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Roleplay in a cat Clan of warriors. Based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Takes place in an AU before the cats in the books existed.
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 Battle System - A Full Tutorial

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PostSubject: Battle System - A Full Tutorial   Battle System - A Full Tutorial Icon_minitimeThu May 16, 2019 5:33 pm

On WCC, to keep battles interesting, fun, and free of overpowered opponents, we have a structured battle system in place which incorporates both our official Battle System and Rank System. Both of these systems are set in place to ensure maximum efficiency during both large-scale wars between multiple Clans and simple border skirmishes. While they are not required for every single battle that takes place on WCC, they are highly recommended to resolve battles that neither party is willing to lose. This topic serves as a detailed tutorial for usage of the battle system, which will hopefully clarify any questions or issues that might come up.


Whether you're engaging in a simple 1v1 skirmish or a full-blown war between Clans, it is incredibly beneficial to be knowledgeable of the battle system. After all, how can you win if you can't properly navigate one of the most vital systems WCC has to offer? Whenever you find yourself preparing to engage in a battle but needing a bit of clarification on how the system functions, here is a detailed crash course on all things about cat war:

  1. Double check your character's rank! Cats hold a multitude of ranks throughout their lives on WCC, ranging from a mere Kit to a widely respected Senior Warrior. Not only does knowing your character's rank ahead of time will spare you a large headache, it gives you a guideline to what battle moves are available for them to use, with new battle moves being unlocked as you move up through the rank system. Obviously, as far as in-character, a seasoned Warrior will have a better knowledge of battle moves in comparison to a newly-named Apprentice.

  2. Secondly, after checking what rank your character currently has, learn their stats! Stats are derived from the current rank that your character holds. Stats also determine how long your character can last in battle.
    Example: a Kit would have 5 Health Points/10 Stamina Points, whereas a Senior Warrior would have 100 Health Points/280 Stamina Points.
    This also means that a Senior Warrior will have the ability to last marginally longer than an Apprentice!

  3. Then, just head on over to the battle system to check out our available moves! Each move offers a Name, Rank when First Usable, Stamina Cost, Potential Special Effects, and a Description. Between these factors, you should get a general idea of how the move works and whether or not you're eligible to use it during battle.

  4. In the table immediately below the one labelled Battle Moves, there will be a following topic labeled 'Damage Done by Each Rank', which will give you the name of the move itself and the damage that can be done at your current rank. Each move gradually receives a boost in the damage as your character continues to rank up through their life!
    Example: an Apprentice using the move Front Paw Strike can deal -6 in Damage, while a Senior Warrior using the same move can deal -14 in Damage.

Here is a mock battle to provide a visual demonstration on a battle:
Remember, battles operate on a turn-by-turn basis! Meaning that you post once, then your opponent posts, then you post- this cycle will continue until the battle is over [with one character running out of HP or SP, or by one of them leaving the battle]. Running out of HP or SP doesn't mean death but just that your cat can't fight anymore.


Special Effect Moves
As the name says, Special Effect moves are battle moves with special effects. These moves can stun, pin, kill, free you from an attack or make extra damage. A Special Effect move can only be used once per battle against one cat. Special Effect Moves can't be used when you're double-teaming an opponent that is a fellow cat.  
This is a list of the current Special Effect moves and a short explanation of them:

Special Effects MovesHow to use it?Side Effects
Killing Bite→ Only usable on cats.
→ You must have the other roleplayer's permission.
→ Drop your opponent's HP to 0 regardless of their current HP and kills them.
Leap and Hold→ Use the move and roll the "Effect Dice". Depending on the number, it will tell you how much time the move is in effect.
→ Can be cancelled by moves such as 'Duck and Twist' and 'Breaking Strike'.
Pinning effect: Pins an opponent for a certain amount of turns, which means that your opponent is unable to attack.
→ The cat doing using "Leap-and-Hold" can't use another type of move until the turns of effect are over (look the example above)
→ During the turns in effect, there's no additional cost of SP after the initial cost.
Play Dead→ Can be used to escape 'Scruff Shake'.
→ This is an exclusive move of apprentice use only.
→ Can only be used once against a higher ranking opponent [NAWs and up]. Can be used again if you move onto a second battle against a high ranking opponent.
→ Roll the "Effect Dice" to see whether or not it is successful.
→ If the attempt to escape fails, the move proceeds as normal.
→ If the attempt to escape succeeds, the move is completed. The move will no longer be available to use against the escaped opponent due to its previous use in the battle.
→ The damage inflicted is -5 HP/-15 SP, regardless of whether or not the attempt to escape is successful
Teeth Grip→ Roll the "Effect Dice" to determine the turns of damage effect.
→ This move can be cancelled by 'Duck and Twist' and 'Breaking Strike'.
→ The cat doing using 'Teeth Grip' can't use another type of move until the turns of effect are over
→ During the turns in effect, there's no additional cost of SP after the initial cost.
→ Damage is inflicted each turn move is in effect.
→ The cat under attack may only hurt its opponent with 'Front Paw' moves ('Front Paw Blow' and 'Front Paw Strike').
Scruff Shake→ Use the move and roll the "Effect Dice". Depending on the number, it will tell you how much time the stunning effect will last.Stunning effect: stuns an opponent for a certain amount of time, which means that your opponent is unable to attack.
→ Once you put the move on effect, your cat is free to use other moves while your opponent is stunned.
Duck and Twist→ Only usable if your cat is caught in a 'Leap-and-Hold' or 'Teeth Grip' move.→ Cancels the effects of 'Leap-and-Hold' and 'Teeth Grip', making a 100% sure successful escape from those moves
→ Other stunning moves are not cancelled, such as 'Water Clinch', 'Mud Slap' and 'Scruff Shake'
→ You can't be stunned/pinned again in the next turn of your opponent.
Breaking Strike→ Only usable if a friendly cat is caught in a 'Leap-and-Hold' or 'Teeth Grip' move and if your cat is not engaged in another unfinished battle.
This is the only special move that can be used at the start of double-teaming an opponent.
→ Frees a friendly cat from the effects of 'Leap-and-Hold' and 'Teeth Grip'.

Differences between battles

1 vs 1 BattlesMultiple Border BattlesClan-Wide Battles
Posting order matters Posting order matters Posting order must only be respected between direct opponents.
In large clan battles, cats fight 1 vs 1 battle. In these confrontations,
the only posting order that matters is the one between your cat and
your opponent; not the posting order of other, parallel encounters.
Cats in the battle are chosen by their roleplayers.Cats in the battle are chosen by their roleplayers.Cats in the battle are chosen by the leader/deputy of each clan
Must be a battle of 1 cat vs 1 cat.The numbers of cats on each side are up to the roleplayers.Each clan must send the same amount of cats.
No time limit.Time limit is up to roleplayers if they want to implement it.Time limit of 24 hrs since your opponent posted. After that time, your cat is considered KO'd.
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Battle System - A Full Tutorial
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