhere else. She will return to an empty camp with only Thornstar visible. Lynxscar will whisper “she is a liar.” Pumapaw will begin to distrust Thornstar, but will act no different towards her.
> Pumapaw’s extreme bond with Mothglow will start to form.
> Pumapaw’s extreme bond with Rook__ will start to form.
> Pumapaw’s kithood personality will remain relatively stable, but slowly start to get more agitated and weird comments will slip.
> Pumapaw will ask Thornstar to train her in battle as well. She does well.
> Pumapaw will start to get upset over lies or mistakes in words.

> Lynxscar’s has not spoken to Pumapaw while she is awake since the incident with Thornstar. However, the dreams have continued and have grown to be more vivid. He talks about how liars are the filth of the forest, and everyone is a liar. Codebreakers will destroy everything, and very few cats are good, healthy, and free from the “muck” that plague the cats of her clan. He starts stressing to her that she is the chosen one to keep her clanmates in line.
> Timberpaw and Pumapaw will butt heads frequently before this incident, but this is what really tips the tide. Timberpaw will commit some sort of violation (such as leaving camp) and lying about it to Thornstar. Pumapaw will call him out, privately, urging him to tell the truth. The altercation becomes violent, and Timberpaw slashes open Pumapaw’s chest. This is when her voice explodes with Lynxscar’s voice, calling him a sinner over and over again. Pumapaw will feel a rage she has never felt before, and consider it as Lynxscar giving her power and strength of StarClan.
> Over the next little bit, Lynxscar now talks to her in dreams and while being awake about punishing Timberpaw, constantly talking about ways to punish the sinner.
> Timberpaw will be hurt in the medicine den, while Mothglow is out at Moonstone with a warrior apprentice. Lynxscar urges Pumapaw to give him the wrong herbs, a strong combination of herbs that cause extreme pain. (I will research which exact herbs.) Timberpaw will be close to death/in extreme pain when Mothglow returns to save him. Lynxscar congratulates her. The whole incident is considered an accident from a young medicine cat trying her best.
> After Timberpaw almost dies, Pumapaw becomes to become more irritable and slightly aggressive. Her extreme attachment to Cardinalcry, Mothglow, and Rook__ will start to show.
> Pumpapaw starts to bully Frecklepaw for being weak.


> During a Gathering, Pumapaw will say something insensitive about another clan that is overheard by others. Since Mothglow was trained by other clans, she wants to stress about the rule that medicine cats aren’t supposed to have borders. Mothglow sends Pumapaw to train in WindClan for a moon or two.
> During her visit, Pumapaw and Lynxscar will start noticing how Finchstar breaks the code so much. She begins to see him as an unholy liar, that deserved to be cleansed for his sins. She knows he has multiple lives, but believes if she can take this one he will be born again by StarClan.
> How she kills Finchstar is undecided, but it will be in some way where she is not necessarily connected to it.
> After she kills Finchstar, she will begin to see Lynxscar sporadically.
> Her paranoia and obsession with purging the sinners will start to grow. She will become more irritable, aggressive, and off-putting.

How will this impact the characters/clans involved?: Distress

Provide links to relevant topics: Plot Google Doc

Why should this plot be approved?: It's mainly a personal plot at this point that only effects the people that are in on it

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The Pyre part 1 [Murder] T3ntuH2
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PostSubject: Re: The Pyre part 1 [Murder]   The Pyre part 1 [Murder] Icon_minitimeThu Dec 05, 2019 11:37 am

The Pyre part 1 [Murder] Screen16

Take this golden seal of approval ~

Just make sure you update with any major changes^^


The Pyre part 1 [Murder] Suma_s13
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The Pyre part 1 [Murder]
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