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Roleplay in a cat Clan of warriors. Based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Takes place in an AU before the cats in the books existed.
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Welcome to WCC! Here are our latest announcements:
The Clans, having faced their various opponents and challenges, fight to maintain the normal lives they have built. What struggles await them as the creeping fingers of leaf-bare grip the forest?
Activity checks take place on the 1st of the month. This month's activity check has been completed and closed. If you missed it, please PM a staff member with the filled form for each of your characters.
Leaf-bare has set in, the days bitterly cold. The prey of the territory have taken shelter for the season, making hunting difficult. Herbs are dying in the crisp, cold air. How will the clans fare?
Gatherings take place on the 1st of the month; keep your eyes out for a staff member's post!
Make sure to check your Clan's Key Events under the Clan Information boards to see what's happening in your Clan!
Please feel free to hit up any staff member if you have any questions!


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WCC's Lore Page SfnJ0V6
Modern Canon's Official Site-Wide History Page
always a wip! c;

WCC's Lore Page SfnJ0V6
November 27, 2012 → March 13, 2013
WCC's Lore Page Giphy

"Death is but a transition. Those who die with honor, fighting for their gods, will be rewarded. But those like you, you should fear death and the gods judgement."

PLOY: Exterminate the Clans

OFFICIAL STORY: A ferocious collective of Rogues are devoted followers of a polytheistic religion which features a plethora of obscure deities, whom they worship and subsequently kill for. These Rogues, known as the Deomilites, sweep through the neighboring lands to massacre the copious amounts of innocent cats- solely in pursuit of appeasing their fraudulent gods and goddesses. Setting their sights upon the heathenish Clans and their blasphemous religion, the Deomilites wage a holy crusade against the Clans in the name of progression and the elimination of sinners. A brutal war transpires, with massive causalities and entire Clans being driven from their very own camps. During the darkest nights of such a time, the Clans were nearly lost to the ensuing chaos wreaked by the Deomilites, only spared from a nightmarish fate by a singular deflector known as Amalric. Amalric, disgusted by the devastation inflicted upon the innocent, rallies the Clans together in a final desperate stand against the Deomilites in the form of an ambush.

PROGNOSIS: The five Clans, united in in pursuit of survival, drive the Deomilites away from the forest.
TRIVIA: WCC's first official site-wide plot post reboot!

WCC's Lore Page SfnJ0V6
May 21, 2014 → October 2, 2014
WCC's Lore Page Original

"The time has come for us all to choose. Choose between salvation through the light, or death through the darkness. I can see them. Shadows creep up on you from all sides. The night is coming to overtake you all. War is coming for you."

PLOY: Exact vengeance upon the Clans

OFFICIAL STORY: Enraged and bitter over the terrible defeat by the Clans, the Deomilites were left to scatter to the wind- without purpose, rendered unable to continue in the pursuit of conquering in the name of their Gods. Crushed and resentful, the Deomilites who managed to survive the slaughter began to grow wicked and cold, driven no longer by the bounds of their religion, but solely by the desperate need for vengeance. Ranks decimated by the high causalities of the great battle, the remaining Deomilites were forced to plunder and raid the Twolegplace in hopes of recruiting new fodder into their awaiting war. Using Wicca-like abilities to fight an unseen war through a variety of bizarre spells, cataclysmic events began to befall the cats of the forest. The estranged priestess Elea made an unexpected return to the Clans, warning of a strange eternal night that would bring the ultimate destruction of the Clans.

PROGNOSIS: The Deomilites were once again, unable to achieve their goals- but successfully left a lasting mark upon the Clans in the process.
TRIVIA: The official sequel to Deus Vult, but it was unable to reach completion due to many users being unwilling to go along with the plot/presenting characters with OOC knowledge.

WCC's Lore Page SfnJ0V6
January 31, 2016 → August 18, 2016
WCC's Lore Page Tumblr_m8hzrqSD5S1r3io02o1_500

"Did you really think that the Dark Forest would be lead by such a weakling? Did you really think we would present our real Leader when we only were already accepted by so few? Go my warriors! Drive them out! This is our forest!"

MAIN ANTAGONIST: Smokefang + Morningstar
PLOY: To overthrown StarClan + Take over the Clans

OFFICIAL STORY: Forever condemned to a eternity of agony, the inhabitants of the Place of No Stars sought revenge against all those who wronged them during their mortal days. Fronted by the conniving former Warrior Smokefang, the tendrils of darkness descend upon the forest- seeking out all those with a dismal bleakness within their hearts. Successfully quashing StarClan, overthrowing Clans, and imprisoning the innocent to suffer their cruel wrath, the Dark Forest ruled through their designated proxies. Those cast out by the Dark Forest, shamed and estranged, eventually returned to their beloved homes to fight for both their kin and their ghostly ancestors. Courage reawakened by the sight of their lost Leaders and Deputies, those who were forced to reside in the forest during the Dark Forest rebelled against the hostile occupation. Moons of tension and conflict came to a head in the form of a ferocious battle, with preexisting loyalties and love lost to the darkness of the terrible night as StarClan and the Place of No Stars finally collide.

PROGNOSIS: Successful at the cost of countless causalities, the Dark Forest was chased right back into their nightmarish prison by both the Clans and StarClan.
TRIVIA: Officially the most popular site-wide plot to date, with the final battle reaching nearly 30 pages.

WCC's Lore Page SfnJ0V6
January 15, 2017 → April 13, 2017
WCC's Lore Page Barn7

"You believe so much in the fact that your clans will outlast us. But just you wait... your mournful cries will echo through the forest when we have slaughtered your kin!"

ANTAGONIST GROUP: Bear's Group of Rogues
PLOY: Take down the clans and exacting retribution for the demise of Bear's family

OFFICIAL STORY: As a kit, Bear lost his brother while wandering near the forest. In the wake of their loss, his mother lost any drive to continue on which eventually lead to her death, leaving behind a young and bitter Bear. As he grew and came to learn the tales of the cats who ruled the forest where his brother went missing, his hatred grew alongside the belief the Clans were solely responsible for ruining his life and destroying lives of rogues. With his mind made up, Bear headed for the forest where he began to recruit other rogues. Together, they kidnapped cats from every Clan (including medicine cats and pregnant she-cats) and forced them to either be hostages or join his cause. Several kits were born into the group as he continued down this path. Eventually, one of the ThunderClan hostages, an apprentice named Spottedpaw, tried to escape. Bear, when he discovered her, tore her up within an inch of death and sent her to a Gathering to deliver the message that one day he would inflict that same suffering up all of the Clans. In response, the Clan leaders came together to send a patrol of their best cats to snuff out the rogue group before it became too dangerous. They met in a vicious battle at the barn, a battle in which even the kits of Bear's group fought. The rogue leader was killed by his own long-lost brother, Flamestrike, who was aided by Honeydrop, the medicine cat of Shadowclan at the time. The remaining rogues either joined Clans who extended the offer or disappeared, and the kits who were born were assimilated into the clans.

PROGNOSIS: Bear was unable to gain the power he desired when representatives of all Clans came together to destroy his group before it became too strong, and the remaining cats disappeared or dispersed to the Clans.
TRIVIA: Bear's Treachery started as a rogue plot when Ripped was a new user and became a site-wide as it progressed. This had not been a planned site-wide, but nonetheless it impacted all of the Clans who came together to defeat him.

WCC's Lore Page SfnJ0V6
March 24, 2017 → August 22, 2017
WCC's Lore Page VwOv

"Mist of the Dark Forest, I call upon you to slay the Deputies, slay the Warriors, slay any cat that hold the stars in their heart, but harm no apprentice or those who would follow us. We must strike the chains of StarClan from the forest. We will have no masters today... Go."

MAIN ANTAGONIST: Smokefang + Swoop of Fierce Doves
PLOY: Destroy the Clans who refused to accept Ancient SkyClan [The Tribe of Endless Skies]

OFFICIAL STORY: Ancient SkyClan, thought to be lost to the ravages of time, has clung to the threads of survival by reforming into the Tribe of Endless Skies, whom now make their home in the bleak mountains. Driven by inhospitable conditions and desperation, their Stoneteller is forced to guide his demoralized Tribe back into the forest in pursuit of survival, only to bring an unwelcomed visitor drifting in their wake. Soon after their reappearance in the forest, a strange Mist begins to plague all Clans- countless cats seemingly vanishing into thin air, while misfortune of monstrous proportions befalls those who were fortunate enough to escape the Mist. Tension forcibly mounts between every Clan as nightmarish fires, famines, and horrors incessantly occur. After the Mist captures every Leader and the Clans subsequently turn upon the remaining Tribe members, it is revealed that the source of the Mist is a Kit-Mother by the name of Swoop of Fierce Doves. Swoop, driven mad by the horrific death of her kin and Tribemates, had made a deal with the Dark Forest to ensure that her Tribe would be safely received by all five Clans.

PROGNOSIS: Swoop of Fierce Doves was killed, thus destroying the Mist. The Tribe of Endless Skies is able to exist in peace, with some members choosing to return to the mountains while others chose to reside within the Clans.
TRIVIA: The original villain of the plot was supposed to be Sharptooth, a ferocious mountain lion who pursued the fleeing Tribe- however, an accidental plot leak forced Staff to rework the entire concept.

WCC's Lore Page SfnJ0V6
May 28, 2018 → November 9, 2018
WCC's Lore Page Giphy

"I gave you a choice between living in my new world, and dying within your old- you made your choice, and now not even the stars themselves will save you from the fate you've chosen! May those who look after the souls of the condemned hear my words, and bear witness on my promise to deliver you all to them."

ANTAGONIST GROUP: The Exiles + The Regime
PLOY: Eradicate the impure from the Clans

OFFICIAL STORY: StarClan, fueled by spite for those who behave as though consequences are nonexistent, bless a young RiverClanner by the name of Lichenmask with incredible prophetic and supernatural abilities. Lichenmask, forcibly fronted as the champion of the war upon impurity, rises to immense power with little trepidation. Using his admittedly peculiar abilities to blackmail every Leader into doing his bidding, a treacherous ultimatum is bestowed upon the Clans- slaughter the impure or face total annihilation. Unwilling to commit such heinous acts of unnecessary violence, the Clans are once again forced to band together in hopes of protecting the innocent from a fate most cruel. Guided by the hateful ghosts of the past and self-righteous fury, Lichenmask uses the wholly unnatural abilities that were seemingly innate to him by causing an Eclipse to reign over the forest. With heavy hearts and tarnished faith, the cats of the forest are cast out amongst a sea of doubt as they face off against the wrath of both Lichenmask and StarClan.

PROGNOSIS: Lichenmask, alongside the Exiles and Regime, are struck down in a great battle- thus releasing the forest from the claws of an unnatural Eclipse.
TRIVIA: The original concept of this plot came from the beloved user Fish, who was inspired by the story of the High Sparrow from the A Song of Ice and Fire universe!

WCC's Lore Page SfnJ0V6
February 20, 2019 → May 20, 2019
WCC's Lore Page Giphy

"The Tribe's biggest fear stands in your path, and you must defeat it. From jaws as sharp as mountain peaks, the sun will rise as red as the blood on stones in the direction of a forest guarded by stars."

MAIN ANTAGONIST: The Forces of Nature
PLOY: Improve Clan-Tribe relations; Help reduce to three characters per player

OFFICIAL STORY: Following constant, heavy rains in the transition from leaf-bare to new-leaf, the Clan cats awakened one day to find the territories flooding. They hastened to high ground, but, unbenknownst to them, a twoleg dam broke and released a devastating wave which swept half of the Clans. Those who were able to reach safety, which included Jaystar of RiverClan, Tinystar of SkyClan, Pricklebush of ThunderClan, and Finchstar of WindClan, eventually convened at Highstones. The leaders and medicine cat met with StarClan in the Moonstone; they were told to travel to the Tribe, but SkyClan and WindClan stayed behind at Highstones as the other three Clans traveled onward. The Tribe greeted the Clans stiffly, but honored their ancient connections. In the meantime, SkyClan and WindClan were hunted by dogs at Highstones and chased off, eventually making their own way to the Tribe where they are greeted a bit more warmly than the first group. The Clan cats then learned that in order to return home and reunite with their Clanmates, they must fight the Tribe's greatest fear: the Sharptooth. As they made their plan, the Sharptooth arrived, forcing them into action early.

PROGNOSIS: The Clan cats were able to lure the Sharptooth down the mountain where it came into contact with the dogs and they battled each other, allowing the Clans to return to the forest - though they return to it wiped clean by the flood.
TRIVIA: Our sweet Seer introduced the plot before having to go on a school hiatus, leaving it in the capable hands of staff. This plot was guided by Jay Bird and helped by Grey and Ash.

WCC's Lore Page SfnJ0V6
March 7, 2019 → May 12, 2019
WCC's Lore Page Giphy

"We may still be recovering, but if StarClan has spoken we must follow. We will have to help each other along the way, as we already have. I'd rather get started on the way home on our own terms than be discovered by the twolegs that seem to be returning nearby and forced out without time to prepare."

MAIN ANTAGONIST: The Forces of Nature
PLOY: Improve inter-Clan relations; Help reduce to three characters per player

OFFICIAL STORY: [Newleaf's Tears Sub-Plot] Following constant, heavy rains in the transition from leaf-bare to new-leaf, the Clan cats awakened one day to find the territories flooding. They hastened to high ground, but, unbenknownst to them, a twoleg dam broke and released a devastating wave which swept half of the Clans. Those who were unable to reach safety in time were swept by the force of the water, carried far from everything they'd ever known. When the floodwaters receded, they found themselves stranded on the shores of a lake; those on the East, headed by Scorchstar of ShadowClan and Amberdawn of SkyClan, had to contend with dogs and Twolegs while those on the West, headed by Leopardstar of ThunderClan, Scorchclaw of RiverClan, and Mintwhisker of SkyClan, were left exposed to the elements with no shelter. After receiving a sign that the forest was ready for their return and instructions on how to do so, each Shore set off as soon as they were able. The shores each reunited after a moon apart on a wooden twoleg bridge; from there, they followed the brightest star up the river to find their way home.

PROGNOSIS: Each Shore was able to conquer the elements and reunite to return home to a nearly wholly undone forest that only time could heal.
TRIVIA: Our sweet Seer introduced the plot before having to go on a school hiatus, leaving it in the capable hands of staff. This segment, a sub-plot of Newleaf's Tears, was overseen by Cays and Sumashira.

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