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Roleplay in a cat Clan of warriors. Based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Takes place in an AU before the cats in the books existed.
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 August's Gathering 2018

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PostSubject: Re: August's Gathering 2018   August's Gathering 2018 - Page 6 Icon_minitimeMon Sep 17, 2018 10:15 am

Sitting among the crowd, Ryecloud watched with wide eyes as the leaders subtly bickered amongst themselves when sharing their news. He was surprised when he heard about a strange cat visiting the clans and wondered why something always have to be going wrong. Could life not just be at least a little bit peaceful for once in a moon?


Sitting near the front of the crowd beside his father, Mudfoot, Daisyflame let out a yawn as the leaders spoke. It wasn't that he was bored, but with Leaffall coming up, the warrior had been kept busy with hunting and stocking the freshkill pile. It wasn't as though he didn't enjoy hunting, but he had felt a little more worse for wear then he was used to and hoped that after this gathering he'd be able to get some good rest.

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PostSubject: Re: August's Gathering 2018   August's Gathering 2018 - Page 6 Icon_minitimeTue Sep 18, 2018 6:52 pm

Leopardstar's only response to Jaystar's request was a frigid glare; he didn't doubt that the RiverClan leader had some inkling of what was going on with his rogue warrior, but the whole situation still left a bad taste in his mouth.  Lichenmask's threatening words still rang in his ears, almost clouding the reality set before them.  In the back of his mind, he knew that Lichenmask had to be bluffing.  Though being her son, Jaystar was much different than Ivystar, and his logic told him that the blue-gray tabby leader wouldn't really come after his family just because the blood of the river ran in their veins...but what if he was underestimating this cat?  What if the offspring of a half RiverClan half Rogue she-cat held some immense value in his eyes?  The good favor he had once held towards the water-faring clan had been shattered, and it was unlikely that view could ever be repaired; there was too much painful history.  Leopardstar held Jaystar's green gaze for a few heartbeats, before turning away with a conflicted flick of his tail; not a yes nor a no.  He would think about it.

The golden spotted tabby tom turned to watch the crowd as Jaystar began to speak, his routine news for the most part not that surprising; but the mention yet again of this rogue Shade made his ears prick.  Was this monster still on the run?  With a slight disdainful twitch of his nose, the muscular warrior committed the warning to his memory; he couldn't help the thought that crossed his might though.  How can such a large clan not find a single trespassing cat?  He stood to attention as Brindlestar stepped forward, supportive of his friend and ally as always; but he couldn't help the sharp intake of breath as she delivered her news.  "From this day forth, RiverClan no longer has the right to travel within WindClan's territory to reach the Moonstone."

For a moment, Leopardstar's mouth opened as if to speak in protest, his face livid with worry, but as his brain comprehended this news his jaws slowly closed.  Cutting off a clan from StarClan seems...wrong, but she does make a good point.  Trespassing is against the Warrior Code, which RiverClan seems to enjoy bending for their own private use nowadays...they can take this hit.  It might just do them some good, and encourage them to track down that rogue once and for all.  As the lynx-point she-cat returned to her place on the rock, he offered her a quick nod of approval but didn't linger on the notion.  Tinystar's news was quite uneventful, but he was surprised to hear the petite tom mention Lichenmask to the crowd.

Finally, it was his turn.  Rising to his paws, the spotted golden leader padded up to the lip of the rock and began to speak to the gathered crowd, his eyes narrowed with their usual seriousness.  "I would like to thank Brindlestar as well for maintaining ThunderClan's passage to the Moonstone, and I would like to clarify to RiverClan that in your search for a new path to the Moonstone, any straying over ThunderClan's scent lines will not be tolerated."  His voice was punctured with a hard edge, but his eyes didn't stray to the RiverClan leader.  "I also wish your clan well Jaystar in your search to hunt down this Shade; as we both know, manic rogues running free is never good for any clan, and I pray that soon StarClan will guide him into some cat's claws."

Now, his real news would begin.  Taking a deep breath, Leopardstar pushed aside his heavy heart and began to speak.  "Tonight, it is my deepest regret to say, that we have lost two cats from our ranks.  Cats of all Clans, you should know the story of Specklefang's crime and demise.  Moons ago, she admitted herself guilty of young Rowanpaw's death, and Ivystar made her pay for her act in lifeblood.  I come before you now though to say, that she was innocent.  StarClan revealed to me through Jaystar that she had chosen to take the fall for two of her clanmates...her daughter Sharptooth, and granddaughter Wildfire.  They were the true murderers of Rowanpaw."  He paused for a moment, his hazel eyes clouding with a mist of grief, before going on.  "Specklefang's fate was a noble one, and she will be dearly missed by her clan.  The fates of the true culprits though, are not so bright.  Wildfire was killed in self-defense by one of Jaystar's escorts...and Sharptooth has been exiled from ThunderClan.  I can say with confidence though, that I don't believe she is a threat to you."

"Even among the darkness though, a light shines through.  Many new apprentices have come of age, and many others are well on their way to warriorhood.  I would like to welcome Swiftpaw, Yinpaw, Lilypaw, Aspenpaw, Bearpaw, Beepaw, Pricklepaw, Harepaw, Falconpaw, and Streampaw to their training."  With a brief nod of his head, he backed away and returned to his seat, but not before catching Jaystar's eye.  He had delivered his verdict.


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PostSubject: Re: August's Gathering 2018   August's Gathering 2018 - Page 6 Icon_minitimeWed Sep 19, 2018 6:52 am

Flamepaw's head turned up to listen to Leopardstar. How was her former clan doing? She listened intently and her eyes widened to find out her grandmother was innocent. So Specklefang died... For nothing? Then, to make it worse, the real culprits were her mother and sibling! Before she had left, Flamepaw had told her, "I think we both know you're like me, Wildpaw. Here's some advice; Careful where you strike so you can keep your record clean." Little had she known, she was too late! Wildpaw... She'd already killed, just like Sharptooth. Tears began to come to her eyes. Even though she had been standing, she sat down to comprehend it. "W- What?" She murmured quietly. Her whole family... The others had to be heartbroken! She wondered, what were their warrior names? Dappledpaw, Wisteriapaw, and Featherpaw? Then she tuned in again. What in the name of Starclan was a Yin? Some new herb?

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PostSubject: Re: August's Gathering 2018   August's Gathering 2018 - Page 6 Icon_minitimeWed Sep 19, 2018 1:25 pm

Jaystar couldn't believe it. He stood up with his fur bristled as he gave Tinystar an angry glare for his recent words. He had just explained himself that it wasn't his fault and that he didn't order Lichenmask to cross the border as the Skyclan leader seemed to suggest to the rest of the clans. If he had any respect or friendly attitude toward the small warrior, it was gone. Now, he was just a regular leader and the former friendliness he had shown for their former alliance is gone. If he wanted to play that way then he had no trouble. It was clear that his clan had more warriors and that meant he could send more patrols to check if any SkyClanners was dumb enough to cross the river.

Even if his turn was over, he decided to speak once more. "Fallowpaw, don't ask Brindlestar for help after what she had done." He mewed at her Medicine cat, trying to keep his voice serene. However, when he faced the Windclan leader, that changed immediately. "Don't worry about Shade. I never asked for your help anyways and I've always come here just to help, to warn you about them but I see now that it was a mistake to try to hold a decent relationship with a leader like you." He hissed, his tail flicking violently.

"I wanted to spare the details of what happened to my warrior after YOUR cat trespassed the border. For the knowledge of all the clans, it was not my cat who caused them to fall but yours according to my cat's words. A clan of true warriors? Really? A clan of fox-hearts with warriors who trespass borders, attack pregnant cats and then say nothing about them making them fall from the Gorge. During my leadership, I have done nothing against your clan and I agree that it was my mistake what happened with Shade. I can take that blame and I'm currently paying for that. But punishing apprentices and their safety during their journey to the Moonstone for something YOUR warrior caused? My cat was doing what the Warrior Code demanded from her: Boundaries must be checked and marked daily. Challenge all trespassing cats. Or have you never learned that in your rotten clan, Brindlestar?" He was so done. Done of all the cats seeing his clan as monsters. His cats didn't deserve all that hate and despise. Even if they once had a killer in their lines, Otterleap was dead and there was nothing he could do it about it. What was the point of punishing a dead cat? And what happened with Windclan, it was something his mother and Ashstar decided. As her deputy, he had to obey her. Ivystar's word was the Warrior Code and no cat was killed during that battle. And, as he was aware, not even a single cat died of sickness after that! The Windclan leader was just crying for nothing but because her clan lost against his. Because her warriors were not good enough.

"And the rest of you..." He mewed referring to Leopardstar and Tinystar. "You are the same as hers. You thank her for not taking you away from a privilege that belongs to all the clans. In other words, you are either cowards which I doubt or approve this outrageous injustice to my clan. You claim to understand the situation we have with Shade yet offer us no help or aiding paw when this unfair situation appears. Tell me, Leopardstar, who sheltered your clan in their territory when Rockthorn burned your camp? Riverclan and yet you deny us help now. But don't worry. I understand why you do it since you're in an alliance with Windclan but I won't forget this." He had been a fool by believing that these clans could be aids in the future. They desired nothing but to see his clan fall. They didn't care for him or his cats. Well... it was time he did the same. His mother was right. Jaystar didn't have to deny any longer his destiny and place in the clan.

You are the mighty jay that must withstand, thunder, wind, dark nights of shadows and the clashing of the skies to lead our clan.

His fur returned to its place and his angered expression changed to an emotionless, merciless one. His dull green eyes glanced at Brindlestar but inside them, there was fire and poison. "However... I won't beg you. Do as you please. Starclan will be the one to judge you for this... and I'll do whatever it takes. Watch your back, Windclan, because I won't take this lightly." He lashed his tail done. It was over. He didn't want to hear pathetic excuses and there was nothing more they didn't to know about Riverclan. His stance was clear now and all of them knew it.


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PostSubject: Re: August's Gathering 2018   August's Gathering 2018 - Page 6 Icon_minitimeThu Sep 20, 2018 8:08 am

    Lightpaw watched the leaders intently; his own leader and grandfather, Jaystar, was the first to begin. The RiverClan leader gave a standard report - the young white apprentice puffed out his chest upon hearing his name announced to the gathering - and then warned the other Clans of Shade. Lightpaw couldn't help but glance around, his fur prickling as though the evil tom was already among them there are Fourtrees. However, he knew that Shade wouldn't be so foolish as to make himself present with all the other Clans around.

    When Brindlestar stepped up and gave her news, Lightpaw sighed at the mention of the fight at the Gorge. That news seemed to be fluttering around, and the white apprentice wished it would stop. Skirmishes happened all the time, and while the result was almost catastrophic it could have been avoided by following the warrior code. The WindClan leader's next words made Lightpaw bristle, his pale amber eyes widening in shock. Had he heard her right? They were forbidding RiverClan the safe path to Highstones?

    Tangled amongst the RiverClan crowd, Mottledpaw snarled out just barely over the murmurs of the gathered crowd, "You can't do that! You have no right!"

    Lightpaw was just stunned that Brindlestar would make such a decision - and Fallowpaw was not shy in pointing out the reasons why. However, the WindClan leader didn't relent, and Lightpaw felt dread clutching his stomach. The RiverClan medicine cat apprentice was right: Brindlestar was delivering the medicine cats and apprentices of RiverClan directly into Shade's claws by denying them safe passage to the Moonstone. Lightpaw couldn't believe that someone would be so callous as to do such a thing. He was too stunned by accusations against his Clan to be angry. Fortunately for Lightpaw, Jaystar was angry for him - and for all of RiverClan.

    When Jaystar called WindClan fox-hearted, Mottledpaw let out a hiss of agreement, shooting murderous glares at all the WindClan cats he could see.

    Lightpaw stared up at his leader as he reprimanded the other Clans for their actions, and the young tom suddenly felt very small sitting mingled with enemies around him. No, they couldn't all believe in what Brindlestar was doing, could they?


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August's Gathering 2018
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