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Roleplay in a cat Clan of warriors. Based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Takes place during the time before the cats in the books existed.
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 You're Safe Now [CLOSED]

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Twisted Cinnamon Rolls

Twisted Cinnamon Rolls

Characters : Twistedtail (T), Pigeonstorm (P), Lightkit (L)
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PostSubject: You're Safe Now [CLOSED]   Sun Aug 19, 2018 12:25 pm

are yuh sure t-t-this is a good idea, Twistedtail?"

"I'm sure."

A large, yawning dirt tunnel stretched out of the rippling sea of grass, and despite the blazing sunlight most of it was enveloped in darkness. If one were to be inside looking out, all they would see is blinding light, minus two large feline figures blocking it. A large, scarred siamese tabby, and a smaller, disfigured floppy-eared tom with bright yellow eyes. "Let's get down there," the siamese says, before padding down the dirt path into the tunnel.

Twistedtail kept her eyes and ears on high alert as she padded through the dark. She strained her senses for anything that implied something living was in here, and on multiple occasions, she mistook her own footsteps for something else's. Earlier in the day, Dawnstep (NPC cat) had wandered out of camp and, Twistedtail found after following her, into the tunnel complex. Normally that wouldn't be a cause for concern, but Dawnstep was heavily pregnant, and her mental condition had been deteriorating as of recently. She and her friend Pigeonstorm had decided to follow after her and ask if she was alright, but by the time they had found her scent she had been long gone.

A squealing noise from deep inside caught her attention, and without a second thought she sprinted down that direction. In the pitch blackness she was navigating entirely by her whiskers, and on several occasions she ran into walls. After some time of running she stumbled upon a small cavern dimly illuminated by a crack in the ceiling. "Pigeonstorm, come over here," she murmured to the tom behind her. "I don't suh aything," the smaller tom complained, to which Twistedtail pointed with her crooked tail to the corner.


The bloody body of Dawnstep was submerged under a pile of rocks and dirt, the queen's green eyes glassy. A single paw poked out of the rubble, clutching three tiny, newborn kits. Each one looked like their mother, though it was hard to tell with their sparse baby furs and closed eyes. Their tiny mouths gaped open, wailing and squirming for warmth. "We have to go help them!" Twistedtail exclaimed, racing over to the tiny kittens. She swept them over to her with her tail, bringing them close to her body so they can get warmer. "It's okay, little kits," she cooed, licking the blood off of their tiny forms. "You're safe now."

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PostSubject: Re: You're Safe Now [CLOSED]   Sun Aug 19, 2018 4:01 pm

The large buff-colored kit squirmed. He was hungry, and he smelled his mother but he got no food! Honestly, he was annoyed and didn't even know of the tragic fate that had happened to her. He was cold too, for some reason his mother wasn't warm. He liked warmth. He had been mewling for ages for her to do something, but nothing happened! Suddenly he smelled other scents, and something else warm and fluffy swept him towards someone. He felt the warmth of the new cat, and cuddled to her instead. He felt much safer now with this one.


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You're Safe Now [CLOSED]
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