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Roleplay in a cat Clan of warriors. Based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Takes place in an AU before the cats in the books existed.
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 Troublesome Frost (Open after Drippy)

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Troublesome Frost (Open after Drippy) Empty
PostSubject: Troublesome Frost (Open after Drippy)   Troublesome Frost (Open after Drippy) Icon_minitimeFri Nov 08, 2019 6:45 pm

(Continuation of [url= http://warriorclancats.forumotion.com/t39631-the-oaks-have-frosted-already-closed#454302] part one [/url] )

The sight of a large dark brown tabby wasn’t wholly unusual as he picked his way carefully through the marshy grasslands. His paws sank down, dampening the once-white fur, but it barely bothered him at all. The tom’s amber gaze picked out across the pine forest.

Once he had travelled here with his own mentor. Once as a troublesome kit. He blinked, remembering those days so many moons ago. It felt strange to be walking the territory taller than before. He glanced down at the young she-cat that followed him. Followed… perhaps he should have let her lead, he mused as he found the once-familiar thorn tunnel. There were Shadowclan cats on the other side. He knew that, but he had to shove aside his concern as he stepped to the side and gestured with his white-tipped tail.

"After you." he meowed briskly, then waited for her to go into the tunnel. It wasn’t too late… he could turn back. Going into shadowclan’s territory was one thing, but as a leader, going into their camp… it felt disrespectful. He stepped a couple paw steps away, but pushed forward after his hesitation. Even if he walked away now, he’d be seen. It was better for Thornstar to see him return her wayward daughter than to be wandering Shadowclan territory reminiscing.

The sight of the camp dragged back memories Oakstar had long forgotten. He blinked at the nursery. Where He, puddlekit and wolf kit once played. The medicine den, where puddlepaw has devoted herself. He was so lost in thought, he almost forgot… he wasn’t supposed to be here.
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Troublesome Frost (Open after Drippy) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Troublesome Frost (Open after Drippy)   Troublesome Frost (Open after Drippy) Icon_minitimeFri Nov 08, 2019 8:50 pm

"Foxdung," She muttered, not for the first time that day. Was he really going to make her go first?
She almost stopped to argue with him, but decided against it– the last thing she needed now was more trouble. Frostpaw's ears flattened as she brushed past him. If only he'd had the sense to mind his own business, she'd already be in her nest right now, maybe with a brand new scar or two from her battle with the monster.
Instead, she was here, in the cold, about to get in a massive amount of trouble. Mama was probably waiting on the other side, fuming. Now that Frostpaw thought about it, there was probably a whole crowd of worried warriors– she must be organizing a search patrol at this very moment if she hadn't sent one out already.

Frostpaw wondered how much angrier mama would be when Oakstar, leader of Thunderclan, stepped through the thorn tunnel after her.
The young molly's pawsteps hesitated. Wasting time would just prolong the inevitable...
With that thought in mind, the young apprentice braced herself, then stepped out into camp.

Troublesome Frost (Open after Drippy) Siggy10
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Troublesome Frost (Open after Drippy)
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