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Roleplay in a cat Clan of warriors. Based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Takes place in an AU before the cats in the books existed.
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 Burning Justice pt 2 - THE TRIAL (OPEN FOR ALL)

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Burning Justice pt 2 - THE TRIAL (OPEN FOR ALL) - Page 4 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Burning Justice pt 2 - THE TRIAL (OPEN FOR ALL)   Burning Justice pt 2 - THE TRIAL (OPEN FOR ALL) - Page 4 Icon_minitimeTue Sep 24, 2019 3:13 pm

Crowstar shook his head. "That isn't a good enough reason Tinystar." The former leader stated a growl clear in his voice. "You are the leader, you need to have a reason behind all of your actions. 'I don't know' isn't going to work anymore. It stopped working when you were an apprentice." The large tom stated. His yellow eyes were cold. Crowstar stood in silence for a moment, his gaze locked on his son. He was tired of being the angry cold leader starclan sent him to be. This was his son after all.

With a small sigh the large leader broke his professional mask, and moved forward and sat down beside the small tom. His fur brushing against the current Skyclan leader, Crowstar doing his best to comfort his son. He was never good at these things. "Look Tinystar. Your clan is unsure. This whole mess has broken their trust. You need to go back and rebuild their trust in you, and in Skyclan. They have already given you a start by voting to not demote you." Crowstar paused for a second, gathering his thoughts. He didn't know if this was the correct thing to say or not but he felt like he needed to say it. "Show them you are a strong and wise leader I know you can be. Focus on your clan and make them strong. Don't worry about outside of it for now." The tom stood, leaving his son's side and started to make his way back to Starclan territory before he paused, turning back to Tinystar. "I have kept you here long enough, but is there anything else you would like to say Tinystar? To know?" He wanted to give the tom a chance to say what he wanted.

Burning Justice pt 2 - THE TRIAL (OPEN FOR ALL) - Page 4 LcPpSeD

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PostSubject: Re: Burning Justice pt 2 - THE TRIAL (OPEN FOR ALL)   Burning Justice pt 2 - THE TRIAL (OPEN FOR ALL) - Page 4 Icon_minitimeWed Sep 25, 2019 9:53 am

Listening to his father speak, the amount of guilt in hearing the disappointment in his tone was overwhelming, and he kept his head hung low. Crowstar went on to mention needing to gain back his clan's trust. How could he possibly earn his clan's trust after all of this? Perking his ears, the tiny legged tom lifted his gaze when his father gave him advice. So Crowstar did still have trust in him being a leader, what a relief. But still, he knew that it'd take a good amount of time to restore any other cat's respect for him, but it could be done, or at least he hoped so.

Shuffling his paws together, Tinystar knew it was time for him to return to the land of the living, to protect and support his clan, but deep down inside, part of him wanted to stay with his father, with Moonlight and Antdrop… StarClan was peaceful and didn't come with all of the stress and despair that life was accompanied with...

Shaking his head, he pushed the thoughts away. He had a clan to lead, he couldn't just abandon them, especially not now. He needed to step up and be the leader they deserved and desired. It would be hard, but he had to show everyone that he could be the cat they needed. If they could just give him a little time to process all of what had happened, he'd be fine. Well, he prayed he'd be able to be okay once again, even if he had to fake it till he made it.

"I..." he began, meeting his father's gaze as the large warrior turned to look at him once last time. "I'll be a bigger star, I p-promise," Tinystar mewed as his father faded away into the starry dust that made up StarClan, remembering what Chirp had told him those many moons ago up in Highstones. Crowstar probably didn't know what it meant, but it didn't matter. He'd failed at keeping that promise once and wasn't going to fail again.

Prying his eyes open, Tinystar let out a hacking cough, spurting up blood, his throat on fire. Standing over him was Mintwhisker and around him, his clanmates, silent and scared. How long had he been talking to his father? Pushing himself up, he winced from the pain of the slash on his throat. His once white coat was stained with blood, but it seemed to have dried over.

Making sure not to move his head too much, in hopes of keeping his wound from reopening, he looked around the clearing. He'd caused nothing but anguish to his clan, but such times were no more, he was sure of it.

"SkyClan," Tinystar mewed, his voice raspy and followed by a cough. "I have forsaken you and your wishes. I have only ever wanted to protect you all, but I followed the wrong path to do so by pushing away any right judgement of such past matters," he continued, briefly meeting Burningsun's gaze before looking back among the crowd. "I promise to be a better, bigger, leader, for SkyClan's sake. I'm going to work on communicating with my trusted leadership team and clanmates, but I also need communication from you all. Which means confronting me when you know better, just as Burningsun has done... though such unorthodox methods should not ever be needed again," he mewed genuinely, the pain from throat returning once again. "I realize now that sometimes, even leaders need guidance and I can no longer stand above the clan, but with you all. Even the stars forget to shine sometimes as well, and I... I hope that you all may forgive me for what I've done," finishing, Tinystar sat down, panting. Hopefully, his clan could see how genuinely sorry he was. It would most likely take time to earn back their trust, but what better time than to start now.

"Could I have some more poppy seeds?" he asked softly to Mintwhisker, wincing at the stinging pain that quickly overwhelmed him. Great StarClan, now that he thought about it, maybe he shouldn't have said to much in such a condition.

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Burning Justice pt 2 - THE TRIAL (OPEN FOR ALL) - Page 4 Theboi13
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PostSubject: Re: Burning Justice pt 2 - THE TRIAL (OPEN FOR ALL)   Burning Justice pt 2 - THE TRIAL (OPEN FOR ALL) - Page 4 Icon_minitimeWed Sep 25, 2019 9:37 pm

The molly's voice rose in indignation as several young warriors spoke against her. She flattened her torn ears and turned to face them, her murky eyes flashing dangerously. "Agent of Starclan? I should think that I would know more about our ancestors than some... some big-headed kit! As for Sedgestrike's death, he died because he was a threat to Skyclan- I am not the cold-blooded murder you make me out to-"
The tabby was so caught up in her retort that she almost missed it. A flash of claws, a spurt of blood, and the young she-cat turned to see Tinystar crumple to the ground.
Mintwhisker moved towards the center once the bleeding slowed, pushing Burningsun away from Tinystar's body roughly. She had been right all along. "Absolute power, even the illusion of it, corrupts absolutely." Whatever trust she'd had in the firey she-cat was gone- she couldn't allow her the opportunity to seize the rest of her grandfather's lives.
Before the murder, Mintwhisker was split between sides: Yes, Burningsun was aggressive, but she was brilliant, too. Perhaps she'd help lead Skyclan towards the light. Tinystar had been chosen by Starclan, and despite... everything, she wanted to trust that he'd take care of them.

But now...
She stared down at the body, her face twisted in disgust. There were no sides, there wasn't a right decision. Why hadn't she seen?
Tinystar was a fool, a coward, and Burningsun was a corrupt, vicious murderer. Both had been given power, and both had immediately used it to harm their clanmates.
The only difference was that Tinystar had already served his time, and then some.

"You need to leave." Her voice was cold, and she kept her icy gaze trained on Tinystar's lifeless body. She was speaking as a medicine cat now, warning an attacker to step away from her patient. She knew she couldn't face Burningsun if she decided to claim the rest of Tinystar's lives, but that didn't mean she was completely helpless. "I don't give a foxdung about what you have to say to them. If you take so much as a step towards him or unsheathe your claws, I'll be forced to call a clan meeting to discuss a fair punishment for attempted murder and disobeying the direct word of a medicine cat.
"I think we both know that a trial- a fair, vote-based trial- will not end well for you. Go, and don't make me ask again."

Mintwhisker applied pressure to Tinystar's wound, only stepping back when the tom began to stir. She waited impatiently while he spoke, her tattered ears twitching, and nodded at his request. Casting a glance at the gathered Skyclanners, the molly quickly scurried towards the medicine den, emerging with a bundle of poppy seeds that she dropped wordlessly at the small tom's paws.

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Burning Justice pt 2 - THE TRIAL (OPEN FOR ALL) - Page 4 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Burning Justice pt 2 - THE TRIAL (OPEN FOR ALL)   Burning Justice pt 2 - THE TRIAL (OPEN FOR ALL) - Page 4 Icon_minitimeSun Oct 06, 2019 5:25 pm

Swanpaw squeezed her eyes shut, feeling bitter hopelessness choking her chest worse than the flem and gunk there ever could. Failure. I'm a failure. She couldn't help anyone, she couldn't do anything. Worse than useless. Wheezing gasps shuddered through her weak frame as she caved in on herself. They were right, what could she say against the cat who had the authority of StarClan at her paws, her eyes burning with their righteousness? What am I? What can I hope to do?

The touch of a tail at her side brought her eyes blinking back open again, gummy with tears and sickness. She blinked up into the face of Amberdawn, her friend's eyes gentle and encouraging, yet empty, as though something was eating her from the inside. Obediently, yet numb from the inside out, Swanpaw licked up the herbs, barely tasting their bitterness as they slid down her throat.

"I have to go." Amberdawn was turning, her eyes tired and cold as she padded away.

"Amberdawn?" She croaked, sudden panic welling in her chest. Attempting to scramble to her paws, she barely managed a shaky wobble, her ears flattening as the sudden horrible realization flashed through her bones like the cold waters of a flood. Her friend was leaving. Amberdawn! The cry rang through her head, but no sound passed her lips as she watched the golden she-cat pass out of their lives.

Burningsun's voice barely broke through the haze clouding Swanpaw's mind as she somehow still stood, her gaze turning dazedly to see the burning ginger she-cat standing in front of her father, tall and terrible. In her current state, the other cat stood like a pillar of fire in front of the cold, smaller winter of her father, burning with a terrible heat that practically glowed in the light of the sun beaming down on her fur. Swanpaw blinked, the scene turning blurry for an instant and clearing again in time to see the other lunge forwards, teeth bared.

A choked cry escaped her maw as the haze shattered, her eyes widening in horror as she stared, unable to turn away. Red crimson spilled from her father's throat in a spray, spilling over the fiery ginger cat's face and paws, down onto the ground, and into the cracks in the soil. Red hazy drops danced in the air, her father falling like a slaughtered piece of prey to lie still and small on the ground soaked with his own blood. The world shifted, and the breath was driven out of her own body as her legs buckled beneath her.

No sound escaped her as her eyes closed, a wave of revulsion ripping through her. No.... Numb, she shivered, alone. The scene dragged on and on, flashing blood-stained images still in her mind's eye, every detail etched behind her lids. What have I done? Her claws dug into the ground weakly beneath her, her eyes screwed shut against the horrors in front of her. Mother, how could you ask for this? Why would you let them keep killing each other? Mother, why? Why? Exhaustion filled her, her heart tearing in two.

"You monster," She whispered, her voice emotionless and drained. "What justice is this, that yet more blood should spill?"

Mintwhisker's words rang in the silence, her cold tone clinically ordering for Tinystar to be given the room he needed. An instant later, a wet hacking cough rang through the air, and she looked up to see Tinystar rising shakily to a sitting position. Oddly, though she should have rejoiced at seeing him get up again, she felt nothing, her heart empty. His rasping words rang through the clearing, but she barely heard him. Suddenly feeling sick to her core, she turned her back on them, dragging herself back into the medicine cat den and into her nest.

Her eyes closed to the world as she curled into a tight ball around her aching chest, tears wetting the moss and her fur, darkness dragging her into its cold embrace. Mercifully, with it the thoughts, the hopelessness, left her.

They took our lives... and then they didn't use them!

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Burning Justice pt 2 - THE TRIAL (OPEN FOR ALL) - Page 4 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Burning Justice pt 2 - THE TRIAL (OPEN FOR ALL)   Burning Justice pt 2 - THE TRIAL (OPEN FOR ALL) - Page 4 Icon_minitime

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Burning Justice pt 2 - THE TRIAL (OPEN FOR ALL)
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