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Roleplay in a cat Clan of warriors. Based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Takes place in an AU before the cats in the books existed.
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The Clans, each suffering in a way of their own, fight to maintain the normal peaceful life they built. What struggles await them with the shifting seasons?
Leaf-fall has come at last, and the trees are shifting colors. Cooler nights linger, and the morning dawns misted.
Gatherings take place on the 1st of the month; keep your eyes out for a staff member's post!
Make sure to check your Clan's Key Events under the Clan Information boards to see what's happening in your Clan!
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 Trapped! (Closed)

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Beartooth's desperate state disappeared almost instantly as the comforting scent of Harefoot wafted around him. The pounding in his heart dissipated and everything seemed to come to some semi-focused state. His breathing came in shallow, short gasps as the metallic tang of blood overwhelmed his taste buds, a sensation he had not realized for the previous moment. Having been snapped out of the daze, the warrior slowly digested the words and actions of his clanmates. Each step was slow and arduous as the last but the few lengths to the stick were quickly closed. Massive paws bad touch away at the earth as he gritted his teeth and his claws threw up the remainder of the dirt that had clung to the tip of the stake. It hit the ground and the sound seemed to reverberate in his ears. The tom's shoulders hunched forward as he padded back a couple of pawsteps to stand next to Birdflight. Pain welled up in his eyes as he stared helplessly at the wounded warrior.

Character Profiles

Trapped! (Closed) - Page 2 Ripped10

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✢  Beartooth of Thunderclan // 100/280 // Tom // color=#669900  ✢
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Arcayus the Loner // 45/140 // Tom // color=#ff9966 ︵
Basilkit of Skyclan // Post-Womb // She-cat // color=#00cc99 〷

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Trapped! (Closed)
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