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Roleplay in a cat Clan of warriors. Based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Takes place in an AU before the cats in the books existed.
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 The End of Time- Plot Idea

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PostSubject: The End of Time- Plot Idea   The End of Time- Plot Idea Icon_minitimeSun Sep 08, 2019 7:57 pm

This isn't official or approved or anything, I just thought it up and posted it so I don't forget and stuff
credit to Suma for convincing me to post this


a sitewide plot idea

The Summary
Things have been going well for the Clans- at least, as well as it can get in a world of blood and predation. Most inter-clan issues have been resolved, the prey is plentiful, and memories of the past are fading.

But something strange is about to happen. The Forest clans wake up to find that three strange groups have suddenly moved in overnight. There is no warning- one day they weren't there, the next they were. One of them in the Twolegplace Farm, one by the Highstones, and the last near Halfstone (all locations subject to change). Every clan is on high alert. These rogues are situated inside of clan territory, even next to their holy grounds, and refuse to leave. The Highstones group is especially hostile, making an effort to attack anyone that comes too close.

But the true chaos starts when combined efforts drive the Highstones gang out. They hadn't settled there for no reason, it turns out. They were trying to contain something. A ritualistic triangle, cats settled at every edge to maintain it, in an attempt to seal a malevolent force away. But now the triangle is broken.

And it is coming.

Night-Spider Faction- Highstones
The Warrior
A fierce she-cat, born of fire and blood. A blazing icon in battle, her teeth and claws as sharp as a dogs and her wits sharper. She leads a pack of fighters devout to her and is incredibly hostile to outsiders. But despite this, The Warrior is also kind. She sees each of her followers as her kin, cares for their kits, comforts them when they're lonely. Despite being barren, she has a single she-kit--given to fulfil a bargain-- and will kill every last cat for her.

Dog Tooth
Second-in-Command, a small tom with an overgrown canine. He's snappy and rude, but is good at keeping everyone together. Most of the members obey him out of respect, but you wouldn't want to go against him anyways- he can rip out a fox's throat in a few moments.

The child of a faraway kingdom, gifted to The Warrior as part of a deal. She has an idealistic, youthful personality, regarding everyone in the Factions as a friend. However, she doesn't hold the same sentiment towards outsiders, and many have learned the hard way how deep her fangs can dig.

Mist Faction- Halfstone
The Mentor
Delicate and supportive, The Mentor is a cat with a glass body but an open heart. She was born with a condition that left her unable to hunt or fight, leaving her with a peaceful lifestyle. Both a healer and a historian, the she-cat is obsessed with keeping chronicled records of every event, every herb, every myth- even if they only make sense to her. Unlike her contemporaries she holds a welcoming attitude towards outsiders, seeing them not as enemies but as potential allies.

A de-facto deputy/bodyguard of sorts. Ouami is mute and very mysterious- no one even knows where she came from. She protects The Mentor when she's out of camp, gives out basic orders when she can't, and keeps watch over the kits during the night.

The Mentor's best friend since she was a kit, a friendly tom with a love for exploration. Despite being one of the oldest members of the faction he's able-bodied and skilled at ambush fighting, though he only fights for self defence. Pebble has no concept of boundaries or inherent enemies and often travels far from home in search of adventure.

Rain Faction- Twoleg Farm
The Protector
Considered the "loneliest" of the three leaders, The Protector has no second-in-command or family. He leads an assortment of cats from all walks of life, and while he doesn't immediately attack strangers like The Warrior, he isn't afraid to fight. His personality is a surprisingly introverted one. He usually watches his group from afar and rarely speaks more than what is needed, but he still cares nonetheless.

Grey Bird
The Protectors "caretaker", a skinny tom with a tendency to flee at the slightest threat. He was forced to act as The Protector's servant for punishment of a crime he commited in his youth. Despite his unfortunate fate, he became good friends with him, even continuing his job after his sentence was up. Grey Branch secretly has a crush on his leader, but his nervous attitude makes him absolutely terrified of confessing his feelings.

alright time to go cringe at this 6 months later-


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The End of Time- Plot Idea
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