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Roleplay in a cat Clan of warriors. Based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Takes place in an AU before the cats in the books existed.
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 The Hawk and the Owl (Remake)

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PostSubject: The Hawk and the Owl (Remake)   The Hawk and the Owl (Remake) Icon_minitimeTue Feb 12, 2019 6:42 pm

The Hawk and the Owl (Remake)

[Stage 1]Not the Good Guy ONGOING!

Required Cats:
Tinystar [Ice]
Patrol cat #1: Clearpaw [Squirrelnose]
Patrol cat #2: Spottedleap [Sun]
Outsider: Hex [Ramenoodle]

Hawkstrike will be near a border when an outsider, call it by arrogance, chance, luck or ignorance, crosses it (Can be a rogue, loner, kittypet or even another clan cat). Thinking himself alone, Hawkstrike will have no qualms to put his good guy act behind and enforce the code in the rather merciless ways that he was trained on during the Dark Forest’s reign.

There can be an exchange of words prior or none, but in the end a fight will start (This fight can use the battle system if you want to use it for your cat’s requirements). Lacking the moral code of those trained under StarClan’s rule, Hawkstrike won’t hesitate on going all out against the other cat, as while his loyalty to his clan has managed to fix his twisted morality just enough to not kill without a valid motive, he still will show no mercy on the battlefield. During this fight he will also use at least one of ShadowClan’s signature moves (Since he was trained there instead of SkyClan), revealing he actually is not the old SkyClan warrior the clan believes he is.

Unknowingly to him, there will be another cats patrolling nearby that will cross paths with them before the fight breaks out and will be able to see the whole thing (It can be Tiny on a lone patrol or a patrol of up to 3 cats, led by him).

The owner of the outsider will be the one to choose between 2 scenarios:

1) The patrol reacts before things get out of hand, successfully breaking them apart before any serious injuries can be inflicted upon the cat (Small skirmish scars are ok in this scenario).
2) The patrol reacts too late, breaking them apart but not preventing Hawkstrike from causing serious injury to the other cat, it may include mauling (Note that if the cat is an apprentice, or apprentice aged if not a clan cat, actual mauling might be improbable as while Hawk can be quite merciless, he still has a soft spot for younger cats due to personal motives and would try to avoid causing disabilities to them. Ugly scars or even missing ears are still an ok tho).

I fully expect punishment from this to happen once he is taken back to camp, and that will actually play into the second part of his plot (Up to Ice if there is an extra thread to expose him and punish him accordingly, or if he will just be punished right then and there).

After this thread, I also expect Tiny and maybe even the rest of the patrol to start distrusting him, knowing not only that he is way more dangerous than he lets know, but also suspecting that his origins aren’t what they seemed (Plus, Ice can decide if Tiny will become especially untrusting of him given the warning of the Dark Exile Crowstar took in Lichenmask gave him some time ago, putting 2 and 2 together).

[Stage 2]Not A Heartless Villain Accepting Cats

Required Cats:
Tinystar [Ice]
Clearpaw [Squirrelnose]
Spottedleap [Sun]
Kit #1 (Obligatory, can be  temporary NPC)
Kit #2 (Optional)
Kit #3 (Optional)
Queen (Optional, if none signs up a queen, I’ll use Moonlight for this role)

As punishment from mauling, seriously injuring or nearly mauling the outsider, one of the things Hawk will be forced to go through will be camp confinement and help with the queens and elders. There will be 1 thread with him interacting with kits as he fetches food for the queens and even sneaks in a mossball and a feather or 2 for the kits to play with (He will take joy on being around kits, and it will show, but he won’t be willing to admit it given that is part of his punishment), in that thread he will overhear the kits talking about how much they want to go to explore Moonlight Creek after a tale given by the elders, but won’t give it much thought.

In a second thread, as he’s fetching moss for the beddings of the Queens, chaos will break out as a queen rushes out to report that a kit / several kits are missing. Tinystar immediately will start to organize search parties, worried after a warrior mentions the scent of dog they found earlier.

Hawkstrike, remembering what he heard he kits say, will act on impulse instead of thinking things through thanks to the panic of thinking the dog could get to the kits before them with how long the organizing is taking, bolting out of camp without a word even after Tinystar notices and orders him to return.

In a mix of panic and relief, he will reach the kit/kits on the path to Moonlight Creak (They are small, and won’t know the way beyond directions given by the elder that told the tale, so it would make sense they hadn’t reached it yet), noticing his fear became a reality as he sees a big dog approaching the terrified kit/ kits with clear intentions.

He will engage in fight without second thought with the dog with the only intention of saving the kits, for the first time in a very long time not putting his own safety before someone else’s. No battle system will be used here.

Tinystar, and the patrol cats of before if there were any, will arrive during this fight. By the time they arrive, the dog, even if noticeably injured, will be winning the battle against a now tired warrior who is on the brink of passing out and only hanging on and fighting due to sheer willpower. How they react will be up to them, but in the end they will finish Hawkstrike’s fight, if not for him for the kits, and chase the dog away. When this happens, Hawktrike will lose consciousness and be on the brink of death due to multiple injuries.

[Stage 3]A Promise Of Old Accepting Cats

Required Cats:
Tinystar [Ice]
Clearpaw [Squirrelnose]
Amberdawn [sumashira]
MCA (Optional)
DF cat #1: Lionfur [Ash]
DF cat #2: Smokestorm [Sun]
DF cat #3 (Optional)

Hawkstrike will be rushed back to camp, where the medicine cats will need to act quickly as they can tell he’s dying. Even at one point, his heart stops beating and they are forced to resurrect him.

At the same time this happens, there will be a thread made at the Dark Forest for him. Because of his old loyalties and the fact he’s in that strange place between alive and dead he shall be sent there for a very short period of time. He will cross paths with 1-3 Dark Forest cats, which shall remind him of the promise of old he once made to them and has slowly started to be forgotten by the brown tom, of doing anything on his paws to help them back to power.

Be aware that those that talk to him are very-well aware that this interaction with a “living” cat is unique given the circumstances that had to happen for them to be able to, and that given their lack of power they know this will be the only chance they may have to do so again for a long time, as it is unknown when they will have the power to communicate with them again through any other means…if they ever get the ability back, that is, and their interaction will be quite short. This means they won’t be willing to waste any time with useless chit chat, as otherwise they’re most likely to miss it forever.

One thing the DF cat/cats MUST demand of him is to kill Tinystar and try to take over SkC so he can try and convert the clan and make such influence slowly spread.

As soon as this interaction is over his heart will start beating again and he’ll vanish, back to the world of the living.

[Stage 4]A Ray Of Hope Accepting Cats

Required cats:
Mate: Acornfall [Mamenchisaurus]
Tinystar (Optional)
Mudfoot (Optional)
Kits (Optional)
Friends (Optional)
Enemies (Optional)
Other (Optional)

After waking from his near-death experience, Hawkstrike will need to spend time in the medicine cat’s den, both because of injuries and because his punishment isn’t actually over (Plus, he deliberately disobeyed direct orders from Tinystar even if the intentions behind such actions held no evil). During this time, 3 things can happen:

1) He gets kits of his own. Arguably the one thing that can and will affect the next part of the plot the most. Being a tom that grew with a strong feeling of abandonment and betrayal coming from his own father thanks to a mix of unlucky circumstances and manipulation by his Dark Forest mentor, he would do anything and everything in his paws to be “the father he never had” towards his kits. Through his kits, the shortest and easier way to his heart might be found, including a chance at finally letting go of his old grudges and rage, which keep chained him to darkness. These kits can even be the product of a 1 night stand if necessary.
2) Support from friends or loss of them. After the previous events, clan cats might start to either approach him after he saved the kits or reject him due to his aggression, now doubtful origins and/or inability to follow direct orders from the leader. Tinystar can also decide to dig deeper into his origins, he will start finding out more and more about him and depending on how he takes this info and his reaction towards it will greatly impact this (Tell me if you decide to have Tiny do this so we can plot it out, Ice)
3) The last warning from StarClan. While this is the most unlikely to happen due to many circumstances and must be plotted carefully given his strong grudges against the starry cats. Mudfoot shall had found out about his son’s motives and drives, the why and how he went from the energetic dreamer he once was to the merciless Dark Forest loyalist he became when he returned to ShaowClan after the Dark Forest reign, every lie and manipulation, every turn and encouragement he got from the evil spirits that surrounded him back when he was only an apprentice. He will try and speak with him, try to make him understand that the path he follows is not the right one for him. How the interaction goes and if the warning is delivered successfully depends greatly on if and how the previous 2 events go on.

These events are not bound to happen in any order and are completely optional, however, the lack or happening of all 3 will greatly impact how the plot develops in the next stage. If these happen, at least 3 threads (1 per event) must be done, but more can happen (Especially on the kits one).

More events can happen during this time as well, he won’t be restricted to just those. But basically, all what happens during this time will impact him either positively or negatively.

[Stage 5]Divergent Path Accepting Cats

Required cats:
Outsider above apprentice age (Obligatory, I’ll create a solo thread with an NPC if no outsider is signed up, doesn’t need to be the same as before)

This is the part where the plot finally splits, where depending on previous interactions and events, Hawkstrike’s soul will walk a path that leads to 2 different endings:

1) If Hawkstrike developed a good enough relationship with the clan and they managed to show him that the path of revenge is not the one he truly desires to take, when he encounters another outsider crossing the border in the first thread of him outside camp he will still try and chase him out. The outsider can decide to leave peacefully or engage in battle (Once again, this can count as a battle requirement if desired), and at some point Hawkstrike will have a perfect opportunity to kill the outsider. Guided by habit he will lounge for the kill…however, just as he is about to hit he will stop dead on his tracks. After remembering the lessons he learned from his clanmates and the second chance they gave to him even after all he did he will instead stand back and either let them go or refuse to fight anymore. No serious injuries/maiming will come from this fight.
2) If Hawkstrike failed to develop this relationship or if the evens didn’t happen / didn’t went well in any way, when he finds the outsider he will launch into battle without provocation. Be warned though, if this happens, Hawkstrike will go straight for the kill. He won’t hold back and it’s most likely your character will die, so think carefully when signing him up. If they don’t die, though, at least heavy maiming will take place.

[Stage 6]The Final Choice Locked!

Required cats:
Tinystar (Obligatory, both)
Patrol cat #1 (Obligatory, scenario #2 only, can be a temporary NPC)
Patrol cat #2 (Optional, scenario #2 only)
Patrol cat #3 (optional, scenario #2 only)

If the first scenario happens:

Tinystar would’ve followed Hawkstrike, as he wanted to make sure the lesson had been learned. By the show of compassion, Tinystar will step forward from where they were hiding, watching him, and congratulate him.

Noticing he is alone, he will feel the sudden urge to attack him and kill him, guided by the loyalties he held towards the Dark Forest. Depending on how well their relationship is, he will either fall for his dark side momentarily and make a clearly aggressive movement towards the small leader or resist it from the get-go. However, regardless on if he attempts to attack him or not, he won’t land a single hit on him, stopping himself before he even touches him.

Hawkstrike will collapse, and in a moment of overwhelming regret he will finally admit everything to Tinystar. From his origins, his loyalties towards the Dark Forest, the old promise and how he simply can’t fulfill it anymore. Depending on how much Tinystar knows about Hawstrike from his investigations, this can come as a surprise or not, and how they react to this it’s completely up to Ice.

If the second scenario happens:

Tinystar would’ve followed Hawkstrike alongside at least one more cat, as he wanted to make sure the lesson had been learned. After the heartless murder, Tinystar will step forward from where they were hiding without waiting for his companions, and confront him for it.

Thinking he is alone, he will feel the sudden urge to attack him and kill him, guided by the loyalties he held towards the Dark Forest. Depending on how well their relationship is, he will either hesitate before attacking him or straight up go after his neck without a second thought. Whether he takes a life from him or not is completely up to Ice.

As Hawkstrike attacks Tinystar, the cat/cats he came with will step up and help their leader, eventually defeating him (If you decide you want to, this can be done through the battle system for the requirement) and dragging the murderer back to camp.

[Stage 7]Consequences Locked!

Required cats:
Tinystar (Obligatory, both)
Friends / Enemies / Kits / Mate (Optional, both)
Mudfoot (Optional, scenario #1 only)
Patrol cat #1 (Obligatory, scenario #2 only, can be a temporary NPC)
Patrol cat #2 (Optional, scenario #2 only)
Patrol cat #3 (Optional, scenario #2 only)
Clan (Optional, scenario #2 only)

If the first scenario happens:

Hawkstrike will return to camp with Tinystar. Whether he gets some form of punishment, requires a public callout for his origins, a simple scolding, anything of the short or nothing at all will be completely up to Ice.

He will spend a thread with those he learned to love free of old grudges and rage, finally happy for the first time in a very long time. As this threads goes on, above camp, a hawk and an owl will suddenly come out and start fighting each other, for the surprise of everyone. The Hawk will finally come out victorious and a dead owl will fall off the sky, landing before Hawkstrike, while the Hawk starts flying high and away, losing itself between the clouds. While most cats won’t understand this, Tinystar and Hawkstrike will look at each other, as they are the only ones to know the meaning of this.

Owlstrike, the merciless Dark Forest loyalist, no longer exists. Only Hawkstrike, the SkyClan warrior, who chose the path towards redemption over the Dark one laid before him by the corrupted ghosts that lurked in the eternal darkness.

As an optional bonus, Hawkstrike can have a dream that night where his father will come and talk to him. Finally understanding the error of his ways and how much pain he caused his father to go through, Hawkstrike will broke down crying, too ashamed and feeling himself not worthy of his father’s forgiveness. After a thread with the two cats finally not talking to each other as rivals, but father and son, Hawkstrike and Mudfoot would finally come to good terms with each other, finding that long lost bond through reconciliation.

If the second scenario happens:

Hawkstrike will be dragged back in camp by Tinystar and the cat/cats that accompanied him. Whether Tiny decides to make this an actual clan topic or not is completely up to Ice.

Blinded by rage, Hawkstrike will show no remorse when called out for his crimes and instead will curse Tinystar, StarClan as well as any cat that tries to go against him, finally showing his true colors. At one point he’ll try to attack Tinystar yet again, but will be stopped by the patrol cats and/or the clan.

He will go berserk, trying to kill or at least harm anyone close enough to him, making clear he is way too dangerous to be let free on exile (If the patrol cat was an NPC, they WILL be killed in here). As this happens, a hawk and owl will start fighting above camp and eventually the owl will win and a dead hawk will land before Tinystar, the owl flying towards the darkest part of the forest. Whether he understands this sign will depend on how much he knows about Hawkstrike and his past.

Seeing no other option, Tinystar, the cat/cats that brought him to camp and/or the clan will have to engage on a battle to the death against him, eventually killing him and casting his soul to the Dark Forest at last.


This plot was approved already, screenshots proving it will be provided if needed

You stumble across the whispering book, where all my cats can be found (Currently being Updated)

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The Hawk and the Owl (Remake) Curren18

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PostSubject: Re: The Hawk and the Owl (Remake)   The Hawk and the Owl (Remake) Icon_minitimeSat Feb 23, 2019 4:59 pm

This has been officially approved, though I'm 99% sure it was approved before.

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The Hawk and the Owl (Remake)
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