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Roleplay in a cat Clan of warriors. Based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Takes place in an AU before the cats in the books existed.
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 Close Your Eyes [Closed]

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PostSubject: Close Your Eyes [Closed]   Close Your Eyes [Closed] Icon_minitimeWed Aug 07, 2019 11:00 pm

It had only been one sunset since their scuffle at the border. To the deputy, it was merely one of many confrontations to be had throughout the course of a lifetime. The myriad of scars that crossed his tabby coat told the tale of all of the places his claws had been, and many that had crossed him overtime. Across his own expression was even a seven-clawed scar of his own design. Perhaps there was too much here, far too many circumstances for a lifetime. And maybe that was why so much of it had been buried away, desperately and wildly tucked in the recesses of his constantly overwhelmed conscious. All those moments, minuscule and vast each in their own right, were merely a distraction to the many tasks at paw. There was no time to pick through the piddling failure of his own past. Beartooth thought little of it as he peered into the darkness of the night. Something had wrapped itself around his mind this particular night, a thought that had no left his mind. He was concerned and per usual it was for another cat of the clan. Ferretnose's inability in battle. It wasn't the lack of efficiency that plagued his mind but the thought that if upon a greater enemy she might succumb to their claws. And if there was one lesson he had learned throughout these many cruel trials, it was that only so much in his control. He could not simply always be there to shield the warrior with his own battle-ready frame.

He had to show her.

After so many moments, laying there and twisting the idea around in his mind, a thought poked through in the form of a memory. So many moons ago when he had bore an apprentice name like his own son did now, Oakstar had instilled in him a special skill. Their journey had carried them through the night and helped to shape Beartooth into the warrior he was today. Even if he hardly considered it, that moment had carried over into his battle style. While he still relied a lot on the strength and instinct of the fight, there was a level of competence that had been added underneath the pale light of the moon. While he had not stopped to beg the question of why she was so restrained in defense of the clan, something that he found particularly concerning due to his own ideals and further concern for his well being, he suspected it had something to do with the poor vision in half of her gaze. It was a rare moment that the tom considered and came to a conclusion. This would help Ferretnose. And he was determined to do that in his own way. Settled, he rose onto his paws and crept as silently as he could towards her nest in hopes of not disturbing the other clans warriors. His oversized paw nudged her a little too ungracefully before he turned for her to follow him into the middle of the camp. Outside it was silent, the world stilled underneath the watchful eye of Starclan. Everything was bathed in a soft hue of white light, almost surreal in nature despite it's natural constant presence. Even the dust beneath his paws seemed to possess otherworldly appeal. For a second, his gaze caught on his paw and a frown crossed his normally neutral expression.

When Ferretnose appeared from the warrior's den, exhaustion from the previous day's events still evident in her movements, he found himself awed by how easily she too was painted silver. But he did little more than nod in acknowledgement of her presence and finally whispered in his usual, gravelly manner, "Follow me."

Without hesitation, he slipped through the gorse tunnel as easily as the snagging of his coat would allow. There were guards stationed there, as normal, but both were void of any concern past a nod of recognition. Being deputy meant few cats questioned what he did, which was a strange feeling given his natural tendency to seek the guidance of others. This was likely the most forward he had been in pursuit of any training. And as he considered that idea, he found a new perspective. Previously, training was merely a duty to impart knowledge. If he found it as a means of saving his clanmates and less as a task, maybe Dawnpaw would have been less guarded at his attempts of fleeting affection. He flicked his tail in acknowledgement of the idea, tucking that in a separate corner to consider for another moment in the future. As they continued on in their journey the cover of treetops staved off the sparse light provided from above. And Beartooth closed his eyes. Underneath those condemned paws, he felt everything. Gingerly, he continued on. Whiskers and scents were his guide for sometime. He felt the forest and recognized it without reliance on his gaze. It was as if slipping into another world as he sought to navigate in such a way that had been taught to him by his mentor. A soft snap betrayed him. Practice was well needed. It had been too long.

Once they reached the Stony Hallow, the tom paused, staring into the endless darkness. On several occasions before, he had sharpened his own skill here before. Now, it was time to bestow that knowledge onto another. His eyes refracted what moonlight dappled their coats through the treetops above and his expression asked a silent question. Are you ready?

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PostSubject: Re: Close Your Eyes [Closed]   Close Your Eyes [Closed] Icon_minitimeFri Aug 09, 2019 8:29 pm

The impact of the battle plagued Ferretnose. Beartooth's concern, no matter how well-meaning, reminded her of her faults that she had tried so expertly to hide. At every turn, she was the runt, the child, the naive pacifist. She wanted to do her duty, she had the need, but she felt terror. It was all too much. There was no suppressing it this time, now that somebody else saw through it. Everything was weighing down on her soul, and there was no way to stop it. Mosspaw and Lynxtail and Beartooth... their sorrow pressed on her heart as well, welling up as a lump in her throat. Anxiety shook her core daily, and she was increasingly jumpy from her bad side. It was as if life had come and hit her from the left, giving her no prior warning. She remembered the day she spent as a kit gazing into a puddle, at her clouded eye, permanently soiled by forces unknown, and wondering why she had been born lesser. Was it her curse to be missing pieces from the beginning? Worse of all, she felt a deep rift in Pricklebush's relationship with her, ever since Oakstar became leader. There was bad blood, the entire clan knew it, between the medicine cat and his adopted brother. She didn't dare ask, but even Mosspaw seemed to be hopelessly affected. There was nothing she could do, and it made her feel weak. Stupid, even. Empathy drove her mad.

She did not sleep that night. Quiet, weepy rage took over her body as she alternated between tears and claws gripping the earth beneath her. Of all the things she was expected to be, she chose the rock of ThunderClan. The force of positivism that healed all who were touched by it. Who would drain her pond when it became muddied and riddled with algae? Who could she lean on in her desperation? Doom and gloom was unlike her, but Ferretnose was quite sure that not even she knew what was like and unlike her. A prod released her from the prison she had built in her mind, and she recognized instantly the large paw of Beartooth. When she lifted her head, his tail had already disappeared from the den. Stretching weakly, she followed him out, calling gently out to him in a purr. She ducked her head for a moment when she met his eyes, shy with embarrassment. He must have been upset, understandably so. His words still pierced the wall she had attempted to build around herself, and against her better instincts, she felt drawn to follow.

Walking on his left side, she felt the usual urge to speak, to chatter, to ask questions, but she refrained. There was a strange peace about Beartooth, and when he shut his eyes, the small she-cat was evermore curious. She leaned close to him as he walked along, both blind and aware. It was entrancing to watch him walk with little more than memory and his sense of touch. Ferretnose studied him closely, blinking once with her left eye and one with her right. When she shut her right eye, she saw his blurry form, nothing but a brown smudge much larger than herself. Only light penetrated the cloudy haze. Opening both eyes once more, she watched him sightlessly navigate the territory she loved so dearly. A passing thought ensnared her mind, a question that she had been dodging. Why did Beartooth put up with her? She had watched him shut down clanmates and enemies alike with a simple look or phrase. Had she really been bothering him, wouldn't he had let her know? He responded, albeit bluntly, to most of her inquires. He saw her as an equal. Her own deputy looked to her for approval. How funny, how strange. She followed him, matching his footfalls, until they reached their destination. The Stony Hollow loomed, a place she rarely came, for no reason other than not having a good reason. Beartooth continued to confuse her in the most pleasant of ways.

His eyes pierced her heart, rumbling in her chest. A brief smile crossed her lips and she forgot everything she had fretted over when she lay in her nest. Her response to his silent question was the gentle brushing of their tails. Ferretnose followed him in.

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Close Your Eyes [Closed]
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