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Roleplay in a cat Clan of warriors. Based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Takes place in an AU before the cats in the books existed.
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 if i look back when i begin to leave; will they remember me?

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if i look back when i begin to leave; will they remember me? Empty
PostSubject: if i look back when i begin to leave; will they remember me?   if i look back when i begin to leave; will they remember me? Icon_minitimeMon Jun 24, 2019 7:09 pm

Batbite’s paws carried her out of camp in the night, keeping to shadows. She wasn’t exactly trying to hide from her Clanmates, but even if she wasn’t doing anything wrong she also didn’t want to explain what it was that she was doing. And so she walked with a purpose which was still unclear to her, until she reached the border. Not the river or Sunningrocks or even the Thunderpath, but the border that marked the edge of Clan territory.

Past there was lawlessness, chaos and disorder.

The unknown. Oh, how it called to her.

The warrior code was important to the Clans, certainly, but she often wished it was less so. The rules made little sense to her: Clans kept almost entirely separate outside of Gatherings and battles, it bothered her on a level she couldn’t quite explain. The best way she’d found to put it, one she’d never voiced, was that what if she’d have been happier as a WindClan cat? She’d never know, because she’d never know what living as a WindClan cat was like! She could hear stories, sure, and tell her own; but it would never replace living the way they did.

Life beyond it was… Tempting, in a way she couldn’t quite describe. She’d never been especially fond of rules, beyond the obvious. Killing, maiming, generally harming others when it wasn’t necessary. Those were all bad, without exception. But she thought of borders and laws against love in other Clans, and saw only pointless restrictions. Rules which someone would always break anyway, so why keep them in place at all if they caused more harm than good?

Was trespassing to hunt in the territory of a Clan that refused to share it when theirs was rich in prey and yours was not still wrong? She didn’t think it was, but the warrior code would disagree with her on that.

And, past that, was a desire for answers to questions she had yet to ask.

Because though she’d been raised a Clan cat, and loved her family more than anything - blood brothers and adopted father, and everyone else she’d found herself somehow attached to, like a forest tree that grew with intertwining branches - she knew she’d come from elsewhere, a seed drifting on the breeze that somehow found a place to grow. She didn’t particularly care about the whys and hows of that, not anymore. The only things that marked any thought of her mother, vaguely remembered, were bitterness and a lingering feeling of betrayal. Exploration and adventure and learning, however, were her greatest pleasures in life. Knowledge for the sake of knowledge, learning things just to know them.

So, as she stood in front of the border of what was known and what was not, she held still. Only one thought kept her in place: the realization that if she crossed it, she might never return. She would vanish in the night, a mysterious disappearance to leave only heartache for those she cared most in her wake. So she stayed, but kept one paw hesitantly raised.

Perhaps one day she’d have the courage to set it down on the other side.

if i look back when i begin to leave; will they remember me? Rsz_5c11
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if i look back when i begin to leave; will they remember me? Empty
PostSubject: Re: if i look back when i begin to leave; will they remember me?   if i look back when i begin to leave; will they remember me? Icon_minitimeWed Jul 03, 2019 10:30 pm

Wading through a misty maze, waltzing through shadow, leaving behind nothing but a whisper of swirling fog. It was like wandering through someone else's dream.
The night air that the canyon collected was heavy and thick, and it clung to the dens and pelts of the sleeping Thunderclanners. As Lynxtail made his way up the steep side of the sandy ravine, he could almost feel the air growing lighter, the mist slowly becoming thinner. He emerged onto the forest floor and shook his coat to dispel the last tendrils of fog that managed to cling to his fur thus far.
He hesitated for only a second, his green eyes scanning the undergrowth, before moving as quickly as he dared through the darkened landscape.

His paws took him through Thunderclan's territory, already becoming lush despite the recent flood. Every so often, when the dark figure hesitated, he took a moment to marvel at just how large Thunderclan truly was. The water had only met the surface of the forest, bent a stem, scratched a tree, broke a flower. But just below, safe beneath the earth, the territory was teeming with scores of vibrant, unseen life. Even after such a devastating disaster, new life- or was it old life, connected to one another through root and dirt and sunlight? -could spring up hardly a moon after. Everything was connected somehow. It made the young tom feel as though, somehow, he was connected to it too. Even though he didn't share the lifeblood, the heart, the marrow of his clanmates, he could still be a part of the forest that they called home.

But this wasn't about him. The now-familiar sickness made his head spin and his heart race, but Lynxtail pressed on, unwilling or unable to recognize it for what it truly was. He had a debt to pay. He owed Thunderclan, and until he took his last breath, he'd make sure that he spent every moment working for his clan, his home, his family.
But this wasn't even about Thunderclan.
Even though he considered his clanmates his kin, he knew that blood ties held more weight, more meaning. There were three cats who were Blood Kin, who had been molded from the same clay and hewn from the same stone. Three cats with whom Lynxtail shared an unbreakable bond.
Leopardstar, his golden protector, his father, wasn't his true kin. As far as he knew, they didn't share an ounce of blood. However, that didn't mean they shared no traits: the way his father carried himself, the way he walked, how his voice lilted- the similarities between Lynxtail, his siblings, and Leopardstar were uncanny. Sometimes it was easy to forget that they weren't truly related, that he didn't come from the forest, but from somewhere far, far away- like a dandelion seed on the breeze that was carried elsewhere by random chance, all alone.
But luckily, Lynxtail wasn't alone- Copperheart would always be by his side. Although his brother's fur was orange, not brown, and his eyes weren't green like Batbite's and Lynxtail's, it was clear that they were kin. They shared the same laugh, the same grin, the same jokes, the same fears. His brother had been their protector, their guard when they were first abandoned in the forest. They didn't need to speak when they were together- all they had to do was meet one another's eyes, and every worry, every fear, would dissolve.

But this wasn't about them. There was one more cat, one who had come with him on one of the biggest journeys of his life.
Batbite stopped walking.

"So," He stood behind her, a small smile on his maw. "The tables have turned. I think one adventure to Twolegplace is enough for me, if you don't mind. Where are you going so late at night, Bat?"

if i look back when i begin to leave; will they remember me? Befunk11
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if i look back when i begin to leave; will they remember me? Empty
PostSubject: Re: if i look back when i begin to leave; will they remember me?   if i look back when i begin to leave; will they remember me? Icon_minitimeFri Jul 05, 2019 12:48 pm

For Copperheart, it was one of those nights. A restless one, one where his racing late-night thoughts could not condone his mind to rest and fall into a comforting sleep. His eyelids were squeezed shut in an attempt to mute his brain but to no avail. 

He nearly opened his eyes as he heard a faint rustling from one of the nests right next to him- a rustling that wasn't caused by a twitching limb or a readjustment of sleeping position. Someone was getting up, and another soon followed. When the movement in the den ceased, Copperheart slowly opened his eyes and slightly raised his head, golden eyes glittering in curiosity.

As his ankles lightly and silently brushed past the undergrowth of ThunderClan's territory, the tom allowed his thoughts to continue. Even though they were the same ideas he pondered daily, there was always something new he got from each conversation with himself. His life before today, his life currently, his life after, how much meaning did it hold, did he deserve it-- his mind was everywhere, consistently reflecting and having a battle within itself. 

Copperheart was more than grateful for the Clan life he was given. Leopardstar had saved him and his littermates and had never once doubted their worth, their loyalty, their everything to the Clan. Without him, Copperheart and his siblings likely would have been as good as crowfood those many moons ago. His life was indebted to this Clan, and while he might have been lazy, a joker, and a bit of a prankster, he felt the need to consistently give his all to the Clan. 

However, he felt even more of a need to give absolutely everything to his siblings. Without them, he was nothing, incomplete, and empty. He squared the corners and they straightened the curves. Both Lynxtail and Batbite were among the few cats that tolerated his jokes and were by his side not by paw, but in heart. As did it usually, he felt his heart swell up with nothing but love and sincerity for the two of them.

That was why he was following them.

Copperheart's voice was quiet. "Even though we're siblings, I really am not good enough to read you two perfectly. I'm not so small-minded that I have no idea at all, but I always wonder what you guys are thinking, so would you mind telling me?"

Sincerely, me!
if i look back when i begin to leave; will they remember me? KlVvHmKif i look back when i begin to leave; will they remember me? 6qMFAjk

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if i look back when i begin to leave; will they remember me? Empty
PostSubject: Re: if i look back when i begin to leave; will they remember me?   if i look back when i begin to leave; will they remember me? Icon_minitime

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if i look back when i begin to leave; will they remember me?
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