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Roleplay in a cat Clan of warriors. Based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Takes place in an AU before the cats in the books existed.
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The Clans are being greeted by silence from their ancestors, unless StarClan is voicing their fury. With the anger of the stars against them, how will the cats of the clans fare as newleaf reclaims the area?
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Newleaf is steadily returning to the forest, the flowers, grasses, and trees blooming with life once more. After the flood of last Newleaf, the heavy rains seem more threatening to the clans older members, but as prey and herbs slowly return there seems to be a fragile sense of peace. What challenges will Newleaf hold for the clan cats?
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 Treetops and Timber! [Forbidden Romance]

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Treetops and Timber! [Forbidden Romance] Empty
PostSubject: Treetops and Timber! [Forbidden Romance]   Treetops and Timber! [Forbidden Romance] Icon_minitimeTue Nov 12, 2019 1:34 pm

Note: This is somewhat vague simply because I prefer relationships to grow organically without planning every step. There will be unintended things that happen including if an MC discovers it.

Plot Name: Treetops and Timber!
Clans involved: ShadowClan and SkyClan
Characters Directly Involved: Basilpaw (Ripped), Nightpaw (Cays) (warrior names undecided)

Will there be code-breaking?: Forbidden Relationship

Explain your Plot:

Nightpaw is a bit of a recluse in clan life. His activity levels are largely night based no matter how many patrols he's sent on during the day. During one of his nightly romps, he ends up in a fight with Basilpaw. Their relationship will grow and be hindered organically by the current plots, and the thought is that throughout time they will be forced to make the decision of staying, or leaving, their clans.

How will this impact the characters/clans involved?: They will face disgruntlement from both their clans, but this relationship is meant to be a good thing for them.

Provide links to relevant topics: N/A

Why should this plot be approved?: I just think it will be interesting, especially with the current tensions.

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Treetops and Timber! [Forbidden Romance] Siggycats

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Treetops and Timber! [Forbidden Romance] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Treetops and Timber! [Forbidden Romance]   Treetops and Timber! [Forbidden Romance] Icon_minitimeTue Nov 12, 2019 1:47 pm


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Treetops and Timber! [Forbidden Romance]
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