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Roleplay in a cat Clan of warriors. Based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Takes place during the time before the cats in the books existed.
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 Faded Stars on the Marshes (OPEN / CLAN MEETING)

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PostSubject: Re: Faded Stars on the Marshes (OPEN / CLAN MEETING)   Sun Sep 30, 2018 6:29 pm

Having been on a patrol, Mudfoot was shocked when the sky suddenly turned black, which of course had led him to race back to camp to warn the others. Unfortunately for him, he hadn't been there when Littlestar and the rest arrived back at camp, but what he came back to wasn't what he thought, nor wanted to see at all. Laying in front of Jaggedrock was Littlestar, her form looking peaceful, but by the overwhelming stench of fear and blood in the air, not to mention the gathered cats, he knew perfectly well she wasn't simply sleeping. No, of course it couldn't have been that simple.

Taking a step forward from the back of the crowd, it felt as if his body was being pressed down by the weight of the sky. His stomach was tight, his head was spinning. This couldn't be happening. Not now, not ever. Pulling his paw from the ground, Mudfoot took another step. And then another, and another, until he was standing in front of his mate's motionless pelt.

"L-littlestar?" dropping to the ground, Mudfoot nudged the she-cat's cold body. The scent of her blood stung his nose and tears began to well up within his green eyes. "Littlestar, come on, wake up," he choked, sounding like a kit who'd just lost their mother. She'd simply gone to meet with some cats, what in StarClan's name had happened in such a short amount of time? She was dead. His beloved mate and leader, dead. They'd been together for so long, gone through so much, and now she was just... gone, and he didn't even get to say goodbye.

Burying his head into the tortoiseshell's blood stained pelt, Mudfoot stayed where he was, not even paying attention to anything Scorchfang was saying. Soft, muffled sobs escaped the senior cat's throat as he found it difficult to breathe, and the fact that he was crying in front of the entire clan didn't even cross his mind. All that mattered was that he we here with his mate, Littlestar while she ascended up to StarClan to join his father and other loved ones. Tonight, ShadowClan had lost a truly great cat.

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PostSubject: Re: Faded Stars on the Marshes (OPEN / CLAN MEETING)   Sat Oct 06, 2018 6:24 am

Scorchfang nodded in acknowledgement to Froststone's suggestion. "Good idea, Froststone. From now on, the camp is to be guarded at all times, one guard during the day and two at night. We will rotate guards beginning at sunrise, sunhigh, sunfall, and moonhigh -- or at least we'll try to keep that schedule with the strange red moon blocking out the sun in the sky. Froststone, you can be sunrise's guard, followed by Wildstrike at sunhigh, Tansyheart at sunfall, and finally Daisyflame and Crowfur at moonhigh. Apprentices, if your mentor is guarding during the day you will be assigned with chores around camp until your mentor is able to train you. We need to reinforce the brambles protecting the entrance, to ensure no enemies can easily slip in, so that will be your task once the elders and queens are tended to."

Next, he addressed Wildstrike's question. He had already answered it, but a refresher after everything that had happened wouldn't hurt. "Apprentices will not be traveling to the Moonstone. We cannot risk having a Clan without a medicine cat, even if just for a day. I will choose a deputy before moonhigh -- whenever that would be at this point -- as the Clan needs it, even if I won't be a proper leader with nine lives at the ceremony. With that being said, you may still refer to me as Scorchfang," he added with a kinder glance over at Sparkpaw.

He glanced down at Mudfoot as he approached his deceased mate, and his heart began to ache anew. He softly sighed before wrapping up the meeting. "Let us sit vigil for Littlestar until sunfall. Then the elders may bury her. If you have any other questions, don't be afraid to approach me. This concludes the Clan meeting." He leaped down from Jaggedrock and approached his dead leader, nestling down parallel to Mudfoot and pushed his muzzle into her fur, trying desperately not to cry. He knew he couldn't stay here forever, as much as he wanted to; he needed to prepare himself to help his Clan in any way that he can. Standing up after several moments, he turned to the leader's den where Littlestar used to sleep and slipped inside, his black pelt blending in and disappearing into the darkness.


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PostSubject: Re: Faded Stars on the Marshes (OPEN / CLAN MEETING)   Sat Oct 06, 2018 5:53 pm

Rowantalon, who had watched the clan meeting from the shelter of the Elder's Den, stepped into the light as soon as the meeting was finished.
Three. Rowantalon had seen the rise and fall of three leaders. Leopardstar, Magpiestar, and now... The rosette-covered elder shook himself, his graying muzzle twisted into a grimace of despair. "Littlestar..." He turned his gaze to the sky, his expression changing into one of intense worry. "Will guide us all from afar. She's resting now, in Starclan where she belongs."

The old tom took a few steps toward Mudfoot, but hesitated when he heard the tom's muffled wails of grief. He had lost so much... Rowantalon knew from experience that it was wisest to let him have this moment alone. Instead, the red tom turned his gray face to Scorchfang.
His son.
Despite the shock, despite the immeasurable sadness that weighed Rowantalon down, he couldn't help but feel a faint flicker of pride for his second-eldest son. It wasn't his current position- Scorchfang could still be an apprentice for all Rowantalon cared. No, it was the leaps and bounds he had made to grow from a disrespectful apprentice to a wise, honorable leader. To change oneself took an incredible amount of work, and Rowantalon would be a fool not to recognize it.

After a moment, the old tom seemed to come out of a trance. With a heavy sigh, the elder stood beside Littlestar's body, placing one large paw on hers. "Why did you have to leave us so soon..." He whispered, turning his hazel eyes back towards the stars.

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PostSubject: Re: Faded Stars on the Marshes (OPEN / CLAN MEETING)   

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Faded Stars on the Marshes (OPEN / CLAN MEETING)
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