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 The Darkest Night [closed, PLOT]

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Yoshachu Scorchachu

Yoshachu Scorchachu

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PostSubject: Re: The Darkest Night [closed, PLOT]   The Darkest Night [closed, PLOT] - Page 4 Icon_minitimeThu Sep 27, 2018 9:29 pm

(OOC: Not sure if I’m supposed to post yet, but Scorch has a LOT to convey XD)

Everything happened so fast. Lichenmask’s proclamation. His leaping off of the Great Rock. Him sweeping Littlestar off her paws. ...His claws slashing straight through her, practically tearing her in half down the middle.

Scorchfang watched in shocked silence, his body trembling, his jaw gaped wide open, as ShadowClan’s beloved leader — his beloved leader — writhed and twitched helplessly on the ground. The grass beneath her darkened by the black sky and the trees’ shade now grew darker with a pool of her own blood, which seemed to flow endlessly from her, just like her first life. Her second life. Third. Fourth. Fifth, sixth, seventh, eight...

All it took was one single cat. Just a common RiverClanner with no magically enhanced strength or anything of the sort. Just a normal cat. A normal cat... who stripped a Clan leader of all nine lives with one swipe of his claws. That’s all it took.

His legs trembled. He felt as though his body was growing heavier and heavier, supported on brittle pine needles that would snap at any given moment. His strength left him, and he collapsed to the ground. Littlestar’s gory, lifeless body began to swim and distort as tears robbed him of proper sight.

How could this have happened? Surely this was not the will of StarClan? Their warrior ancestors welcomed apprentices to their realm during their rites of passage to become warriors, no matter their heritage. They welcomed deceased cats with diverse blood into their midst with open paws. They grant those lucky enough to lead an entire Clan the gift of nine lives based on the cat’s strength, loyalty, courage, and heart.

Blood had nothing to do with any of this. It never had. So why would StarClan suddenly make it such a dramatic deal now? It didn’t make sense. Nothing made sense!

His mouth moved up and down for several agonizingly long heartbeats, struggling to find the words he wanted to speak. He wanted to say something. He needed to say something. To Lichenfang. To his former Clanmates. To his fellow leaders and deputies. To Littlestar’s dead figure.

Finally... after far too long... he was able to speak... his voice low as a growl and laced with heartache and fury. ”You killed my leader.” He rose his head, which felt heavier than Jaggedrock itself, and he glared icily at his Littlestar’s killer. ”You are an enemy of ShadowClan now. Thus, you shall be treated as such. As of now, you and your followers are to never show your sorry tails in ShadowClan territory ever again. If any of my warriors catch you trespassing, you will be killed on the spot without question.”

Was he being too hard? Was he being too demanding? He didn’t know — he was not used to being a leader of an entire Clan, save for instances where Littlestar would become too sick to perform simple duties such as holding warrior ceremonies or even representing ShadowClan at Gatherings. But frankly, right now, he didn’t give a rat’s tail. He should really kill Lichenmask on the spot! But... he remembered how easily he was able to strip a Clan leader with nine lives at her disposal of all of them. He just had one right now, and a Clan without a leader or a deputy would be very dangerous. He would not allow his Clan to become an anarchy.

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PostSubject: Re: The Darkest Night [closed, PLOT]   The Darkest Night [closed, PLOT] - Page 4 Icon_minitimeFri Sep 28, 2018 10:18 am

Rendered into a motionless statue, Brindlestar was transfixed by the petrifying morphing of the night sky. Tendrils of red crept across the dark night sky with an ominous hunger, easily obscuring the faint specks of impassive starlight. Every last remnant of familiarity seemed unable to withstand the infernal red light that had been beckoned forth by Lichenmask, leaving behind nothing but a dismal ruddy sky that bled crimson shadows down upon the earth. However, strangely enough, it wasn't a sense of fear that left her immobile- it was a sensation more akin to that of detached curiosity. Could a mortal cat truly have such abilities? Perhaps StarClan was on his side after all. A vacant expression overtook her narrow features as the young RiverClanner suddenly went sailing to the ground before her, only narrowly avoiding a head on collision between the pair. It the few brief seconds that it took for her mind to register the sudden movements that sparked into existence as Littlestar and Lichenmask went sprawling into the dry grasses below their paws, Littlestar was practically eviscerated in a single fell swoop. The profuse blood that wept wildly from the savage wounds that marred Littlestar's twitching form seemed to glow under the foreign red light of the moon, illuminating the dry earth before the many Leaders and their Deputies. The foul stench of fear and agony laid heavily upon one's tongue, a tidal wave of nausea surging through Brindlestar's veins as she watched life after life drain away from her fellow Leader. Lichenmask could change the moon, he could tear through nine whole lives with hardly an ounce of effort. They were nothing but mere mice in comparison to him.

A clamor arose within the clearing, countless voices shrill with rage and cruel excitement. Could this truly be the will of StarClan? Brindlestar couldn't help but wonder, her absent gaze focused upon the limp being of Littlestar. Would they sincerely inflict such terrible violence in pursuit of such a fascist goal? Could the living really be so insignificant within their eyes? Scorching fury seemed to emanate from somewhere deep within her shell-shocked being, the agonizing flames of rage burning with such a vehement intensity that she felt as though she would buckle beneath the weight. Lips curling back to reveal sharp teeth, which glinted in an unsightly manner beneath the red light, she took a step forward- spine arched, with fur bristling in a wild manner. "Death does not make those old starry-eyed bats any wiser than they were when they still drew breath!" Brindlestar all but roared over the ensuing calamity that plagued the hollow, eyes wild with foreign rage, "If those are truly the words of our ancestors, then WindClan shall no longer listen to the words of dead fools! In this war, my Clan's only allegiance shall be to the living, and nothing more." Whirling around and glaring at the crowd of blood-thirsty kits, ones who sulked in silence before her, the pale-furred molly let out a threatening hiss. "If you wish to fight this battle, I shall make you pay for every step with every last drop of blood within your soiled veins. Your cruel, faux ancestors will not heed your cries for mercy."

Shouldering past several of the Clanless exiles, she only paused for a moment so that Swiftstep could follow suit. Stalking out of Fourtrees without a single moment of hesitation, Brindlestar turned her back upon StarClan entirely.

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The Darkest Night [closed, PLOT] - Page 4 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Darkest Night [closed, PLOT]   The Darkest Night [closed, PLOT] - Page 4 Icon_minitimeFri Sep 28, 2018 11:30 am

One second, all the leaders were proclaiming their disdain of Lichenmask, insulting and condescending and irrationally angry. Every one of them decided to abandon their warrior ancestors, drawing back to save their foolish vain pride. How could they do that? How could they just completely disregard their only chance at salvation? She was exiled from ShadowClan- good riddance. Though she loved and honored her Clan, the forest had become so corrupted that she couldn't stand it. And her beloved Clan would get nowhere under that old, blind elder Littlestar and her codebreaking deputy. No Clan would. Would Lichenmask stand for this? Without thinking, the warrior turned to her idol. What did he plan to do, now that the leaders had doomed themselves?

Then, her faith was vindicated. The savior of their Clans showed his power, his true glory revealed. Possessed of StarClan, he condemned them all, unbelievable strength and raw power radiating from his every word. Brushgaze stood up, mesmerized, as the tom raised his paw into the sky- and it went dark. Just blackness. Cold absence of light, illuminated with a faint red glow of StarClan's anger. An eerie color washed over the clearing, bathing them all in a bloody red. Then he leapt, a majestic silhouette against the dark sky, and with the same paw that had snuffed out both sun and moon killed Littlestar. One swipe of claws, and that weak and foolish she-cat's pitiful life was ended. Far from horror or anger, a burning of zealous justice inside her heart agreed completely with the action, almost exulting as her leader's blood spilled into the ground, staining her mutilated form scarlet. This was why she was born! This was why she was here- to follow the tom who held the power of StarClan in every inch of his skin! He was the chosen one, their deliverer, their savior, and she would follow him anywhere!

She had been standing so close to Littlestar that when the heathen calico fell to the earth, some blood had splashed onto her paws. Silently looking back up at the tom she had pledged to follow, pale green eyes somehow more luminous in the darkest night, she raised a single crimson-stained paw to affirm what she had already told him before, heart burning with devotion. She would do anything for Lichenmask.

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Credit to Jay for the art and Night for editing it!
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PostSubject: Re: The Darkest Night [closed, PLOT]   The Darkest Night [closed, PLOT] - Page 4 Icon_minitimeSun Sep 30, 2018 1:09 am

Marshstorm stood steady next to Leopardstar as the tom made his own declaration against Lichenmask. His gaze faltering briefly towards the renagade ThunderClan warriors, before they returned to the true threat. He stepped forward a single pace when the golden tom stopped speaking, a show of support that proved he wouldn't back down. Though he did wonder about what to do about the pair.

The discussion would be set aside though, as his muscles tightened when Lichenmask lifted his paw. Something seemed wrong. The movements of the tom, previously in control, were stiff and unwieldly. Choking back words of concern, he watched the cat's paw raise to the sky. Where storm clouds were passing by, though they seemed almost to settle in a position to block out the stars. Abruptly, the light around him seemed to fade, and Marshstorm felt a tremour of cold terror sink into his bones as the moon itself was suddenly obscured.

All at once, red filled Marshstorm's vision. It was disquieting, leeching into the ground with hungry talons that caused him to want to run. His chest thumped harshly as he thought about the camp.

Lichenmask's declaration firmly ripped it from his mind. The dark tom felt his jaws open, then close. His pelt bristling with the implication, with terror at what this young tom had just done... and what had just been said. Yet there was no way StarClan would do this? He tried to shove the thought away, it must be the dark forest. It had to be. StarClan would never do this, they would never hide or be silenced by a young tom with too much ambition. His gaze fell upon Leopardstar for only a moment.

The scratching of claws, a thud, and the sound of tearing flesh pulled Marshstorm's attention to a gruesome sight. Littlestar, his former clan's leader... he watched as she twitched. The lives ebb and flow from her with a gritted jaw. His chest ached with suppressed fear that he fought to hide. This had to be fake. His claws dug into the earth as he tried to drive anger to the surface. It had to be fake.
It had to be.

StarClan would never abandon them...

Would they?

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PostSubject: Re: The Darkest Night [closed, PLOT]   The Darkest Night [closed, PLOT] - Page 4 Icon_minitimeThu Oct 04, 2018 11:24 am

Ears flat against his head, Tinystar watched as the sky turned to pitch black with a blood red tint running across it. What in StarClan's name... did Lichenmask do this? No, a cat couldn't have such power, it was impossible. Not even StarClan had the strength to turn the sky to dark, it had to just be some coincidence...

Watching as Lichenmask tore open Littlestar right before his eyes, the sudden wave of thick, warm blood made him want to vomit. Littlestar... she was gone, just like that? How could a cat be so gruesome, especially when the ShadowClan leader had done nothing to deserve such a fate? Staying silent with wide eyes and shaking legs, Tinystar watched as Scorchfang and then Brindlestar addressed the issue, both of them enraged by had what just happened. It took him somewhat by surprise to see the WindClan leader abandon StarClan so quickly, but then again, it made sense, seeing as though they'd allowed Littlestar's life to be taken so brutally. But, even though she was quick to turn her back against the ancestors, Tinystar's faith wouldn't be swayed so easily, and chose to not say anything about his still loyalty to the stars above.

"Y-you are now an enemy of SkyClan as well," the small leader began, trying to mask the shakiness to his voice. He had a right to be scared of this cat and what he could do, but even so, he couldn't show his fright, especially not now. "If any of my cats see you on our territory, you will be driven out," he mewed, standing up a little taller and facing Lichenmask. Seeing as though there wasn't much else to say, he flicked his tail, motioning for Mistyrain and Mintwhisker to join him, and made his way past the group of cats, not daring to face the exiles, and headed back to SkyClan camp. Tonight had truly been what none of them expected and from now on, he'd have to work extra hard to keep his clan and loved ones safe so their fates didn't intertwine with the paws of those monsters.

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The Darkest Night [closed, PLOT] - Page 4 Newsig10

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PostSubject: Re: The Darkest Night [closed, PLOT]   The Darkest Night [closed, PLOT] - Page 4 Icon_minitimeFri Oct 12, 2018 6:41 pm

Everything happened so quickly, almost too quickly for Leopardstar's brain to process them.  Lichenmask's violet spasms and pained yowled echoed in his ears, though for once he had no concern for this cat in pain; his threats against ThunderClan -against all the clans- had spurned an electric charge through his body, his very being yearning to leap forward and start the fight that could end it all.  This tom had the power to take away his family...but the only way he would be able to get them was over Leopardstar's dead body.  As suddenly as it had occurred though, the spasms ceased, and something much more terrifying than a mere cat began to surface.  His hazel eyes shot open wide, face lifting to the sky, as the night turned from black to red.  A bright ring of light surrounded the shadowed moon, and Leopardstar had a sneaking suspicion it was being caused by the sun.  His heart began to race, the same energy that had been trying to push him forward to fight now screamed for him to bolt, to run as far away from this StarClan-forsaken cat as possible.  He stayed though, but his paws seemed to lead him a bit closer to Marshstorm's side.  He didn't have to look at his deputy to know that he was equally as shocked.

Before he could say anything, move anywhere, or do anything, Lichenmask sprang.  For a split second, he saw a familiar look in the tom's eye.  The ferocity of Bear, the insanity of Rockthorn, and the determination of Smokefang...and when he blinked, blood once again was spilling onto the ground.  With a sharp intake of breath, Leopardstar watched disbelievingly as the young warrior swiped his claws across Littlestar's exposed belly, the kind, strong leader he had at the least respected left to twitch helplessly as her lives ran out, one by one...until she was gone.  For a long time, Leopardstar's over-widened eyes stared down fixedly at the small tortoiseshell's body, his mouth slightly agape.  He heard other cats speaking, Brindlestar and Tinystar were leaving, but he didn't move.  This cat...was a monster.

His paws shook, but Leopardstar managed to straighten his back and face the tabby tom who had just slain a leader with one lethal blow.  "No matter what you claim Lichenmask...you are not StarClan's messenger, and you're no savior.  You're being used, used by the Dark Forest, or whatever force has taken you.  This is not the way to bring peace to the forest."  His eyes came to rest on Snowdrop and Beetlemask, the traitors, and his lip curled.  "I should take you back to camp and punish you like the foolish apprentices you are, but I think a better punishment might be to stick with this monster.  Maybe then you'll see the error of your ways."  It took all his strength, but Leopardstar turned around with a mighty lash of his tail and beckoned for Marshstorm to follow him.  As they vanished into the shadows, the tom's bravado quickly began to wear off, and his face wore a desperate expression of hopelessness.  Oh Grasswhisker...what do I do now?!

Aspenpaw watched with a satisfied smile as Lichenmask slew his leader and mentor, her reign of ignorance over the clan finally over.  His grin stretched unnaturally wide and eyes glowing with an unholy light, the tom turned to look at his 'deputy'.  "Good luck filth, you're gonna need it in the storm that's coming."  With a cold laugh, Apsenpaw padded forward to stand with the rest of the ShadowClan followers, kicking dirt in the direction of Littlestar's body.  It was finally time to start their new age...where everything would be just how they wanted.

The Darkest Night [closed, PLOT] - Page 4 QOurM8U

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PostSubject: Re: The Darkest Night [closed, PLOT]   The Darkest Night [closed, PLOT] - Page 4 Icon_minitime

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The Darkest Night [closed, PLOT]
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