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Roleplay in a cat Clan of warriors. Based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Takes place during the time before the cats in the books existed.
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 Tortoiseshell Tears

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Characters : Thornbriar, Silentpaw, Wasppaw, Rainpaw
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PostSubject: Tortoiseshell Tears   Tortoiseshell Tears Icon_minitimeWed Mar 20, 2019 5:29 pm


Why does it hurt?

As the soft lull of water gently lifted her from the shadow laced mist that wove through her consciousness with the effortless grace of a silver-backed fish she had once tried to paw from the river, the young tortoiseshell's confusion echoed through the darkness of her thoughts.

What happened...

Struggling to cling to consciousness, her sleep fogged mind again flickering back to the fish, how it had thrashed in her grip for only a couple heartbeats before slipping through her claws and back into the crystalline water. The image of it's shimmering body dancing away from her lingered in her mind before fading away again.

It was hard to breathe.

Her body felt heavy, as if she was being held to her bedding by some unknown force, daring her to try and heave it off of her. She didn't... or rather, she wouldn't even consider the possibility of trying. Her head felt like she was swimming in a sea of shadows, black and roiling like the river on a stormy night.

The river.

Pain lanced through her body as she slammed back into her body, full consciousness overwhelming her senses in a rush. She felt like a kit being dropped into the pools for the first time; cold and afraid. This time, however... her mother wasn't there to save her. Everything rushed back at once. Her mother, the pooling water, Scorchclaw, and then... In that moment the apprentice gasped, her eyes shooting open in a full panic as she rolled to her paws and began coughing up what little riverwater she'd managed to inhale. Memories came back in flashes. The massive wall of water, someone crying for help, trying to find them while running past all those... sleeping cats...


They weren't sleeping...

The coughing fit quickly escalated into retching and gasping for air. Her friends... her family! The water had overtaken the camp, sweeping herself and everyone else up in its unforgiving maw. She'd tried so hard to hold her breath, gulping down the rancid water in a panic as she was swept violently about by the current. She remembered spiraling, thrashing against the immense force and trying to break the surface... trying to even figure out which way was up.

Her tiny frame shuddered violently as she forcefully rid her body of the foul liquid. After she'd finished emptying the contents of her stomach out onto the sandy bank, she shuffled far enough from it that the smell wouldn't trigger another fit of gagging and lowered her body to the warm sand. Her legs were trembling, and she didn't have the energy to walk just yet. Struggling to steady her breath, she let her head rest against the ground. Her soft blue eyes slowly began to try and take in the area around her beneath half-open lids.

Where am I...?

And more importantly, how am I even alive?

Wasppaw turned her head to look at the nearby shore, seeing the water innocently swaying to and fro like that was... surreal, considering she'd nearly been reduced to fish food not too long ago. Speaking of...

How long have I been here?

She lifted her head, looking to the sky for a long moment. The sun hung high, beautifully large, puffy white clouds surrounding it in all of it's glory. Birds danced through the air, painting the picture of such a beautifully peaceful scene... a stark contrast to the chaos and calamity that had torn apart her home just hours ago. Tears pricked at her eyes as she realized she was entirely, undeniably...


There was a good chance she wouldn't be seeing any of her family ever again. She had no idea where her mother and father were, where her little sister was... where Scorchclaw was.

Taking a deep breath, the young apprentice heaved herself to her paws. Her head swam, dizziness engulfing her as she nearly fell back down. She grimaced at the feeling and realized she must have hit her head at some point. Still, she couldn't just lay there. She could already hear Scorchclaw chastising her for being lazy. A small smile flickered over her features at the thought, and in that moment she silently hoped to whoever was listening that she had a chance to hear him scold her one more time.

Please, I don't want to be alone.

She was never alone, not like this. Not ever.

It hurts.

She forced her unsteady legs to stop trembling, gritting her teeth and banishing those thoughts from her mind as quickly as they'd come. The tortoiseshell lifted her head high and glared at the vast blue expanse of the lake. She wasn't a child, she could find her way home by herself. She could find her family. Wasppaw was strong, some stupid flood wasn't going to stop her.

Lashing her tail, she bit back the dizziness and nausea and started walking along the shoreline. She was the Deputy's apprentice right? She was going to act like it. Her blue gaze searched the shoreline, looking for some sort of landmark. As far as she could see nothing was familiar. How far had the flood dragged her? For a Riverclan cat, water didn't exactly seem to be her friend lately. Had anyone else been swept out this far? It occured to the she-cat that she should probably be looking for survivors as well as landmarks.

And so, she set off.

Her pawpads ached. Her earlier fire had faded a bit with the onset of exhaustion. She didn't even know if she was going in the right direction, but still she kept on. How could she stop? She didn't have anything else to go off of. Her bullheadedness was all that was fueling her at this point and she needed to find something... anything. Taking a deep breath, she let out a heavy sigh. She didn't know what she had expected. It's not like there was going to be scent marks or pawprints in the sand telling her which way to go. She groaned internally as she came upon another area where the water had risen all the way up to a rocky ledge, blocking her access to the other side. She could either climb it, swim around it, or walk around it. Looking to her left she realized that trying to walk around it would probably be futile, based on the fact she couldn't see any easy path to take through the mountainous terrain that framed the lake. She didn't particularly want to swim right now, what with the trauma of nearly drowning still fresh in her mind, but the few footholds she could see from her current position didn't exactly look... secure.

Suck it up Waspie, you can do this.

Taking a deep breath, she turned and began to wade into the water. It went well, the motion of swimming coming naturally to her as soon as her paws no longer felt the ground. She pushed off, propelling herself forward and paddling along the stone wall. Anxiety pricked at her ears as the cool liquid rippled and lightly splashed at her neck, reminding her of the night before. She swallowed back the rising nausea yet again. If nothing else, the chill of the water seemed to help clear her head of that weird hazy feeling from earlier.

It didn't take long for her to round the ledge and begin paddling towards the shore on the other side. The feeling of her paws meeting solid ground again brought her such a rush of relief and happiness, she almost giggled. She was a Riverclan cat. She couldn't just let water scare her, right? However, her happiness quickly died as she spotted the faint shape of what appeared to be another cat sprawled near the shoreline.

With a pelt that was... disturbingly familiar.

Squinting to try and make it out better, she began to run towards the body. Hesitantly, she called out in hopes the cat would respond.

"Hey... hello there!"

No response.

As she drew nearer, it became more and more undeniable what the cat's identity was. A cold, hard knot tightened in her throat as she came to a stop beside them. Reaching a tentative paw out, she gently rolled the cat to face her.


The younger apprentice seemed so eerily peaceful, as if she were asleep. For a moment, Wasppaw let herself believe it possible that her little sister just... hadn't woken up yet. Had she been a deep sleeper? The tortoiseshell couldn't remember. A hopeful smile on her face, she gently shook the smaller cat. "Brookpaw... Hey, it's time to wake up now."


"You can't just sleep all day ya know... We gotta find mom and pop."


"And then Jaystar, and Scorchclaw, and all our friends..."

A single, small droplet splashed onto the little she-cat's pale fur, and Wasppaw looked up, expecting to see storm clouds gathering... only to realize her vision was blurry. She blinked, looking back down at her sister as a cold, numb confusion overtook her.

Why was she crying?

She shook her sister again, her voice hitching. "B-Brookpaw, wake up."

There was no reason to cry, Brookpaw was just asleep.

"Get up, Brookpaw."

She was just lost in a dream or something.

"Come on, don't be lazy now. Scorchclaw will yell at you."

Her mind flashed back to the "sleeping" cats around the camp just before the dam broke.

Yeah, Brookpaw was just...



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PostSubject: Re: Tortoiseshell Tears   Tortoiseshell Tears Icon_minitimeFri Mar 22, 2019 8:05 am

A tightness in Scorchclaw's chest seemed to keep him from breathing. Gingerstripe was gone—the murderer, the ShadowClan exile, the RiverClan warrior. With him had gone his mate. Dewshine's last gift to her clan had been three newborn kits. Their eyes still closed, their bodies covered only by a thin layer of fuzz, they had already been bereaved of both parents. They would grow up alone, never knowing the faces of the cats who had borne and loved them. StarClan—no, fate itself, had thrust them out into the cruel world, abandoning them to the natural course of things. The large tabby had been absolutely powerless. There had been nothing he could do. He was no medicine cat. How did one save a dying queen? How did one raise the dead back to life? In the end, the only thing he had been able to do was watch helplessly. Another life had slipped beyond his grasp. While these two had been alive, he had not thought much of them. But now that they were lying before him, silent and inanimate at last, he felt an unexpected ache. His heart hurt with a pain that was thick and suffocating, a pain that his tongue was unable to express in words. Flurryshine's grief was almost palpable in the air, and mingled with her sobs were the thin mewling of the newborn kittens. To him, their cries were utterly disconsolate. The kits were searching for milk, for warmth—for a mother that they would never find now. His darkened gaze focused on them, he murmured under his breath, "Are you sad?" They were blind to him and deaf to his words. He knew that the kits would not be able to understand him. The question was a rhetorical one, more to himself than anyone else. His brow furrowed, and he answered his own question. "Of course you are... Your mother is dead." No matter how young they were, they were not completely ignorant. Even they could sense that something was wrong, but they could not yet understand the concept of death.

How pitiful.

What had happened to being a RiverClan cat? Of the five clans, they were known for their skill in the water. Was not the river as much a part of their home as the land was? Yet it was the river that had dashed their camp to pieces, separated clanmates, and claimed their lives within its cold, dark depths. Just as it gave to all living creatures, it could take from them in the flash of an eye. Gingerstripe had been a weak swimmer; once a ShadowClan cat, it was no surprise that the transition to RiverClan life had not been easy for him. Had the blood of the marsh-dwellers let him down in the end? Dewshine was a pure-blooded RiverClan warrior as far as Scorchclaw knew, but even she had not been spared. Their heritage, their blood—when put to the test, they had not made much of a difference. The mortal cats were weak and powerless; they were so fragile that they could be snatched from the realm of the living at any moment.

How truly pitiful.

For a moment, Scorchclaw almost felt like laughing. A sense of bitterness welled up within him. It was a bitterness that surpassed all the herbs he had ever eaten; it was the kind of bitterness that one could not rid himself off, no matter how many times he ran his tongue over his lips. They were lost and far from home, with bodies to bury and newborn kits to care for. What an optimistic situation to be in. His lip curled. If he had been any less rational, perhaps this would be the point at which he would have screamed out his frustration to the sky. But he was stronger than that. Flurryshine's screech still rung in his ears; the overwhelming pain in her voice at that moment had touched the deepest portions of his heart and shaken him. The RiverClan deputy was a rational cat. His despairing would help no one, especially in such circumstances. Tipping his head back, he drew a slow breath. Think. Use your head. He was in charge here. No one would save them, and no one would heed their pleas for help. They were going to have to be their own heroes. If he wanted to mourn, he would have to wait.

Motion at the corner of his vision caused Scorchclaw to turn back to Flurryshine. The white-furred warrior, having lifted her head from her mentor's corpse, was reaching out to the kits. With a sweep of her ragged tail, she drew them into her protective embrace. Even as her sides heaved with broken sobs, she began to groom them with shaky, uneven strokes of her tongue. The little things' cries ceased somewhat. At the sight, Scorchclaw felt a complex mix of both relief and sorrow. The scene before him was devastating, and nothing changed that fact. Nevertheless, as he witnessed the strange bonding session that was taking place, it strengthened the hope that flickered within him. They would live on. "Take care of them, Flurryshine." He informed the she-cat in a low, uncharacteristically gentle voice. "I will scout out the area and return before too long." Even in her current state, he knew Flurryshine would not let any harm come to Dewshine's kits. No—perhaps it could be said that her current state was precisely the reason she would definitely protect them. As he padded past Gingerstripe's body, the RiverClan deputy paused. He cast a glance back at Flurryshine; when it was evident that she could not see him, he waded into the water. He had to force down the nausea that rose when he sunk his teeth into the ginger scruff. The body had already bloated from its time in the water. Even if he could not bury Gingerstripe right now, the least he could do was drag the tom from the water's clasp. It was part of a clanmate's responsibility. When he had hauled the body unto the shore, he released his hold. Forgive me, Gingerstripe. The thought flashed briefly through his mind as he set off once again. Just wait a little while more.

The sand shifted beneath his paws; the sunlight beamed down on his back. Despite green leaf's onset, a chill was still prevalent in the air. Scorchclaw's thick coat, previously waterlogged, had dried out somewhat. Even if it remained damp, its current state was an improvement. Logically speaking, he should not have felt too cold; yet he shivered uncontrollably from time to time. Was this condition due to fatigue? He was tired—more tired than he would have liked to admit. Ever since he had arrived on this shore, he had not rested once. After hours and hours of drifting down the river, with only a piece of driftwood to cling unto, his strength had reached its limit. The breeze seeped continuously through his wet fur. Yet the need for rest was the last thing on his mind at that moment. He shoved it to the back of his thought process. Absentmindedly, he hoped that neither Flurryshine nor the kits would catch a cold. There was no certainty that medicinal herbs would be present in their new environment. Even if they existed, finding them was another issue.

They would need prey.

They would need shelter.

They would need a queen to nurse the kits.

To accomplish all that, he could not simply sit around. Scorchclaw needed to know what this new environment held. What were the dangers? What were the benefits? If any more of his clanmates had swept up here, he needed to find them. He had to protect and guide them—just as Jaystar had done all along. Deep down, he knew that he was inferior to the silver tabby. As much as the thought irked him and dug under his skin, he had to admit that it was true. When the flood had broken out, Jaystar was the one who had united the panicking clan. If only the RiverClan leader was here now—was this situation not the reason StarClan had allowed him to keep one final life? The ancestors had known about the upcoming disaster. They had known that Jaystar would be needed. Yet Scorchclaw was alone now. What if the leader had not been swept away? Then the large brown tabby would be alone. He had to take charge, make use of himself. After all, that was the duty that had been placed on his shoulders the day he had been chosen as deputy. Even if Jaystar had broken the Code, Scorchclaw never intended to break his promise—the promise that he would not fail him.

Such was the determination that had been spurring him on, when he stumbled upon Wasppaw. Her face was turned away from him, but he would never have mistaken her tortoiseshell fur for any other's. He froze mid-stride. Why was she here? Had he not told her to evacuate, to get to safety with her clanmates? At that moment, he could not decide on a single emotion to feel. Relief, joy, exasperation, frustration, and even irritation swelled up from within him. Should he have been happy to see her safe, or should he have been upset to see her stranded here with him? All those considerations fell away, however, when he saw the form of the cat lying at her paws. As soon as he caught sight of it, he felt the crushing weight of reality. Brookpaw. He recognized it instantly. It was a young she-cat he had named an apprentice not too long ago—another one of Swanpetal's kits. No. Before he even had the time to think, he was sprinting forward. "Wasppaw!" He shouted.

Don't look!

Scorchclaw skidded to a stop by her side.

Don't look, Wasppaw!

Tears trickled down the apprentice's face.

Close your eyes!

But it was too late.

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PostSubject: Re: Tortoiseshell Tears   Tortoiseshell Tears Icon_minitimeMon Apr 15, 2019 2:28 pm

A chill washed up Wasppaw's spine as her eyes stayed fixed on the pale pelt of the unmoving apprentice before her.

The pounding footsteps racing towards her.

The desperate cry of her name.

None of it registered in her mind. She was too numb, so far withdrawn into herself that the rest of world had all but faded away.

Brookpaw looked so peaceful laying there on the sandy, pebbly shore, her eyes shut and her jaw slightly parted. Wasppaw sat down slowly beside her sister, tucking her tail around the she-cat's bloated body. She'd fallen silent, having given up on trying to wake her younger sister and just resigning herself to.

After all...

She had to be a good big sister and keep her safe. A dull ache echoed in her chest as she looked down emptily at the apprentice. Tears still streamed from her eyes, wetting her sister's sunbaked pelt further. That was a big sister's job right? To keep her siblings safe and sound. Wasppaw had never truly known loss like this.

Why did a part of her feel like this was her fault?

Somewhere deep in her heart, Wasppaw knew her sister wasn't just sleeping. She desperately wanted to deny the agonizing truth of the situation, but as the cool lakeside breeze ruffled her fur and brought with it the scent of death, she knew she couldn't lie to herself any longer.

At that moment, something in her snapped. Just as the dam broke and flooded the forest, something shattered within her and freed all the pain and confusion that had been contained by that icy numbness clouding her mind just moments before.

Her head fell back, her face turning towards the sky as she let out an agonized wail.

She didn't understand.

Why was this happening?

Where was her mother?

Where was her father?

Where was...

Sobs racking her small body, she turned her gaze to the tabby tom standing hesitantly nearby.


The tears just kept coming as she suddenly stepped towards her now sole source of comfort, burying her face in the tabby fur of his chest. How was she supposed to deal with this? How was she supposed to be okay now that she was alone?

This wasn't right.

Her voice slipped out as a broken whisper, catching in her throat as her breath escaped in ragged sobs.

"Is... this... a nightmare?"


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Tortoiseshell Tears
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