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Roleplay in a cat Clan of warriors. Based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Takes place in an AU before the cats in the books existed.
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 Who Says There's Light At the End of the Tunnel?

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Who Says There's Light At the End of the Tunnel? Empty
PostSubject: Who Says There's Light At the End of the Tunnel?   Who Says There's Light At the End of the Tunnel? Icon_minitimeSun Nov 24, 2019 3:33 pm

Dirt rattled to the ground, the only sound in the muffled tunnels. How long had it been since the ground had swallowed the space that resided within it, taking with it so many? No matter, the thought came as the dirt was pushed away, finally breaking into open, still air. It was still so dark, but that was expected. As the cat pulled themself from the grip of soil and roots, the coughing started. A sneeze followed them, dark muddy paws wiping the dirt from the face of this dark-furred cat. After several long heartbeats, the shape rose to it's paws. The stale air shifted around the figure, revealing its status and purpose. Fox... Dog... Puddlepaw... Finchstar.

Blue eyes flashed in the darkness as another long sniff came. Yes, definitely Finchstar. That rabbit-brained tom.... Turning, the cat was greeted by a loose dirt wall. No going back that way.... Hopefully Crowpaw and Spotpaw were alright. The RiverClan cat, Dappleshine, had assured they were out safe... If she had lied, no matter who she was she would regret speaking lies. Padding shakily down the tunnel, the cat found the fork. Down the other way was another wall of dirt, of that she was sure. Had Ploverpuddle and Grousefrost been found? Or were they, too, claimed? No, she couldn't accept that. If she were here, then surely they were too. Moving to take another step, following the scents of the predators that had plagued their every moment, she collapsed suddenly. Panic rose like bile in her throat as she couldn't move her legs, frozen in place.

After what felt like moons, she found she was finally able to rise. Her steps were hesitant, uncertain, and her journey along the scent trail plagued with similar givings out of her limbs, sending her sprawling to the ground. The darkness seemed like it would never end, when finally a gentle breeze graced her muzzle. Fresh air brought the familiar scent of the moor, and as the cat emerged from the tunnel the starlight found a couple patches of golden-colored fur. Hesitating, she took in her surroundings. The moor was nearby, she could scent it, but she was somewhere completely unknown. The scents of her enemies and her leader was close, though, and so she made her choice. There was no chance in StarClan she was going to let the opportunity to make those responsible pay.

Setting off, she followed the meandering path. Before long, she saw the high stone formations in the distance, and was confused and surprised to recognize the landscape of Highstones. What were they doing here? Had the beasts made their home here? Continuing catiously, she found herself outside of Mothermouth. The scents were strong, recent, it hadn't been long since they passed through. Her paws and legs ached, burning with pain and exhaustion. What now? Taking a deep breath, she slipped into the darkness of a tunnel once more, unsure what would be waiting for her within. There was one thing she was certain of, however. The moon and stars themselves would have to come down to kill her before Goldengale allowed her clan to continue to be plagued by these monsters.

Who Says There's Light At the End of the Tunnel? Signat11

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Who Says There's Light At the End of the Tunnel?
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