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Roleplay in a cat Clan of warriors. Based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Takes place in an AU before the cats in the books existed.
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 Wilted Blossom (OPEN / Jaystar needed)

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PostSubject: Wilted Blossom (OPEN / Jaystar needed)   Wilted Blossom (OPEN / Jaystar needed) Icon_minitimeWed Jan 23, 2019 6:08 pm

(OOC: A continuation of this topic.)

"Somebody! Anybody, please! H-Help me!"

Flurryshine let go of Snowblossom's scruff to wail out to her Clan from the entrance of camp. Tears fell down her cheeks rapidly, and she and her mother were both completely soaked. She tried picking up Snowblossom's scruff to drag her further into camp again, but her legs gave out underneath her, and she collapsed to the ground with a loud sob. She just didn't have the strength to move anymore.

She had been too late. She saw Snowblossom falling into the river, and her poor mother hadn't been strong enough to fight her way back up to the surface. She herself hadn't been strong enough to save her mother's life. She was dead, ironically drowned in the river.

And it was all her fault.

It was always the fault of her own for the death of those she loved so dearly. Her first mate, her kit, her first apprentice... and now her mother. When was StarClan going to stop punishing her for whatever wrong she had done to them?

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PostSubject: Re: Wilted Blossom (OPEN / Jaystar needed)   Wilted Blossom (OPEN / Jaystar needed) Icon_minitimeThu Jan 24, 2019 8:26 am

A mournful wail pierced the air and drew Lightstep from the elder's den where he had just delivered an unfortunately scrawny chickadee. The heart-break in the cry immediately alarmed him and set the fur on his shoulder bristling. He burst into the clearing to see two familiar white pelts drenched in water. Wasting no time, Lightstep raced over. He reached Flurryshine a moment after she collapsed to the ground, pressing his head against her shoulder for a moment and asking with alarm, "Flurryshine, what happened?" She sobbed on the ground, wet fur tangled with the fur of another frail, limp she-cat. "Snowblossom," Lightstep gasped. Louder, he called, "Snowblossom needs help!"

The young white warrior withdrew from Flurryshine to place his paws gently on Snowblossom, trying to quickly get her in a position to be examined. The instant his pads touched her lifeless body, a cold chill ran through Lightstep's blood. He slowed and slowly backed away from the white she-cat, staring at her with an expression of sorrow and fear. "Oh, Snowblossom..." Lightstep murmured softly. Then he looked at Flurryshine, his yellow eyes glittering with tears. "Flurryshine... I'm so sorry..." He padded to her side once again and crouched beside her, pressing his warm coat against hers. Lightstep hesitated, then begin to lick the fur on her shoulders and neck the wrong way, drawing the water out and trying to warm and console the poor, mourning warrior.


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PostSubject: Re: Wilted Blossom (OPEN / Jaystar needed)   Wilted Blossom (OPEN / Jaystar needed) Icon_minitimeSat Jan 26, 2019 7:23 am

Scorchclaw jerked his head up, startled. The sight subsequently reflected in his pale-green gaze caused him to instantly forget the half-eaten fish at his paws. One of his clanmates, Flurryshine, stood at the entrance of the RiverClan camp. Barely a glance was necessary for him to tell how much distress she was in. "Flurryshine...?" He inquired, having not quite registered the scene. Crumpled on the ground by her side was a soaked, bedraggled mass of white fur. As he leaped to his paws, recognition set in. Snowblossom—she lay unmoving, water still trickling off her pelt in tiny rivulets. His eyes immediately widened. How could this have happened? He was right behind Lightstep, bounding over to the distraught warrior. In tense silence, he watched as the younger tom touched Snowblossom.

The change that came over Lightstep did not miss Scorchclaw's attention. "Oh, Snowblossom..." At that instant, the large deputy understood what had become of their clanmate. A pang struck his heart, sharp and cruel. Denial rising up within him, he touched his nose to her side. Cold—the cold of the dead. Her sides no longer rose and fell with breath. He grit his teeth, unsheathed claws digging into the ground. "...She hunts with StarClan now." At length, he managed to force the words out. His gaze dark, he turned to Flurryshine. Her broken sobs filled the air, each one so full of pain it hurt him too. He found himself at a loss for words as Lightstep made an attempt to comfort her. What happened? The words were right on the tip of his tongue, but he held them back. How could he be so cruel? Questions could wait; for now, at least. "She was a dedicated warrior of RiverClan." He murmured. "She will be missed."

Leaving Flurryshine to Lightstep, Scorchclaw entered Jaystar's den. "Jaystar, Snowblossom is dead."

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Wilted Blossom (OPEN / Jaystar needed) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Wilted Blossom (OPEN / Jaystar needed)   Wilted Blossom (OPEN / Jaystar needed) Icon_minitime

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Wilted Blossom (OPEN / Jaystar needed)
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